The Situation Is Worsening’ — Los Angeles House Overtaken by Trash Becomes a Safety and Health Concern

By: Stephanie Bontorin | Published: Apr 27, 2024

A group of already upset neighbors say that the situation in their California area is only getting worse.

More complaints have come in about a house in the Fairfax neighborhood in Los Angeles just steps away from Melrose Avenue.

Neighbors Concerned About the Health Issues

Calls to complain about the “trash house” have brought attention to local officials.

A small green room filled with piles of garbage and trash bags

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As reported by ABC affiliate KABC, they note that a once idyllic property in Fairfax has been overturned by garbage bags surrounding the home.


Aerial Footage Is Striking

During the investigation by local news outlets, helicopter aerial shots were taken of the house in question.

An aerial view of a large yard scattered with broken items and garbage set in the woods

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The footage shows a house surrounded by white trash bags and loose garbage. The bags take up the entirety of the space in the front, back, and side yards and land about several feet in the air.

The House Has Been an Issue for Years

Neighbors told KNBC that the mound of trash bags surrounding the home has been a concern of theirs since 2016.

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In an effort to have the problem alleviated, they issued a complaint to the Department of Building and Safety in LA.

Adding a Foul Odor to the Neighborhood

Along with fears of depreciated home value, health and safety, residents of the area add that the house emits an awful smell.

Messy work shed filled with wood, paintcans, tools and other miscellaneous items

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After allowing large amounts of trash to accumulate for close to a decade, the house is a rodent infested fire hazard. Rotting putrid garbage makes the space unavoidable.

Homeowners Worried About Property Value

The house seems to be a thing out of urban legends. Homeowners living in close proximity say that they fear they may never be able to sell their homes.

A small yard filled with miscellaneous household items looking cluttered

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One neighbor remarked that the homes in LA come with a large price tag due to their location in the city. A home being worth millions is hardly the place for a garbage dump.


The City Is Aware of the Issue

City Council member Katy Yaroslavasky issued a statement to the residents of the neighborhood.

Scrap yard items stuck in dirt

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She claimed that they are well aware of the issue surrounding the house and have contacted the appropriate City and County departments to come to a conclusion.


Private Owners Still Have a Responsibility to Health Standards

Although the homeowners have a right to privacy in their own home, they do not have a right to bring a health hazard to the neighborhood.

A small white house with plywood boards on the windows and doorway

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Houses can often be condemned for being health and safety hazards. Such properties are often demolished in case of an inability to fix the issue.


Residents Fear Mental Health Issues

Hoarding is known as a debilitating mental health issue. However, it can be a struggle to get someone suffering from the affliction to get help.

A cluttered corner of a garage with many household items stacked together

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Residents say that they know the man who owns the house and hope that he can receive help sooner than later. They also bring up concerns of what the inside of the house might look like.


Health Department Needs To Be Called

Both officials and residents agree that a full inspection needs to take place on the property.

A large building with the sign “department of state” in front of it

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The health department of Los Angeles can easily decree the house unlivable and restore peace in the community.


Reporters Caught the Homeowner Outside

In a story by ABC 7, reports that the news crew found the owner of the home outside.

A small gray house in disrepair

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He declined to comment for the news channel but attempted to move some things around.


Old Fines Helped the Issue

Around 8 years ago fines were issued to the homeowner because of the mounting piles of trash. Neighbors say that this caused the owner to clean up the yard for a short time.

A small white house with a red roof sits on a manicured lawn with green bushes

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This time, serious intervention might be needed to resolve the issue once and for all.