Woman Who Stole Joe Biden’s Daughter’s Diary to Sell to Conservative Activists Faces Arrest

By: Stephanie Bontorin | Published: Apr 08, 2024

The woman who stole the diary of Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley, is now facing an arrest warrant on top of the felony charges already faced.

After being arrested for stealing the diary, Aimee Harris skipped out on her sentencing date in Manhattan on Wednesday afternoon. As a result, she now faces an arrest warrant being sent out from New York to Florida, where she currently resides.

Harris’ Sentencing Already Postponed Twice

Aimee’s lawyer has already moved the sentencing date twice for the Florida-based thief.

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Her lawyer mentioned at the court date on Wednesday that, due to childcare issues, the accused was unable to make it to New York to be sentenced. United States District Judge Laura Swain has her hands tied and seeks to issue an arrest warrant for Harris.


Skipping Out on Court Has Made Things Worse

Although Harris would have likely faced community service or house arrest at her sentencing appearance on Wednesday, skipping the court date has dire consequences.

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Due to the skipped appearance, a warrant for her arrest means that Harris will end up behind bars. Her legal team had already requested a 6-month house arrest deal on her felony charges, which she was likely to get.

The Theft of the Diary

On August 25, 2022, Harris and her co-conspirator, Robert Kurlander, pleaded guilty to the conspiracy to commit inter-state transportation of Biden’s diary.

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Harris came into possession of Biden’s diary when she stayed in a home on Delray Beach, previously occupied by the victim. Court papers state that Biden had her diary and other private possessions kept in the home, assuming it was a safe keeping place.

Conservatives Attempt to Buy the Stolen Property

After stealing the diary, family photos, and other private documents, Harris contacted Kurlander to help sell the items.

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After contacting a conservative activist group, Project Veritas, Harris and Kurlander were both paid $20,000 in exchange for the items. Harris admitted that she wanted to sell the items in order to harm Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign.

Actions Were Outside of Lawful Political Activism

Although Project Veritas claims that it partakes in political activism, this action has been deemed unlawful by courts.

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Prosecutors in New York have deemed the theft of the diary outside the bounds of lawful activism. The group has also been known to release hidden camera footage of left-leaning politicians and members in order to smear their names.


The Group Backpedals Their Involvement

Although the group initially didn’t ask many questions about how Harris came into possession of the diary, they now have a different story.

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They claim that when they were unable to authenticate the diary or how Harris came into possession of it, they planned on sending the diary back to Florida to law enforcement officers.


Who Is Ashley Biden?

Biden’s daughter is known to stay out of the spotlight and avoid political life. Although she can often be seen in the background supporting her father, she rarely takes center stage.

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Ashley currently works as a social worker and recently served as the executive director for the Delaware Center for Justice in her home state. Although she keeps a low profile, she still aims to serve faithfully as the First Daughter. She is Jill and Joe’s first daughter and is a half sibling to Beaux and Hunter.


Crime Was Discovered During a Raid

During a 2021 FBI raid at the New York residences of 3 of Project Veritas’ members, police discovered over 900 documents pertaining to the theft of the diary.

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Although Veritas tried to make a First Amendment claim pertaining to the case, a judge swiftly shut it down, citing a lack of precedent in the case.


Thieves Also Offered Diary to the Trump Campaign

Before getting in touch with Project Veritas, Harris and Kurlander exchanged text messages discussing the monetary value of the diary.

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After exclaiming that they could make “a sh*t ton of money” off the stolen goods, they tried to sell the materials directly to the Trump campaign, but were denied.


Felony Charges on the Table

As the theft involved inter-state smuggling of illegal materials, both Harris and Kurlander face felony charges.

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They face a maximum of 5 years in prison. As well, they have both agreed to forfeit the $20,000 that they profited from Project Veritas to federal agents.


Unknown How the Diary Could Harm the President

Although the contents of the diary have been kept underwraps, it’s still unclear why the diary could bring down current President Joe Biden.

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The information in the diary could have been dated well before the president’s tenure began. There are also no current issues or accusations of Ashley’s knowledge of the goings on in the Oval Office.