4 Beanie Babies That Are Worth a Lot of Money Now

author photo or placeholder By: Ene Ayegba | Published: Sep 01, 2023

If you enjoyed collecting Tamagotchis and Spice Girls lollipops back in the day, we’ve got some good news for you. If you kept their little heart-shaped tags intact and stored them in protective plastic boxes to keep them safe from grime and annoying siblings, then your collection of Beanie Babies could be very valuable. 

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It’s no secret that Beanie Babies are worth a fortune nowadays. Let’s take a peek at some of the most expensive currently being sold.

Large Wallace and His Squad

Topping the list is the Beanie Baby named “Wallace.” It is quite rare and comes in a larger size. Along with Wallace, there are also two regular-sized Wallaces, as well as Cashew and Huggy. 


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These toys are highly sought after by collectors, and if you want to buy all of them, it would cost you almost one million dollars. Just imagine all the new friends you could make with that amount of money!

Patti the Platypus

It turns out that the most desirable Patti Beanie Babies are the ones that come in bright magenta, the first color Patti appeared in. The other colors available for Patti are fuchsia, maroon, and raspberry, which looks almost identical to magenta. 


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However, collectors are particularly drawn to the original magenta Patti because it holds a special significance in the collecting world—first editions are always the most valuable.

Blackie the Bear

Blackie the Bear is a Beanie Baby that has different values based on its “generation.” This means that depending on when it was produced, it could be worth more or less. 


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Determining its specific generation can be a bit challenging, so finding the right information might take some effort. Good luck with your search discovering the generation of your Blackie!

Claudie the Crab

Cited among the most expensive Beanie Baby is Claude the Crab, reportedly going for $18,000. Perhaps it’s because he is said to be the only one with a poem dedicated to him. The poem goes like this: “Claude the crab paints by the sea; A famous artist he hopes to be; But the tide came in, and his paints fell; Now his art is on his shell!” 


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Some collectors might consider him priceless because of this one-of-a-kind poem and the story it tells about his artistic endeavors by the seaside. So, it’s time to get searching through your attic or basement for this buried treasure.

Princess Bear

We will call this the crown jewel of Ty’s Beanie Babies. It is the most expensive Beanie Baby, also known as the Princess Diana Bear. Princess Bear was released in October 1997 in a royal purple shade, and it comes with a purple ribbon and a white rose emblem. 


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Interestingly, for the release, there were only a dozen original bears. This limited edition has a price tag of around $500,000. 


Bubbles the Fish

Bubbles the Fish, with its yellow and black stripes, is another Beanie Baby that has become a gem in the world of collectibles. It was originally introduced in 1995 and then retired in 1997. Nonetheless, it is also one of the rarest and most expensive among the other Beanie Babies, with staggering prices as high as $129,000.


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There is no doubt that it has certainly swum its way into the hearts of collectors around the world.



Say hello to Batty, a beanie baby that debuted in October 1997. We can say that one of the features that set it apart from the designs of the other Beanie Babies is the velcro strips sewn on its wings. 


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One of the reasons that made its popularity soar was that it drew its inspiration from a beloved children’s book, “Stellaluna,” which was released four years before Batty. As the years went by, some retired versions of Batty came out with tag errors which also boosted its rarity and appeal. 


Piccadilly Attic

Another gem from the collection of Ty’s beloved Beanie Babies is the Piccadilly Attic. We are sure even some of the most passionate beanie baby collectors haven’t seen Piccadilly Attic because it is one of the rarest and most sought-after ones. 


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This bear is uniquely dressed like a clown with its many colorful stripes, and like a classic clown, it has a big round red nose. A Piccadilly Attic can sell for up to $125,000. 


Lefty Donkey / Righty Elephant

Ty’s Lefty Donkey/Righty Elephant Beanie Babies is a 4th of July patriotic theme toy. While usually, Beanie Babies stayed clear of politics, in 1996, Ty released their first version of Lefty the Donkey and Righty the Elephant. 


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Funny enough, this beanie was released just in time for the face-off election between President Bill Clinton and Republican Bob Dole and Independent Ross Perot. While they released it again in subsequent years, the rare versions from 1996 have sold for around $50,000.