Walmart Employee Spills the Secrets All Shoppers Want to Know

By: Ben Campbell | Published: Jan 21, 2024

With over 4,000 locations across the U.S., Walmart is one of the most popular retail stores in the nation. Yet, with inflation and other problems, many consumers are left feeling dissatisfied with their recent trip to the store.

But what if there were a few tricks of the trade that could help consumers save cash and have a more pleasant shopping experience? Well, according to one employee, such secrets exist. 

Anonymous Employee Reveals Secrets

An anonymous Walmart warehouse employee, who’s worked with the company for nearly a decade, recently took to the internet to reveal secrets they’ve learned over the years.

An employee restocks a shelf in the grocery section of a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Troy, Ohio

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The veteran employee claims to have learned the various tricks centered on saving money after working behind the scenes for nine years.

Eight of the Best Tips for Shopping at Walmart

The employee, who cannot be named, devised a list of tips to help everyday shoppers save money, which they shared with Go Banking Rates.

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Now, discover eight insider secrets to shopping at Walmart that can help anyone save money and their sanity. 

Download the Walmart App for Coupons

Walmart has an official app that gives out numerous personalized discounts throughout the year. 

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The employee advises every frequent shopper of the retail giant to ensure they have the app downloaded. As the insider explains, exclusive mobile coupons, flash sales, and clearance events can save you a lot of cash.

Major Deals Every Tuesday

The secretive warehouse worker explains that the clearance aisle holds sales that take place once per week. “Serious deals emerge every Tuesday when those aisles transform into hidden bargain goldmines,” they said.

Two women holding shopping bags pause for a moment to check out a recent deal

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“Keep an eye out for yellow stickers ending in ‘5’ or ‘0’ marking deepest discounts. It’s like a special savings event happens weekly if you just know when and where to look,” they continued

How to Lower Time Spent In-Store

With thousands of products in-store, it’s easy to spend hours wandering Walmart’s aisles. However, for those looking to cut back on the time they spend in-store, the employee claims using Scan & Go helps. 

Woman scans her in-store items using an app on her smartphone

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“Skip the checkout lanes when possible with Scan & Go in the Walmart app,” they said. “Shoppers can scan items directly in their carts using phones as they shop. Then breeze straight through the exit when finished grabbing goods rather than waiting to check out.”


Scrutinize “Rollback” Discounts

Shoppers in Walmart typically get excited by products labeled with a yellow “rollback” sticker, which indicates a slashed price. But it doesn’t always mean a great deal.

A cart sits outside a Walmart store on January 24, 2023, in Miami, Florida.

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According to the mole, it’s still best to investigate the offer. They said, “Make sure to still compare supposed sale prices against previous pricing and competitor retailers to ensure you’re actually getting the best deal.”


Price Match as Much as You Can

According to the warehouse worker, Walmart has an excellent price match program that can help save you on your everyday essentials. 

A woman places various items into her basket as she completes a shopping trip at her local supermarket

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“Walmart’s price matching can be a secret weapon,” they said. “Just show proof of the same in-stock product priced lower at a local brick-and-mortar competitor, and they’ll adjust your previous charge.”


Avoid Prime Hours

If a consumer wants to shop more efficiently at Walmart, the insider claims it’s best to avoid peak hours and to instead shop in the mornings, as this is when it’s the quietest.

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“It’s incredibly smooth shopping once the after-work rush clears,” they said when speaking about shopping in the mornings. 


Cash Back Is Always Good

Walmart offers a very seldom spoken-of secret: a cash-back system. They reveal that by downloading the Iboota app and linking it with a Walmart account, anyone can earn cash back on a plethora of items. 

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“It’s an extra little rebate that keeps adding up when items you already buy trigger bonuses,” said the source


Always Ask for Help

While it’s generally all hands on deck in Walmart stores, the insider still advises customers to ask for help when needed, as it can save them time and money. 

A female Wal-Mart employee walks through a parking lot as she returns to work

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“Friendly Walmart employees can point you towards items, answer product questions, and even provide recommendations.”


Plenty of Ways to Save Money

All of the tips mentioned stem from the mind of a worker who has spent nearly a decade in the industry. 

People shop in a Walmart store in Houston, Texas, during Black Friday.

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While no single tip will save you a fortune, combining a few secrets will undoubtedly result in a more enjoyable shopping experience and plenty of savings.