Truckers Boycott NYC Deliveries Following Trump’s $355 Million Fraud Judgment

By: Georgia | Published: Feb 19, 2024

A group of truckers, expressing support for former President Donald Trump, have decided to stop delivering goods to New York City. 

This decision comes in the wake of a civil fraud judgment against Trump, which resulted in a fine of over $350 million. The ruling has sparked significant reactions among his supporters, including those within the trucking community.

The Catalyst for the Boycott

The New York Post reports that the boycott was initiated by a truck driver known on social media as “Chicago1Ray,” who called on fellow truckers to refuse shipments to NYC as a form of protest. 

A split image showing a truck driver in an orange shirt and a black 'TRUMP' cap worn backward. He's wearing sunglasses and is seated inside the cab of a truck with a seat belt on

Source: Chicago1Ray/X

Ray’s call to action was motivated by his support for Trump and his belief that the judgment represents an unfair treatment of the former president. “I stand with Trump bc Trump stands with me. Truckers for Trump ain’t just a slogan, it’s real,” Ray stated on X, formerly known as Twitter. 


The Response from the Trucking Community

Following the announcement of the boycott, Chicago Ray reported speaking with several drivers who shared his sentiment. “I’ve been on the radio talking to drivers for about the past hour, and I’ve talked to about 10 drivers,” Ray said in his video, which has since been removed, The New York Post reveals.

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He highlighted the uncertainty about the extent of the boycott but issued a defiant message: “I don’t know how far across the country this is or how many truckers are going to start denying loads going to New York City, but I’ll tell you what — you f— around and find out.”

The Grounds for the Legal Ruling

Fox News reports that the legal judgment against Trump, his family, and the Trump Organization was based on accusations of asset inflation and fraud. 

Former President Donald Trump, dressed in a blue suit, sits at a courtroom table between two attorneys, with a computer monitor in front of him. The courtroom is filled with spectators and legal personnel in the background

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New York Attorney General Letitia James brought forth the lawsuit, leading to a trial that began in October. The trial concluded with Judge Engoron finding Trump liable for damages exceeding $350 million, a decision that has evidently resonated deeply with his supporters.

A Strong Show of Support on Social Media

The boycott has seen a considerable amount of support on social media platforms. Chicago Ray’s posts on X, calling for the boycott and expressing support for Trump, have gained traction. 

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“Thank you for being a true Patriot! If all of us patriots stand up, we will make a difference,” commented one user, according to Fox News.

The Impact of the Boycott

Fox News notes that the potential impact of the boycott on New York City’s supply chain remains to be seen. Truckers play a crucial role in delivering goods to the city, and a widespread refusal could have significant consequences. 

A white delivery truck labeled 'JAD' is stopped on a bustling street lined with historic buildings in the Financial District

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Chicago Ray’s message suggests a strong commitment among some truckers to stand with Trump, regardless of the implications for their routes or deliveries.


Other Voices in Support

Chicago Ray is not the only notable figure expressing support for Trump in light of the fraud ruling. Fox News reports that Elena Cardone, alongside her husband, wealthy real estate investor Grant Cardone, has taken action by creating a GoFundMe page titled “Stand with Trump; Fund the $355M Unjust Judgment.” 

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This initiative aims to support Trump financially, underlining the depth of support he enjoys among certain segments of the public.


The Cardones' Stance

Grant Cardone, explaining the purpose of the GoFundMe campaign, emphasized solidarity with Trump. “I stand unwaveringly with President Donald Trump in the face of what I see as unprecedented and unfair treatment by certain judicial elements in New York,” he stated on GoFundMe.

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This sentiment reflects a broader perspective among Trump’s supporters, who view the legal challenges he faces as politically motivated attacks rather than legitimate legal proceedings.


The Scale of Support for the Boycott

The call for a boycott has resonated with a significant number of truckers and Trump supporters, as evidenced by the engagement with Chicago Ray’s posts on social media. 

An aerial shot displays a lineup of semi-trucks and trailers in a parking lot. The trucks are arranged in an orderly fashion within marked spaces, with a few spots indicated as no parking zones by red symbols on the pavement

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The New York Post reports that one of his posts, claiming that 95% of truckers support the former president, garnered over 4.6 million views and received more than 50,000 likes, indicating a widespread sentiment of solidarity within the trucking community.


Public Reaction to the Boycott

Responses to the boycott call have varied, with many expressing enthusiastic support for the truckers’ stance. 

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“Do it! Let us know how we can help! You’re NOT alone in this fight!” one user wrote, encapsulating the encouragement from Trump’s supporters. Another simply stated, “We stand with the truckers,” according to The New York Post


Legal Consequences for Trump

The judgment against Trump, delivered by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron, centers on allegations of inflated net worth and fraudulent business practices. 

Former President Donald Trump, dressed in a black coat with a red tie and white shirt, is standing outside with his hands gesturing mid-speech, addressing reporters

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AP News explains that the ruling not only imposes a $355 million fine but also restricts Trump from holding an officer or director position in any New York company for three years, illustrating the serious implications of the fraud case.


Trump and Supporters Decry the Ruling as Political

Trump and his supporters, including Chicago Ray, have denounced the fraud investigation and subsequent ruling as a form of “election interference.” 

Former President Donald Trump is pictured speaking into a microphone at a podium. He is wearing a blue suit with a light blue tie and a white shirt. In the background, an American flag is partially visible

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At a rally, Trump suggested that the judgment could lead to broader fallout for New York City, predicting that other businesses might leave the city in response to what they perceive as a politically motivated attack. This narrative has been a rallying cry for his supporters, who view the legal actions against him as unjust and emblematic of a larger battle.