TikToker Believes Women Shouldn’t Have to Pay Taxes

By: Ben Campbell | Last updated: Jan 04, 2024

A TikToker known to her extensive following as @Flexylexxxy makes a bold statement during a recent video. She claims women should be excluded from paying taxes.

During the viral video, Flexy explains that as more rights are stripped away from women, she wonders why they should continue to pay taxes and argues it’s time women stop paying them.

Alexa Jay Claims Women Should Not Pay Taxes

The TikToker is known to her family and friends as Alexa Jay. In October, she posted a video detailing a significant change she would implement if she ever became the U.S. president.

TikToker Alexa Jay posts video claiming that women should not have to pay tax

Source: @Flexylexxxy/TikTok

According to her video, Alexa would altogether remove the requirement for women to pay any kind of taxes in the United States.

No Rights, No Taxes

During the video, Alexa speaks with a powerful tone, saying,  “When I say this, I’m dead serious. I’m not trying to be funny. I’m not joking; nothing. I don’t think women should pay taxes.”

Women protest for equal rights at a rally in the city

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According to her, no one should have to pay taxes if they have no rights. The TikToker believes that women’s rights are slowly being taken away, so why should they have to pay taxes?

Quarter of Federal Taxes to Supreme Court

According to Fix the Court, “one-quarter of our federal tax dollars will be used by the federal government to pay salaries and expenses at the Supreme Court.”

@Flexylexxxy dressed in a grey shirt during a TikTok video

Source: @Flexylexxxy/TikTok

Yet, out of 155 justices that have served on the court, only six have been women. Four of them are currently serving, including Sonia Sotomayer, Elana Kagan, Amy Barrett, and Ketanji Jackson.

We’ve Already Contributed Enough

As the video continues, Alexa claims that women “contribute enough” and no further penalty in the form of tax should apply to the gender.

Woman wearing an apron and gloves wipes down the surfaces in her home

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Viewers of the video referred to an NRP report that somewhat backed up Alexa’s claims. It claims wives are still spending more than double the amount of time on housework than their husbands and almost two hours more per week on caregiving, including tending to children.”

No More Suffering for Women

According to Alexa, “We suffer enough,” again alluding to the fact that women should be exempt from taxes.

A group of women at a protest with a sign being held stating "Women lives matter"

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Comments under the video again were quick to back up Alexa’s claim with evidence. One wrote that the “Journal of the American Heart Association reported that women who visited emergency departments with chest pain waited 29 percent longer than men to be evaluated for possible heart attacks.”


Hope That Things Will Eventually Get Better

A March 2023 study conducted by the Pew Research Group found that the “gender gap in pay has remained relatively stable in the United States over the past 20 years or so.”

A small group of women work together at a wooden desk surrounded by notepads and utensil

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The study reports that women still earn an “average of 82% of what men earned.” However, it goes a step further by arguing that Black women and those of color earn significantly less.


Women Pay More for Haircuts

Viewers of the video continued to back up Alexa’s claims by suggesting that women pay more for the same products.

Female hairdressers blow dry the hair of a client after a successful haircut

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One comment explained that haircuts for women could be drastically more expensive when compared to those for men.


The Infamous Pink Tax

Throughout the comments section of the Alexas TikTok video, commenters referred to the term “pink tax” as another unfortunate circumstance that women have to put up with.

Woman sits on her coach as she works on her taxes for the year

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While it is not an official term, it makes references to a scenario in which women are paying more than men for the same product.


Report Backs Up the Existence of the Pink Tax

A report released by the Progressive Policy Institute indicates that the pink tax is, in fact, a reality for women around the world.

Woman shops for black underwear at the local department store

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CBS News quotes from the study, saying, “A report from the Progressive Policy Institute shows the average tariff rate on women’s underwear is 15.5% compared to 11.5% for men’s underwear, which means the tax women are paying is 3.5% higher than men.”


Jane Curtin Said it First

Viewers of the video were quick to suggest that women across the states should take the advice of Jane Curtin, the American actress, and comedian when it comes to not paying taxes.

Jane Curtin attends 12th Annual Cable ACE Awards at the Pantages Theatre in New York City, New York in 1992

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“You know, the genders are different in how they approach things, and so I really think that women put a lot more guilt on themselves than necessary.”


Alexa Leaves a Final Message

As the short video comes to a close, Alexa alludes to the fact that she wholeheartedly believes women should not pay taxes.

Alexa Jay speaks about hairstyles during one of her many TikTok videos

Source: @Flexylexxxy/TikTok

“I say that with my whole chest,” said the TikToker, who has over 100,000 followers. As it stands, the video has been viewed over 500,000 times.