The Tallest Building in America Is Going Up, and It Won’t be in New York

By: Ben Campbell | Published: Jan 31, 2024

The proposed construction of a new building will stand close to 2,000 feet high, making it the tallest in all of America.

Yet it won’t be in New York or Los Angeles. Instead, the monumental structure will tower over Oklahoma City.

Current Tallest U.S Building

Currently, the tallest building in the states is the One World Trade Center, built in New York City, which officially opened its doors in 2014.

Photographer takes a shot of the One World Trade Center from the ground in New York

Source: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The skyscraper stands at an impressive 1,776 feet tall. Yet if construction goes ahead with the new project proposed in Oklahoma, it would lose the number one spot.

Architects Announce Plan for New Project

Last week, AO Architects revealed in a press release they plan to raise the height of a building already under construction in Oklahoma City to ensure it becomes the nation’s tallest building.

A view of Oklahoma cities down skyline during dusk

Source: Wikimedia

AO has partnered up with Matterson Capital, a real estate firm, to bring the 1,907-foot-tall dream to life. 

Bricktown to Become the Next New York

The project is taking place in an up-and-coming part of the city known as Bricktown.

Photograph of the Bricktown area of Oklahoma City during the early evening

Source: Wikimedia

But before anything is finalized, Matteson Capital and their partners, AO, must obtain a permit from the Oklahoma City government. This will allow them to build beyond the current zoning restrictions.

Legends Tower in the Center of Oklahoma City

According to the reports, the skyscraper will be known as Legends Towers and will be accompanied by three more buildings, each rising to 345 feet. 

A man pictured at a construction site in the heart of the city

Source: Freepik

The reasoning behind the specific height of 1,907 feet has also been answered. It represents the year 1907, or when Oklahoma officially became the 46th state.

Oklahoma City Moves Towards a New Era

While the trio of buildings will be a sight to behold, the base of the structures will offer various amenities.

A woman walks past a recently opened restaurant at the base of a large building complex

Source: Freepik

According to AO’s press release, the Bricktown structures will offer a “vibrant retail and restaurant scene with over 110,000 square feet of space” at its base.


Apartments and Luxury Condos

As well as retail units, Legends Tower will offer close to 1,800 residential homes that include both affordable accommodations and luxurious apartments.

A man walks past a newly constructed apartment complex in the heart of a major city

Source: Freepik

The entire project will be built on three acres of land, spanning over two million square feet of space.


Oklahoma Experiencing Growth

CEO of Matteson Capital, Scot Matteson, believes Oklahoma City has experienced significant growth in recent years, allowing for the construction of such mega-projects to take place.

A man wearing an orange high-vis vest stands beside a large building currently under construction

Source: Freepik

“Oklahoma City is experiencing a significant period of growth and transformation, making it well-positioned to support large-scale projects like the one envisioned for Bricktown,” said Matteson.


Constructing an Icon for the City

The real estate CEO reveals he believes projects such as the Legends Tower will provide the city with new investment and employment opportunities.

A large skyscraper towers over other buildings in the heart of a city

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“We believe that this development will be an iconic destination for the city, further driving the expansion and diversification of the growing economy, drawing in investment, new businesses, and jobs,” said Matteson.


Bricktown Will become the Pride of Oklahoma

Matteson goes on to say that once the construction of the Legends Tower is complete, it will be an icon of the city.

A photograph of the famous canal that runs through the center of Bricktown, Oklahoma City

Source: Wikimedia

“It’s a dynamic environment, and we hope to see The Boardwalk at Bricktown stand as the pride of Oklahoma City,” said Matteson.


North America's New Tallest Building

While the Legends Tower complex aims to become the tallest building in North America, it’s still no match for the world’s largest building.

A general view of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Source: Tom Dulat/Getty Images

That record is held by the impressive Burj Khalifa situated in the UAE city of Dubai.


Buildings that Touch the Sky

The Burj Khalifa stands at an astronomical 2,716.5 feet high, meaning it would be over 800 feet taller than the proposed Legends Tower. 

The Burj Khalifa lit up with various lights during its opening ceremony in 2010

Source: Martin Rose/Getty Images

However, the building proposed for Bricktown, Oklahoma City, would take the number five spot on the list of the world’s tallest structures.