Time Traveler From 2030 Astonishingly Predicts Life Events and Passes Lie Detector Test

By: Savvy Dime Staff | Published: Jun 27, 2024

A man who goes by “Noah” has claimed that he is a time traveler from the year 2030 and made headlines for his insane “predictions” about the future. But when he took a lie detector test in 2018 and passed with flying colors, more people started to take notice.

Now, in the year 2024 some of his seemingly wild predictions he made years ago have already come true and while some still believe his time traveling abilities are “fake news”, others are starting to sit up and listen.

Accurate Predictions About AI

Noah claimed that in the year 2030 artificial intelligence is already being used in many technological industries.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

He explained that driverless cars were a norm and AI assisted in many medical breakthroughs. Already in 2023 and 2024, AI is growing and rapidly evolving to be used across industries.


Space Travel Predictions

He also stated that there would be private travel to Mars within the decade.


Source: Wikipedia

Obviously, many advancement shave been made between NASA and SpaceX but there has been no real tangible progress towards people living or even visiting Mars. This prediction has inspired some nay-sayers to push back on Noah’s time-travel claims.

Homeschooling is the New Norm

His predictions about education were somewhat surprising. He says that in the future homeschooling will be the new norm for teaching children.


Source: Pexels

Believers can see a world in which homeschool is the new normal, especially with the ability to work remotely and the technological advancements which have pushed us towards accomplishing things from behind the computer screen.

Utopian "Flying" Cities in 2030

One of his more outrageous claims was that by the year 2030 there will be “flying cities”. There are few buildings and they are all only a few stories tall.


Source: Pinterest

The cities are entirely powered by renewable energy, like wind and solar. These futuristic utopias also have the ability to produce their own food and water resources.

EVs are the Future

One of the predictions that seems like it is already becoming reality is his claims about EVs (electric vehicles).

Source: Wikipedia

Noah was clearly spot on with this claim as companies like Tesla have revolutionized driving in an effort to reduce fossil fuels and the carbon footprint.


Extended Lifespans

Apparently, in 2030 it is not uncommon to live to be 300 years old.

Source: Youtube

While the average lifespan is constantly growing in the U.S. year after year, 300 years seems like  a stretch. However, scientists have taken a keen interest in centenarians (those who live to be 100 years or older) and their research lends itself to increasing life expectancies.


Apparently Trump be Back in the White House

One of the predictions that raised the most eyebrows was that Donald Trump would in fact find himself back in the White House.

Republican presidential candidate, former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during his campaign rally at Sunset Park on June 09, 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Source: Getty Images

Although former President Trump did just receive a guilty conviction in the Stormy Daniels trial, he remains the frontrunner candidate for Republicans against current President Joe Biden.


The World Will be Vegan

While some people are vehemently against the prospect of being vegan, Noah predicts that the world will all turn to vegan or vegetarianism in the future.

Source: Wikipedia

Mainly, this is because the world will be greener and focus on more sustainability but also meat alternatives will be cheaper than meat by 2030 as well (according to him).


But Who is This "Time Traveler"?

It has not been confirmed who this “Noah” is as the time traveler prefers to remain anonymous, adding to the mystery and the uncertainty of the situation.

Source: Youtube

When asked who he was and how he came to these predcitons he stated, “I’m not an angel nor Satan. I’m a time traveler from 2030. I can tell you everything you want to know about the future. I also explain why there is an apparent lack of smart poeple on Earth”.


Passing the Polygraph Test

When he took a polygraph test a few years back. he managed to pass. However, the test only concludes if someone is lying or not.

Source: Youtube

Poeple have speculated that just becasue he passed he test does not confirm that his predictions will come true. Rather, it could indicate that the individual truly does believe what he is saying. But that doesn’t make it inherently true.


Ongoing Speculation

While some of the seemingly wild predictions have come true the world is just waiting to see what else may come from the time traveler’s predictions.

Source: futured/ Youtube

Many people are hopeful that Noah’s predictions come true as most of his ideas indicate that Earth is headed towards a more sustainable future. All we can do is wait and see!