The Most Desirable City in the U.S. Has the Retirement Community Flocking to It

By: Stephanie Bontorin | Published: Apr 21, 2024

A new study shows that the Sunshine State continues to be a favorite retirement destination among Americans.

Over eight million people moved to a different state in 2022 with many retirees looking for their forever homes.

Americans Are Moving at Record Numbers

As reported by the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans are moving between states at record numbers. There were more than 8.2 million interstate moves in just 2022.

A man and woman lift a box into the back of a moving truck while two young girls help load a box onto a lift. A large brick house sits in the background

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Companies and organizations have tracked the most popular destinations of the year in a new report.


Florida Makes the Top of the List

Although Florida has had its share of issues with property tax increases, insurance rises, and natural disasters, retirees still think fondly of the tropical paradise.

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A report issued by a moving company, MoveBuddha, shared that this one city in Florida has ranked as the top search result.

The Largest Retirement Community in the World

The Villages in Central Florida is considered to be the largest retirement community, not just in the country, but in the entire world.

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The Villages also had the best move in ratio at a staggering 4.38 people moving in for every one person moving out.

Baby Boomers Reaching Retirement

A new trend in the social ladder has begun; the Baby Boomer generation has begun to retire.

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The massive population of Americans make up just over 73 million people.

Silver Tsunami of New Residents

Thanks to the absolutely massive makeup of the Baby Boomer generation and their love for Florida, researchers have dubbed their massive move as the ‘silver tsunami’.

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Although Florida was always a favorite among retirees, the influx of new residents has increased like never before.


Spending Money Where It Matters

The new generation of seniors has shown that they aren’t necessarily moving where the housing prices are the cheapest.

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Although the national average home value is $347,716, the average house in The Villages will run around $407,528.


Other Beach Communities Are Also Popular

In a different state, another beach side town has gained popularity with the aging demographic.

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Another city in the top three most popular to move to in 2024 is Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.


South Carolina Is Showing Its Gray

South Carolina has a laid back attitude and a slow way of life, making it super popular with seniors and retirees.

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In Myrtle Beach alone, over a fifth of the population is aged 65 or over.


Another Popular Spot in North Carolina

Just below Myrtle Beach for popularity sits the stunning town of Asheville.

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Although landlocked the city has a thriving art scene and expansive natural beauty. The town is popular with young families looking for adventure as well.


America’s Baby Boomtown

The 33 square miles that make up The Villages weren’t made by accident.

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The founders of the town and the city planners intended to make an easily accessible and walkable community that would attract the new aging population.


Sunshine Helps Keep People Happier

Florida is famous for having a massive amount of sunshine throughout the year, aside from monsoon season or hurricanes.

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Not only does the warmer weather allow for people to get out, ride bikes, or play pickleball, the sunshine also helps people boost their serotonin and feel happier. Moving to The Villages from a rainier place will most certainly give residents a boost of morale in their new home.