‘The McMop Is Back’ With Customers Horrified at Video of McDonald’s Employee Drying Mop Under Fries Warmer

By: Savvy Dime Staff | Published: Jun 02, 2024

An employee at a McDonald’s restaurant in Australia has been found using the fries warmer for drying dirty mops.

Caught on video by a customer, the employee was holding the mop under the heat lamp over the fries to dry the mop quicker. This has made customers feel disgusted, unaware of what could be going on behind the scenes of the popular fast-food restaurant.

Who Caught the Employee?

A customer, Debbie Barakat, is the woman who first saw the incident. She could have never guessed what she’d see that day.

A box of McDonald's french fries with a dirty mop next to it.

Source: McDonald's/Canva Stock/Canva

She had taken her son to the McDonald’s Booval location, a suburb of Brisbane, Australia, on April 4th, not expecting to see such misconduct in such a popular and established chain restaurant.


How Did She See?

As Barakat was waiting for her food, she could see the fries warmer, which is typically in view at all McDonald’s restaurants.

McDonald's french fries served at a McDonald's restaurant in central Helsinki, Finland.

Source: JIP/Wikimedia Commons

She said that she looked over when she heard another employee saying it didn’t look safe to be holding a mop under such hot heat lamps. She then claims that the employees looked for the mop dryer before using the fries warmer for orders.

What Happened to the Employee

This incident is not exactly a nice one to witness before you get your order, so what did Barakat do next?

McDonald's Ariake Park Building, Employees busy working on orders.

Source: Dick Thomas Johnson/Wikimedia Commons

She emailed the manager of the particular location but didn’t get much of a reply. Just a simple email saying that they are taking the right actions needed. Many people who have viewed the video and photos believe the employee should be fired and customers reimbursed.

What McDonald's Has Said

So, other than a short and not-so-sweet email, what else has McDonald’s said about the shameless incident?

Outside of McDonald’s in Markham, Ontario, Canada

Source: Raysonho@Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine/Wikipedia

A spokesperson for McDonald’s in Australia has spoken out saying the incident was isolated and being taken extremely seriously. It seems as though the employee has kept her job but will hopefully be taught more about health and food safety.

Online Comments

Many people have viewed the video online and have a lot to say. They are disgusted by what has happened as it reminds them of how bad health and safety can be in the restaurant industry.

Social media app icons on a smartphone screen.

Source: Jason Howie/Wikipedia

A previous employee of a different chain commented that he was shocked at how many health and safety violations he saw. Another claimed the “McMop” was back on the menu.


Worst Things That Have Happened in McDonald’s

Strangely enough, this isn’t the worst thing to ever happen in a McDonald’s.

Children’s play place inside McDonald’s.

Source: Sikalar/Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately, the McDonald’s inside play places have been scenes of incidents, with excrement being found smeared down the slide. There have also been many stabbings and shootings and even glass found in burgers in a Big Mac at one of their New York locations.


McDonald’s Won’t be Affected by This Incident

McDonald’s is one of the most famous fast-food chains in the world, with over 40,000 locations.

A McDonald's Restaurant in Jiefang Road, Shenzhen

Source: Dinkun Chen/Wikimedia Commons

According to the McDonald’s website, they made over $25.76 Billion in 2022. Their annual profit ensures that incidents like “McMop” don’t affect them at all. They will always make sales despite what happens in their restaurants.


McDonald's Technical Glitch

Early in 2024, many restaurants had an IT glitch that caused them to close thousands of stores across the globe.

A kiosk for placing orders at the Denton House McDonald's in New Hyde Park on Long Island, New York.

Source: Tdorante10/Wikipedia

The IT problem occurred March 15th, very early in the morning, meaning there was no breakfast for those looking forward to a McMuffin. Customers could make orders, but there was a problem with them receiving them. McDonald’s received thousands of complaints from angry customers.


Fast Food Causing Obesity in America

39.6% of the U.S. adults are obese. Fast-food restaurants are no help with being cheaper and more convenient than healthy alternatives.

An obese man in a yellow shirt looking at his phone.

Source: Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona/Unsplash

The food choices of an individual has a lot to do with obesity. Many of these choices come from the environment, and as there are so many fast-food places, it’s no wonder the disease is on the rise. There are 200,859 fast-food restaurants across the U.S., and that’s more than enough to always be tempted into an easy but unhealthy meal.


Other Fast-Food Chain Controversies

There have been many fast-food scandals over the years, and the McMop isn’t the worst one.

Modern KCF in Murphy, North Carolina

Source: Harrison Keely/Wikipedia

One really bad scandal was when Jack in the Box had an E. coli outbreak. This caused 4 children to pass away, and others were left in serious condition. In the U.K., there was outrage when KFC had a chicken shortage and had to close many of their locations. Other chains have had controversies with money and taxes.


What to Do if You See Something Gross in a Fast-Food Chain

If you ever come across something that should or should not be happening in a fast-food restaurant then you should speak up.

McDonalds restaurant sign in air.

Source: Valerie Everett/Wikimedia Commons

If the manager is present, alert them immediately. If not, do not wait to call or email.  You can also call the local health and food safety government services in your area. If the situation has become a violent or dangerous incident, calling the police is the best action.