Trump Accuses Obama of ‘Spitting in the Face’ of Americans by Aiding Biden

By: Georgia | Published: Mar 28, 2024

Donald Trump has stated that Barack Obama is “spitting in the face” of Americans. This claim surfaces amidst reports that Obama has been engaging in confidential discussions with the White House. 

According to The New York Times, these discussions are centered around strategizing for the forthcoming election, indicating Obama’s deep involvement in the political arena even after his presidency.

Strategic Advice and Concerns

Joe Biden, who served as vice-president under Obama, frequently communicates with him to gauge the presidential race’s dynamics. 

A close-up image capturing former President Barack Obama on the left, partially in view and smiling, with President Joe Biden on the right

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Obama, in response, has been in regular contact with Jeff Zients, Biden’s chief of staff, and other White House aides. A senior adviser disclosed that Obama is seriously concerned about the possibility of Biden losing to Trump, who is the presumed Republican presidential candidate.

Polls Indicate a Tight Race

Current polling data suggests a tight race between Biden and Trump, with Biden trailing slightly on a national level and by wider margins in several crucial swing states. 

Former President Donald Trump stands at a podium, holding a microphone, with a smiling expression. Behind him are the presidential seal and several American flags against a backdrop of blue curtains

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This scenario is critical as these states are likely to determine the outcome of the election. The New York Times has also revealed that Obama had previously warned Biden about the risk of defeat against Trump.

Urging a More Aggressive Campaign

Obama has reportedly advised Biden to adopt a more aggressive approach to the election campaign. He believes that Biden’s campaign has been too reliant on a small circle of advisers and has not been proactive enough.

Former President Barack Obama, standing in the forefront, claps his hands with a smile beside Vice President Joe Biden who is also clapping and laughing. They are surrounded by a group of people cheering and clapping

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Obama’s advice was for Biden to transform the election into a referendum on Trump, suggesting a strategic shift to energize Biden’s campaign.

A High-Profile Fundraiser

Obama and Biden will be joined by Bill Clinton at a significant fundraiser event for the Biden campaign, which will be held at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. 

A composite image featuring, from left to right, former President Bill Clinton, President Joe Biden, and former President Barack Obama

Source: JoeBiden/X

According to a social media post by Biden, the event aims to discuss the critical issues at stake in the election and strategize on defeating Trump again. 

A Star-Studded Event

This event is not just a fundraiser; it is a rare public discussion among three presidents, moderated by Stephen Colbert. According to the campaign, various celebrities will be in attendance including Lizzo,  Queen Latifah, Mindy Kaling, Cynthia Erivo and Ben Platt.

A man in a blue suit and glasses is seated comfortably in an armchair on stage, gesturing with his right hand as if making a point during a discussion

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This unique gathering signals an intense moment in American politics as the current president seeks to prevent his predecessor from returning to office.


The Fundraiser's Attraction and Costs

The event has attracted a high level of interest, with tickets priced between $225 and $500,000. 

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Notably, attendees have the opportunity to be photographed with the three presidents by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. 


Obama’s Active Involvement in the Election

Barack Obama recently spent several hours at the White House, meeting with Biden in what was described as both a reunion and a strategic session. 

Former President Barack Obama stands at a lectern with the words 'Obama Foundation Democracy Forum' printed on it

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Despite the light-hearted nature of their interaction, the primary focus was on the upcoming election. CNN reports that Obama has been candid about the election being incredibly close and requires an “all-hands-on-deck” approach.


Healthcare as a Key Issue

During their meeting, Obama and Biden, along with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, made an organizing call marking the 14th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. 

Former President Barack Obama, dressed in a dark suit, stands to the left speaking with President Joe Biden, also in a dark suit, inside the Oval Office. Between them, a bronze bust and the presidential desk, adorned with family photos, a flag, and the presidential seal, can be seen

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Obama emphasized the importance of healthcare in the election, stating, “We have the chance to do even more, but that only happens if we send Joe and Kamala back to the White House in November.” 


The Obama-Biden Connection

Obama has been particularly active in supporting Biden through public fundraising appeals and private conversations. 

President Biden can be seen seated, signing a document. Behind him various people look on, including Barack Obama, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi

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His involvement is set to increase as the election nears, highlighting his commitment to Biden’s reelection campaign. 


Focusing on the Youth Vote

Obama’s role in the upcoming months will include making fundraising appeals and motivating young voters, especially within the Black and Latino communities. 

Obama is at a podium giving an outdoor speech. He is wearing a light blue shirt and is pointing with one hand

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These demographic groups are viewed as crucial to Biden’s chances of reelection. Obama plans to leverage his influence and popularity to engage these voters, underlining the campaign’s strategic focus on mobilizing young Americans.


Obama’s Campaign Strategy

Obama’s involvement in the Biden campaign is part of a larger strategy to utilize his popularity and appeal to ensure a Democratic victory. 

This photo shows Joe Biden in the center, on either side of him is Kamala Harris and Barack Obama. They are walking

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He has expressed his readiness to do whatever it takes to support Biden, emphasizing the urgency of the situation given Trump’s candidacy. This commitment reflects Obama’s active role in shaping the Democratic campaign and his belief in the importance of preventing a Trump presidency.