Two Moms Are Captured Brawling Following The ‘Barbie’ Movie

By: Stephen Thompson | Last updated: Aug 18, 2023

The newly released Barbie movie is one of the most anticipated flicks in recent times. The film shot to the top slot at the US box office, raking in $48.2 million in its debut.

So it’s pretty safe to say all kinds of people went to the cinema to see this iconic movie.

Drama Within a Drama

With theaters fully packed, it was only a matter of time before something went array between audience members. It didn’t take long before proof of some moviegoers scolding an inconsiderate parent during the film surfaced online. 


Source: hrubescube/TikTok

The parent being criticized allegedly let her child watch YouTube videos loudly all through the screening of the film. The footage was posted by Tiktok user Sophia Ferreira.

The Accuser and the Accused

The footage shows a Barbie fan dressed in pink furiously confronting the offending mother as closing credits were rolling. However, things heated up when the mother pushed her accuser and let her fall into the seats.


Source: hrubescube/TikTok

The pink-clad woman who was shoved down jumped back into action and attacked the accused mom with a shoe. They went at each other until two men managed to separate them and escorted one of them away.

Going Viral in No Time

Ferreira posted the video with the caption, “I went to watch the Barbie movie, and this happened.” The video caught the attention of many people, gaining almost 126,000 views since she posted it.


Source: MikeyAnn/Pinterest

Many other TikTok users took to the comment section to voice their thoughts about the occurrence. One user wrote, “The worst thing is to see others laughing without helping the falling girl.”

The Comment Section Goes Wild

Another TikToker said, “She is lucky that she was confronted at the end because I would have gotten a manager to escort her out.” Many commenters were more interested in the song that was being played during the heated moment. 


Source: Candice/Pinterest

Some laughed at the soothing, downtempo music that was playing as the fight went on between the women. One person said, “They are fighting to the sound of Billie Eilish.” “The music is very soft,” another user commented. Someone also commented, “These post-credits scenes are better than Marvel’s.”