Tropical Storm Alberto Has Led to Several Deaths

By: David Donovan | Published: Jun 20, 2024

Tropical Storm Alberto was close to northeast Mexico early Thursday conveying heavy downpours that left at least three individuals dead.

Alongside this, it additionally carried hope for a district experiencing a drawn-out, serious dry spell. It is the season’s first named storm.

Movement Predictions

The National Hurricane Center in Miami predicts that Alberto will soon reach Mexico’s Gulf coast, weaken rapidly over land, and then dissipate later that day or Thursday night.

The main entrance of the National Hurricane Center during the day

Wikimedia Commons user Cyclonebiskit

Alberto’s rain was falling on both sides of the border, reaching the Veracruz state in Mexico and a large portion of the south Texas coast.


Relief for Texas

Precipitation and gusty breezes were beginning to die down for the Texas coast yet were anticipated to go on through the morning in northeastern Mexico, according to the hurricane center.

Antarctica storm view showing the ocean.

Unsplash user Torsten Dederichs

Starting around 5 a.m. EDT, the focal point of Alberto was around 40 miles east of Tampico, Mexico, and 250 miles south of Brownsville, Texas, and was moving west at 50 mph, with sustained extreme winds of 50 mph.

Alberto Rainfall

The center stated that Alberto’s rainfall in southern Texas should begin to decrease during the day, with an inch or less expected. 

A family walking in a flooded area full of water


However, “a tornado or two across parts of Deep South Texas” could occur.

Mexico’s Rain

In northeast Mexico, 5 to 10 inches of rain are anticipated to continue throughout the morning. 

Flooding in a rural area showing greenery to the sides of the water

X user Michael20WX

Most extreme sums of around 20 inches are possible across the higher territory of the Mexican provinces of Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas.

Flash Flooding

That “will likely produce considerable flash and urban flooding along with new and renewed river flooding.” 

Flooding at a beach showing the sea and wet roads

X user Michael20WX

The center added, “Mudslides are also possible in areas of higher terrain across northeast Mexico.”


Mexican Opinion

Mexican specialists made light of the risk presented by Alberto and alternatively put their faith in its capacity to facilitate the dry area’s water needs.

Raúl Quiroga Álvarez speaking at a press conference

Facebook user Raúl Quiroga Álvarez

“The (wind) speeds are not such as to consider it a risk,” said Tamaulipas state Secretary of Hydrological Assets Raúl Quiroga Álvarez during a news gathering late Wednesday. 


Drought Conditions

Northern Mexico has been particularly hard hit by severe drought conditions, which have affected a large portion of Mexico. 

Raúl Quiroga Álvarez speaking on a radio show with a host in a recording studio

Facebook user Raúl Quiroga Álvarez

Quiroga pointed out that Mexico owed the United States a significant water debt as a result of their shared use of the Rio Grande and that the state’s reservoirs were low.


Nuevo Leon Deaths

However, civil protection authorities in the nearby state of Nuevo Leon reported three deaths linked to Alberto’s rains. 

A photograph of Cerro de la Silla, a mountain in Monterrey, Mexico.

Wikimedia Commons user Spangineer

They claimed that two minors died from electric shocks in the municipality of Allende and that one man drowned in the La Silla River in Monterrey, the state capital. The minors were reportedly riding a bicycle in the rain, according to local media.


Governor’s Response

On his account on the social media platform X, Nuevo Leon Gov. Samuel García wrote that the metro and public transportation services in Monterrey would be suspended from Wednesday night until midday Thursday when Alberto passes.

Samuel García addressing a conference at a podium

Insurgentes Center, Mexico City

Individuals in Mexico have expressed their hope for Alberto to bring precipitation to the dry region.


Residents Hopes

Blanca Coronel Moral, a Tampico resident, went out on Wednesday to the city’s waterfront to wait for Alberto.

Texas coast flooding during the storm showing the sea and buildings by the beach

X user Michael20WX

“We have been needing this water that we’re now getting, thank God. Let’s hope that we only get water. Our lagoon, which gives us drinking water, is completely dry” Coronel Moral stated.


Storm Closures

In Tamaulipas, schools were closed for the remainder of the week due to the possibility of localized flooding.

Flooding on the street as cars struggle to drive through the water

X user robperillo

The tropical-storm-force winds from Alberto are expected to extend outward up to 460 miles.

In Surfside, Texas some residents were forced to evacuate early on Wednesday evening.