The ‘Certifiably Crazy’ Strategy the DNC Won’t Consider Regarding Joe Biden

By: Georgia | Published: Feb 26, 2024

The Democratic National Committee’s Chair, Jaime Harrison, has publicly dismissed the notion of replacing President Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee for the upcoming presidential election as “certifiably crazy actually.” 

His comment came as a direct response to a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, where a Biden supporter described the idea of secretly choosing a new nominee as “insane and frankly stupid.” 

Growing Calls for Biden to Step Down Amidst Special Counsel Report

Following a report by US special counsel Robert Hur, which raised concerns over President Biden’s handling of confidential documents citing his age and memory, the debate over his continuation in the 2024 race has intensified. 

A screenshot of a Twitter conversation showing a tweet from a user named Tim at 'trouble_man90' dated February 20th which reads, 'The idea that we are going to somehow usurp the nomination and presidency from Biden, bypass Kamala entirely, choose a whole new in some back room at the convention in AUGUST, and be able to assemble a winning coalition by November is insane and frankly stupid.' Below is a response from Jaime Harrison, verified account '@harrisonjaime', stating 'Certifiably crazy actually'

Source: Tim,Jaime Harrison/X

Amidst these discussions, DNC Chair Harrison took to X to respond to a supporter’s post, asserting that the notion of sidelining Biden for another nominee was “certifiably crazy actually,” this response demonstrates the party’s steadfast backing of Biden against the backdrop of rising calls for his withdrawal. 


The Consequences of Replacing Biden Explored

If President Biden were to withdraw from the race after securing a significant lead in delegates, it would lead to a “contested” Democratic National Convention, Business Insider reports.

President Joe Biden, wearing a dark suit and blue tie, is speaking at a podium with microphones

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In such a scenario, delegates who were initially bound to Biden could potentially switch their allegiance to another candidate. This situation has not occurred since President Lyndon B. Johnson announced he would not seek reelection in 1968, leading to a tumultuous convention that ultimately saw Vice President Hubert Humphrey lose the general election.

Polls Indicate Challenges for Potential Democratic Nominees

A recent Emerson College poll showed President Biden trailing behind former President Trump by 2 percentage points. 

Donald Trump stands in profile view, wearing a dark suit, white shirt, and red tie, with an American flag in the background

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However, the same poll indicated that alternative Democratic candidates, except for Vice President Kamala Harris, would face even larger deficits against Trump, trailing by double digits. 

Democratic Party Rallies Around Biden

Despite speculation and the report raising questions about Biden’s memory, Business Insider notes that the Democratic Party has shown a united front in support of his candidacy. 

President Joe Biden, dressed in a dark suit and tie, is smiling and shaking hands with DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, who is also smiling and wearing a dark suit with a blue tie

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The tradition of party insiders determining the nominee has faded, and Biden has dominated the primaries he has entered. This unity is highlighted by the lack of any prominent Democrats calling for Biden to step aside, reinforcing the expectation that he will remain the party’s nominee.

Biden Campaign Dismisses Speculation of Replacement

The Biden campaign has categorically dismissed any speculation about replacing President Biden as the nominee. 

President Joe Biden is standing behind a podium with the Presidential Seal, delivering a speech. He is in a room with an American flag to his side, a fireplace behind him, and a painting of a man on horseback above the mantel

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Daniel Wessel, a spokesperson for the campaign, stated, “The Democratic Party is united in supporting President Biden, who will be his party’s nominee this fall and will make Donald Trump a loser a second time this November.” 


Mechanisms for Replacing a Nominee

While discussions about replacing a nominee are theoretical, the Democratic National Committee’s charter does contain provisions for such an event, should the nominee become incapacitated or choose to step aside. 

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are seen walking side by side with smiles, both dressed in formal suits. They are outside

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However, NBC News explains that any changes to the party’s nomination rules would need to pass through the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee, which is currently aligned with Biden’s interests, making any rule changes to replace him highly unlikely.


Implications of Biden Withdrawing Before the Convention

If President Biden were to withdraw from the race before securing the majority of delegates, it could lead to a highly unpredictable situation at the Democratic National Convention, according to NBC News.

President Joe Biden, wearing a blue fleece jacket and a button-up shirt, is smiling broadly at an event. In the background, an American flag is visible, and he stands in front of a microphone setup

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The process for selecting a new nominee in such circumstances would be complex and unprecedented in modern times, leading to speculation about how the party would navigate such a scenario.


Potential for a New Democratic Nominee Explored

The possibility of the Democratic Party selecting a new nominee, should Biden decide to withdraw, has been a topic of speculation

President Joe Biden is captured speaking behind a podium that bears the seal of the President of the United States. He is in a formal room with an American flag to his left and a large, ornate gold-framed painting of a man on horseback in the background

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However, the practicalities of entering the race at this stage and securing enough delegates make it a daunting challenge for any potential new candidate. 


Vice President Harris' Position in the Nomination Process

Should President Biden choose to step down, it does not automatically position Vice President Kamala Harris as the Democratic nominee. 

Vice President Kamala Harris, dressed in a dark suit with a tan blouse, stands alongside President Joe Biden, who is wearing a blue suit with a bright blue tie. Both are smiling and looking forward

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The process for selecting a nominee is separate from the presidential succession and would require Harris to gain majority support from delegates at the convention. 


Delegate Flexibility at the Democratic National Convention

The Democratic National Convention operates under rules that allow delegates some flexibility in their voting. 

President Joe Biden, wearing a casual blue shirt and a cap with a presidential seal, stands smiling in front of a large American flag that is hanging on a brick wall

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This means that in the event of Biden withdrawing, delegates initially pledged to him could theoretically support another candidate. 


The Democratic Party's Commitment to Biden

The Democratic Party and the Biden campaign have strongly signaled their commitment to President Biden as their nominee for the upcoming election. 

President Joe Biden, wearing a blue suit with a red tie, and Vice President Kamala Harris, dressed in a black suit, are walking side by side on the White House lawn. Behind them are two Secret Service agents and a view of the White House

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Despite speculation and discussions about potential replacements, the party’s infrastructure and rules make it clear that Biden is expected to lead the Democratic ticket.