Washington Community Outraged at Plan to Convert $1M Church Property into Affordable Housing

By: Georgia | Published: Feb 08, 2024

In Tacoma, Washington, a significant transformation is underway as Amici House, led by Andrew and Julie Cain, plans to convert the Rock Revival Center into affordable housing.

Purchased for $1 million in April 2021, this historic church, built in 1908, is envisioned to provide shared living spaces for 40 to 50 young adults aged 18 to 26. This proposal has sparked a mix of reactions within the North End neighborhood.

Community Response to Housing Project

The local community has expressed concerns regarding the impact of converting the church into housing. Neighbors are worried about the potential increase in traffic and its effect on parking availability.

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They fear these changes might disrupt the neighborhood’s family-friendly atmosphere. “This is a family neighborhood,” one resident, Jean Elliot, said to KIRO 7 News.


Parking Concerns Among Residents

Parking and safety are at the forefront of neighborhood worries. Sharyn Hinchcliffe, who lives close to the proposed development, shared her frustration, particularly due to her mobility limitations.

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She told KIRO 7 News, “For somebody like myself who has severe limitations on mobility, that’s a concern for me that I wouldn’t be able to park within 25 or 30 feet of my home.”

Safety Worries for Children in the Neighborhood

Safety for children is another significant concern raised by residents. The introduction of a younger demographic into the neighborhood, particularly individuals aged 18 to 26, has led some to worry about the potential risks to children’s safety.

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“There has to be a 100 percent guarantee to protect the children in this neighborhood, and there’s a lot,” Hinchcliffe said, voicing the need for assurances against any negative influences the housing project might bring.

Traffic Increase Worries Local Residents

The potential increase in traffic due to the housing conversion has also been flagged as a concern for the safety and well-being of local children.

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Elliot, who has lived in the area since 2015, fears that the additional vehicles will endanger kids playing outside. “That traffic that’s going to come in can’t be good for kids on their bikes or walking or on their scooters,” she said.

The Cains' Vision for the Project

The Daily Mail reports that Julie Cain described the project as an opportunity for young people to start their lives in a supportive community environment. By preserving the church’s foundation and offering communal living spaces, they aim to provide an alternative to expensive leases and isolation.

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“Your actual bedroom is smaller but then you could have so much more than a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment because we’ve got great common space,” Cain said.


Strict Rules for Tenants

Andrew Cain emphasized the project’s focus on communal living, with strict rules against drugs and alcohol on the premises. He mentioned the need among young adults for community, affordable living, and generational investment to help them pursue their dreams, The Daily Mail reveals.

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“One of the things we’ve heard in the last few years from the young adults is a need for community, a need for affordable living, and a need for our generation to invest back into them, and help them pursue their dreams,” he stated.


Local Skepticism about Policy Enforcement

Despite the Cains’ assurances, some locals remain skeptical about the enforcement of the no-drugs and no-alcohol policy.

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Tyler Kolbo, who has a personal connection to the church, as it was his wedding venue, doubted the effectiveness of the policy, suggesting that it might lead to undesirable activities in neighboring properties. “They’ll end up with lawn chairs in our front yard, smoking and drinking and leaving their monster cans, instead of doing [it] on their property because they can’t,” he said.


Background Checks and Mentorship Programs

Andrew Cain outlined additional measures to ensure the project’s success, including full background checks for potential tenants and a requirement to participate in a mentorship program, The Daily Mail reports.

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The aim is to foster a sense of investment in the neighborhood and support the young adults’ personal and professional development. “It’s an opportunity to give back to what was invested in us,” Cain said.


Implementation of a Residential Director

The Daily Mail explains that in order to ensure adherence to the project’s rules and values, a residential director will oversee the mentorship program and the living environment.

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This role is crucial for maintaining the intended community spirit and ensuring that tenants who do not follow the rules will face expulsion.


Calls for Community Support

Julie Cain has addressed some of the backlash by stressing the importance of community support for the success of the project.

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“I think if we embrace them as a community, we will set them up for a successful career,” she said to The News Tribune, appealing for an open-minded approach to the housing initiative.


A Look Towards the Future

As the project moves forward, the Cains hope for community support, believing it will contribute to the success and integration of the young adults into the neighborhood.

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Julie Cain’s call for the community to “embrace” the young people reflects an optimistic view of the project’s potential to benefit both the new residents and the broader Tacoma community.