These States are Most Likely to Support Secession From the U.S.

By: Julia Mehalko | Published: Apr 14, 2024

A new study reveals that residents in Alaska, California, and Texas are most likely to support their states seceding from the United States. While Republicans are more likely to agree with secession than Democrats, many liberals in certain states do support secession.

This new poll shows how different areas of the country view the idea of secession. Though this idea may be thought highly of in some states, others don’t agree with it at all.

The Most Popular States for Secession

A new YouGov poll shows that the most popular states for the idea of secession are Alaska, Texas, and California. Alaska leads the pack, with 36% of residents polled agreeing with the idea that their state should leave the union.

A Welcome to Alaska sign in front of a scenic mountain view in the daytime.

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Texas has 31% in agreement while California has 29% in support. Interestingly, California is one of the more liberal-leaning states in the U.S. Some even consider it one of the most progressive states. Regardless, many of their people agree with the idea of seceding.


A National Look

While this survey takes a look at each individual state and how its residents feel about leaving the U.S., it also analyzes the national outlook on the overall idea of secession.

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While Alaska, California, and Texas may have a big chunk of people who support this idea, the rest of the country isn’t so keen on it. Only 23% of all Americans support their state in seceding. Meanwhile, 51% oppose it, while 27% are unsure.

Secession in the U.S.

Interestingly, about 28% state they would back a state other than their own in secession. Clearly, Americans have differing views about the idea of states, both theirs and others, leaving the U.S.

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This poll also shows that younger Americans agree with secession more than older Americans do.

Republicans vs. Democrats

This survey took a look at how Republicans and Democrats both view secession. While many people believe that only conservative-leaning people agree with secession, this isn’t necessarily true. After all, many residents in California would support their state leaving the U.S.

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However, this poll does indicate that Republicans support secession more. About 29% of all Republicans are more likely to support secession. Only 21% of Democrats do, and only 19% of Independents.

Republicans in Blue States

Intriguingly, this survey reveals that Republicans are more likely to support secession — regardless of where they live. So, even Republicans in blue states such as California agree with leaving the U.S.

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Many headlines have been made about Republicans in Texas hinting at wanting to break off from the country. However, it appears that even some conservatives in blue states would like to do the same.


Populous States

Overwhelming, it appears that the more people a state has, the higher the chance these residents will support their state seceding. With the exception of Alaska — which is the third least populous state in the U.S. — mainly large states agree with secession.

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This explains why California and Texas are high on this poll. Even New York is more likely to support this movement than, say, Connecticut.


A Right to Secede

This survey also examines whether American citizens believe the U.S. Constitution gives them the right to secede. A majority of legal scholars don’t believe this is the case. However, about 26% of Americans do believe the Constitution gives states a right to leave.

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Meanwhile, 35% believe that no state has the right to secession. Finally, 39% aren’t sure. Therefore, most people are unsure of what rights the Constitution gives them.


Supporting Secession and the Constitution

Those conducting this poll also took a look at how secession supporters view the rights given to them by the Constitution. Of the secession backers, 61% believe that the Constitution provides a state the right to leave the country.

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However, about 54% of those who oppose the idea of seceding believe that the Constitution does not give any state this right.


Secession in the News

Talk of secession has been in the news recently. In the past few months alone, coverage of this idea has ramped up thanks to a variety of reasons.

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Most notably, many in Texas have claimed that they would like to leave the U.S. over the state’s ongoing battle with the federal government over immigration and border issues. Even some officials have talked openly about seceding.


Texas Warnings

Throughout Texas, people have various opinions on whether this idea of leaving the U.S. is actually a good idea. Though this poll says that 31% of Texans would support seceding, there are still a lot of people in the Lone Star State who wouldn’t.

The Texas State Capitol building seen in the daytime underneath a clear blue sky.

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Even some newspapers in Texas have warned their readers that leaving the country would be a bad idea for the state as a whole. Others have claimed that this would severely hurt the state’s overall economy.



Regardless of these warnings, it feels like Texit — the movement that is pushing for Texas secession — has only grown in support in recent months.

The Texas State Capitol building in Austin seen in the daytime.

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This poll, therefore, shows how residents in various states think during a time when many are openly thinking about wanting their state to leave the U.S. This survey can greatly help analysts as they look at ongoing political trends in Texas and throughout the country.