These Rare Coins Will Increase in Value in 2024

By: Georgia | Published: Feb 01, 2024

The year 2024 is set to face political and economic uncertainties, particularly due to U.S. government spending in regions like Ukraine and the Middle East, Numismatic News reports.

These geopolitical factors contribute to the unpredictability of the economic landscape, which can indirectly affect the market for rare coins.

The Effect of Economic Challenges on Investing in Coins

In economically challenging times, collectible coins are often sold to cover necessary expenses. 

A dimly lit storefront displaying a bright neon sign that reads "BUYERS OF COINS, SCRAP GOLD, AND SILVER" in red. The shop window is filled with various collectibles

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An expert in the field from Numismatic News stated, “Numismatic purchases are discretionary,” meaning their acquisition often comes after essential needs. This suggests that in tough economic periods, the sale of collectible or rare coins could rise to support basic living costs.

The Impact of Debt and Job Market Trends on Coins

Rising debt levels and a shifting job market could influence the rare and collectible coin market

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Numismatic News reports that the increase in default rates on loans and the trend towards part-time jobs may lead to more people selling or investing in rare coins, affecting their market value and availability.

Potential Surge in Gold and Silver Coin Demand

Amid economic uncertainties, gold and silver coins might become more attractive to investors. This is partly due to the declining purchasing power of the U.S. dollar. According to CBS News, investing in gold can be a good way to diversify your portfolio of investments.

A collection of shiny gold coins and bullion bars, with inscriptions

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Numismatic News suggests, “There could be a surge of buying interest, especially for gold and silver,” indicating these precious metals might see increased demand in the collectible coin market.

Early $5 Gold Pieces

The Early $5 Gold Pieces, particularly the 1798 half eagle with a small eagle reverse, are expected to see a significant increase in value.

A close-up image of a United States five dollar coin resting on a yellow patterned surface. The coin features the inscribed text "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "E PLURIBUS UNUM," "IN GOD WE TRUST," and "FIVE DOLLAR" around an embossed image of an eagle

Source: Wikimedia Commons

With starting prices of $15,000 for lightly circulated pieces, GoBankingRates reports an “insatiable demand for the 1798 half eagle with a small eagle reverse.”

Liberty Head Double Eagles

Type II and III Liberty Head Double Eagles are forecasted to be highly sought after, especially those graded Mint State 60 through 63.

A detailed image of both sides of an 1822 Liberty Head gold coin against a black background. One side features the profile of Lady Liberty with the word "LIBERTY" inscribed on her hairband and stars surrounding her, while the other side displays an eagle with outstretched wings above the inscription “5.D”

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GoBankingRates highlights their rarity, stating these coins are “considerably rarer than Saints in mint condition.” An 1889 S Liberty Head double eagle graded MS-63 is valued at around $3,900.


"Scare-Date" Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars

Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars, particularly the 1886-S Morgan and 1928 Peace dollars, are expected to be in high demand. 

A United States silver one dollar coin is centrally placed on a background of aged currency bills. The coin is detailed with an eagle and the inscriptions "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and "ONE DOLLAR" along with the motto "In God We Trust." The coin's ridged edge is visible

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Available in MS-63 for about $1,000 each, these coins have seen “consistent demand,” according to GoBankingRates,suggesting their value could further increase in the volatile market of 2024, 


Mercury Dimes of the 1940s

1940s Mercury Dimes, especially those graded MS-67 with full bands, are poised to command high prices.

An image showing both the obverse and reverse sides of a 1940 Mercury Dime. The obverse features the left-profile of the mythological figure, Mercury, with a winged cap, denoted by the word "LIBERTY" surrounding the top edge

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GoBankingRates states that these coins are known for their potential to achieve “outrageous prices.” They are a favorite among collectors and could see a surge in value given the economic conditions of 2024.


The 1909-S Lincoln Cent

GoBankingRates reports that the 1909-S Lincoln Cent is another rare coin expected to spike in value.

The image shows both the obverse and reverse sides of a 1909 Lincoln Wheat Penny. On the obverse, the profile of President Abraham Lincoln is featured with the words "IN GOD WE TRUST," "LIBERTY," and the year "1909" inscribed. The reverse showcases the words "ONE CENT," "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," and "E PLURIBUS UNUM,

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Extremely fine or better-conditioned pennies can fetch about $200, while the scarcer Mint State-63 versions might sell for several times as much.


Franklin Half Dollars

Franklin Half Dollars, particularly those graded MS-66 or higher, are anticipated to see significant value increases.

The image displays a set of Franklin Half Dollar coins against a blue background. There are five coins in total, with the obverse side showing the profile of Benjamin Franklin and the inscriptions "LIBERTY" and "IN GOD WE TRUST."

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Despite there being no major rarities in this series, error versions with subtle details missing can command “substantial premiums” in higher grades, per GoBankingRates.


Preparing for a Volatile Coin Market in 2024

Given the expected volatility, collectors and investors in rare coins should prepare for potential swings in value. 

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The market for these collectibles will likely mirror the broader economic trends, making it crucial for enthusiasts to stay informed and strategic in their collecting and investment decisions, Numismatic News suggests.


Opportunities in the 2024 Collectible Coin Market

GoBankingRates reports that the collectible coin market in 2024 is set to offer a range of opportunities for collectors.

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From the Early $5 Gold Pieces to the Franklin Half Dollars, each rare coin has its unique appeal and potential for value increase, making the upcoming year an exciting time for collectors and investors alike.