Trump Received Loud Boos at Libertarian Convention After Asking, ‘Nominate Me or at Least Vote for Me’

By: Georgia | Published: May 27, 2024

Donald Trump received a distinctly cold reception at the Libertarian National Convention. Each time he requested the attendees’ votes or sought the party’s nomination, the response was overwhelmingly negative, marked by loud boos echoing through the venue. 

This reaction was a significant departure from the enthusiastic support he usually receives at his rallies.

Hostile Environment

The atmosphere grew tense as Trump addressed the crowd, which did not hesitate to express their disdain loudly.

Donald Trump speaking at the Libertarian National Convention 2024, with attendees holding "Free Ross" signs

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The audience’s reaction was not just limited to boos; insults were hurled at the former President, making it clear that his presence was not welcomed by the majority of the attendees.


Trump’s Plea to Libertarians

During his speech, Trump made a direct appeal to the Libertarians, saying, “I’m asking for the Libertarian Party’s endorsement, or at least lots of your votes, lots and lots of Libertarian votes.” 

Close-up of Donald Trump speaking passionately at an event.

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However, this request was met with boos from the crowd, indicating strong resistance to his appeal.

Criticism of Libertarian Electoral Performance

Trump criticized the Libertarian Party’s performance in past elections, pointing out their consistently low vote percentages.

Donald Trump smiling at a public speaking event.

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“You can keep going the way you have for the last long decades and get your 3% and meet again, get another 3%,” he remarked, which sparked further jeers from the audience.

The Impact of Libertarian Votes

The discussion also touched on the potential influence of Libertarian voters in swing states, where even a small percentage of votes for the Libertarian candidate could tip the scales in a tightly contested election. 

A "Vote Here" directional sign with arrows and text in English and Spanish.

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This point demonstrates the strategic importance of every vote in such critical regions.

Confrontations Among Attendees

The event was not only marked by verbal exchanges; at one point, physical altercations broke out among the attendees. 

Interior view of a large convention hall filled with attendees at a Libertarian event

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This incident highlighted the high tensions and the stark divisions within the crowd, which were exacerbated by Trump’s presence and remarks.


Harsh Words from a Libertarian Candidate

Following Trump’s speech, a Libertarian candidate took the stage and openly called Trump a war criminal, citing his administration’s use of drone strikes.

Donald Trump adjusting his suit jacket at a public speaking event, wearing a dark suit and blue tie

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This accusation reflects the deep-seated animosity some members of the Libertarian Party hold towards Trump.


Negative Reactions Precede Trump’s Speech

Antipathy towards Trump was evident even before his speech.

A person at a political event holding a sign that reads "STOP TRUMP VOTE LARS" with other attendees in the background

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During an earlier session, the audience reacted negatively when another speaker mentioned Trump, and there was applause for a suggestion from a Libertarian Party member that the party should openly reject Trump.


Libertarians Firm in Their Stance

Libertarian Caryn Ann Harlos voiced a strong personal sentiment about not being swayed by Trump, stating, “I would rather eat my own foot out of a bear trap. I only vote Libertarian.” 

A woman at a microphone wearing a Statue of Liberty crown and a striped blazer at a political event

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This illustrates the staunch independence and loyalty to Libertarian principles among the party members.


Trump’s Campaign Strategy

A Trump campaign official explained the rationale behind his appearance.

Donald Trump smiling during a speech at a public event, with a blurred American flag in the background.

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The aim was to reach out to “nontraditional Republican votes” as part of a broader strategy to demonstrate that Trump could be a president for all Americans, not just traditional Republican constituents.


Trump Questions His Own Presence

Trump himself commented on his decision to speak at the Libertarian convention, acknowledging the unusual nature of his visit.

Donald Trump waving to the audience while speaking at a public event, dressed in a dark suit

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“A lot of people ask why I came to speak at this Libertarian convention, and, you know, it’s an interesting question, isn’t it? But we’re going to have a lot of fun,” he said.


Mixed Reactions to Promises

Despite the general hostility, Trump received applause when he discussed criminal justice reform, particularly his promise to commute the life sentence of Ross Ulbricht, the operator of the Silk Road website. 

A wide view of a crowded convention hall with delegates and attendees seated and standing, engaged in discussions and activities

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This commitment to reform was one of the few moments during the convention that garnered positive feedback from the crowd.