What Trump’s America Will Look if He Wins the 2024 Presidential Election

By: Savvy Dime Staff | Published: Jun 30, 2024

As the 2024 US election grows closer, it is on everyone’s minds what Donald Trump’s America could look like if he is re-elected.

It is officially a little under 6 months till American citizens will be taking a trip to the polls to vote in the 2024 election. With Trump returning once again to run as the Republican nominee. This has not only the American citizens wondering what his second term could hold, but the whole world is watching in anticipation. 

Trump’s Plans for the Economy

After admitting his first plan would have been too costly, Trump has released a new plan, which he says could have an annual growth rate of 4%, the current U.S growth rate being 2%.

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Trump’s plans involve more tax cuts within the next 10 years, creating 25 million new jobs also within those 10 years, this one is very probable as the U.S already creates 2.5 million each year. His plan also states that businesses should pay no more than 15% of taxes on their income, which is currently 35%. There will also be a boost of military and infrastructure spending. 


Will Gun Laws Change Under Trump's Second Term?

In 2023, there were 656 mass shootings which have led to 597 deaths, many of these being children. During his time in office the current president, Joe Biden, signed a gun safety legislation bill, including stricter background checks and the banning of “ghost guns.”

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Trump has made his plans about gun laws very clear, stating that all the laws Biden has put in place will be overturned within the first week he is back in office. He told the NRA (National Rifle Association) when he is back in office “no one will lay a finger on your firearms.) Safe to say he has their votes.

Trump's View on the Climate Crisis

If Donald Trump gets voted again, the former UN Climate chief has stated it could put the world’s climate goals at risk. 

A wind change increased flames during a planned ignition on the Ross Moore Lake wildfire in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, on Friday, July 28, 2023.

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Under Trump’s plan, funding for climate change agencies will be cut down. He also plans to ban the U.S military from considering the climate if planning for national security threats. These plans are unsurprising, in Trump’s first term he overturned over 100 of the environmental rules Obama had put in place.

What Does He Plan for Israel/Gaza

Both Biden and Trump stand for Israel, with Trump having loyalties to the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

President Donald Trump 2017 - 2020: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, from left, U.S. President Donald Trump, Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, Bahrain's foreign affairs minister, and Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, United Arab Emirates' foreign affairs minister, stand during an Abraham Accords signing ceremony event on the South Lawn of the White House on Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020.

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Trump has openly supported Israel and the idea of the two-state solution. He has a strong loyalty to Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, but still claims they need to “get it (the war) over with fast” since they are losing “the PR war.” 

Trump Plans to “Seal the Border”

If re-elected, Trump has big plans to continue sealing the border between the United States and Mexico. 

High steel wall with concertina wire, and the dirt road along where the border patrol truck drive on, in Nogales, Arizona USA

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During Trump’s first time in office, he made it very clear that he wanted the border between Mexico and the U.S to be stronger. This time, he plans to increase deportation, ban birthright citizenship for children of migrants who are undocumented. He also plans to carry out wars on Mexican drug cartels. 


Women's Rights

In June 2022, Roe vs Wade, the right for a woman to have an abortion up to 24 weeks since 1973, got overturned. Trump believes he plays a central part.

Many women marching in order to get their abortion rights during Roe v. Wade

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Trump has openly commented on women’s rights to have a safe abortion. During his time as president, he will allow states to make their own laws regarding abortions, he has not yet stated his own opinions on how many weeks a woman can have the treatment. 


Trump’s Loyalty to Russia

It is no secret that in 2024 Trump has a loyalty and seemingly a friendship with Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin. 

President Donald Trump 2017 - 2020: U.S. President Donald Trump, left, shakes hands with Vladimir Putin, Russia's President, during a news conference in Helsinki, Finland, on Monday, July 16, 2018.

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Trump has many ties to Russia, so it is not a surprise when he says he wants Russia to “do whatever the hell they want” to NATO countries who do not meet their financial aid. He also states that if he is elected the war will end within a day, claiming he will not give any money towards either side of the war.


American Healthcare

While the Democrats plan to lower the price of prescriptions for older people and expand Obamacare, Trump’s healthcare plans are almost nowhere to be seen.

Stretchers for operation room at Denver Health in Denver, Colorado on Thursday, April 25, 2024.

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Although the former president hasn’t released a detailed plan, he has said that he will replace the ACA (Affordable Care Act) with something even better. For many people, this vague answer isn’t enough but other Republicans are suggesting a reshaping of U.S healthcare is about to come out.


Trump’s Potential America

Even though Trump has previously been president, his America could look strikingly different. 

Republican presidential candidate former U.S. President Donald Trump arrives for his campaign rally in Wildwood Beach on May 11, 2024 in Wildwood, New Jersey.

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It is clear to anyone who looks at his presidential plans what is at the forefront of his mind. This being the border and immigration he is eager to stop, ending Biden’s rulings on gun safety, and staying loyal to Russia and Israel. Only time will tell what America would look like under Donald Trump’s second term.