Trump Promises To Use Military Force To Deport Migrants ‘They Aren’t Civilians…This Is an Invasion’

By: Alex Trent | Published: May 02, 2024

It a sit-down interview with Time Magazine, Donald Trump went into detail about his plans for the country if re-elected to the office of President in November.

As part of the discussion, Trump took the opportunity to talk about his plans to empower the National Guard to help him deport more than millions of migrants whom he views as “invaders.”

Trump Interview

During the Time interview, Trump was asked about various topics including immigration, January 6th, reproductive rights, and more.

Donald Trump speaking at a podium with the Presidential seal, addressing a crowd at a rally, wearing a navy suit and a red tie

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The former president mostly declined to go into detail about some topics, but he was keen to dive into specifics around his immigration plans.


National Guard

Trump talked about his plans to use local police to start taking action against migrants with criminal records. When asked if plans would include the military, Trump answered affirmatively.

Arizona's guardsman seen working near a helicopter.

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“It would,” Trump said. “when we talk military, generally speaking, I talk National Guard.”

A Step Further

In the interview, Trump commented that he was not just satisfied with mobilizing the National Guard.

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“I can see myself using the National Guard and, if necessary, I’d have to go a step further,” Trump said. “We have to do whatever we have to do to stop the problem we have.”

Not Civilians

Trump was assertive in his desire to use the military in deportation efforts, despite military use against civilians being something restricted by laws and needing congressional approval.

A group of people is shot from behind while waving small American flags

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“These aren’t civilians,” Trump said of migrants. “These are people that aren’t legally in our country. This is an invasion of our country.”

Fighting Age Males

When Trump brought up reasons to justify the intensity of his immigration plans, he mentioned a wariness around immigrants from China, citing a statistic from an unknown source.

Digital illustration of the Chinese flag

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“Again, we have a major force that’s forming in our country, when you see that over the last three weeks, 29,000 people came in from China, and they’re all fighting age, and they’re mostly males,” Trump said. “Yeah, you have to do what you have to do to stop crime and to stop what’s taking place at the border.”


China Immigrant Influx

Although Trump’s immigration claim about immigrants from China was described by CNN as a “conspiracy theory” there has been a recent surge of immigration to America from this country.

The China flag flies in the wind.

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In November, The New York Times reported that immigration from China is growing and that more than 24,000 Chinese nationals were caught trying to cross the US-Mexico border the previous year: a figure that is more than the last ten years combined.


Too Nice Before Now

When asked about former advisors and cabinet members who refuse to endorse him, Trump asserts that one of the big lessons he learned from his first term is that he was too nice to them.

Donald Trump smirking at a public speaking event, wearing a dark suit and blue tie, with a blurred blue background

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“I let them quit because I have a heart. I don’t want to embarrass anybody,” Trump says. “I don’t think I’ll do that again. From now on, I’ll fire.”


Trump More Confident

In contrast to his first term, Trump says that he doesn’t have to rely on people so much. He was an outsider candidate in 2016 but now he feels confident that he has learned the ropes.

A close-up portrait of President Donald Trump in 2016.

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“When I first got to Washington, I knew very few people,” Trump said. “I had to rely on people.”


Not a Mystery

Trump is doubling down on an agenda that has been promised for years, but these details flesh out the landscape more for voters ahead of the November election.

Donald Trump speaking in front of a podium.

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“I don’t think it’s a big mystery what his agenda would be,” said Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway. “But I think people will be surprised at the alacrity with which he will take action.”


Detention Camps

Former President Trump was asked about the possibility of using detention camps for his immigration strategy, which he was evasive on.

Crowded scene inside a border detention facility with many migrants, including children and adults, sitting and lying on the floor in enclosed areas marked by fences

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Trump said “We wouldn’t have to do very much of that,” but when pressed further he said “No, I would not rule out anything. But there wouldn’t be that much of a need for them, because of the fact that we’re going to be moving them out.”


Admitting the Possibility

When confronted with comments by close aide Stephen Miller that detention camps would be part of the immigration strategy, Trump relented on the possibility of using them.

Former President Donald Trump stands at a podium with a confident smile, wearing a dark suit, white shirt, and red tie. In the background, out-of-focus figures hold signs, with one clearly displaying 'TRUMP'

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“It’s possible that we’ll do it to an extent but we shouldn’t have to do very much of it, because we’re going to be moving them out as soon as we get to it,” Trump said.