Texas Independence Movement Takes Big Step Forward

By: David Donovan | Published: May 30, 2024

The Texas National Movement’s (TNM) ‘Texas First’ pledge has two new signatories from the recent appointments of the chair and vice-chair of the Republican Party of Texas (RPT).

At the Texas GOP convention in San Antonio last week Abraham George and D’Rinda Randall were elected as chair and vice-chair respectively.

Increasing Tensions

The tense relationship between the federal government and Texan authorities has only become more fraught of late as the secessionist movement has become more vocal.

Texas Theater in San Angelo, TX, there is an outline of the shape of the Texas state on the building

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The Lone Star State was previously a fully independent country between 1836 and 1845 before the Mexican-American war which took place between 1846 and 1848.


Supreme Court Rulings

Back in January, the Supreme Court passed down a ruling regarding the removal of razor wire which was placed along the Texas-Mexico border.

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump pose for a portrait with Texas Governor Greg Abbott and his wife Mrs. Cecilia Abbott in the Blue Room of the White House Sunday, Feb. 9, 2020, prior to attending the Governors’ Ball.

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This was originally instructed under the orders of Governor Greg Abbott in his attempt to tackle the issue of illegal immigration.

Abbott’s Dissension

Earlier in May the update to Title IX regarding the ban on discrimination based on gender identity in universities and community colleges was due to be implemented.

President Joe Biden walks with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Friday, Feb. 26, 2021, at the Harris County Emergency Operations Center in Houston.

US federal government

Abbott however instructed universities and community colleges in the state of Texas to ignore this piece of equality legislation.

‘Texas First’ Pledge

The TNM’s ‘Texas First’ pledge signed by George and Randall vows to “vote for legislation and resolutions to call for a vote on Texas reasserting its status as an independent nation.”

Texas Hill Country, the sky is clear there is a road with trees lining it.

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The statement went on to attest that they would be resolute in this mission for “every term [they are] elected until such a referendum is held.”

Priority of Texans

In the pledge, the chair and vice-chair went on to assert that they would “pledge to work toward a fair and expedient separation of Texas from the federal government.”

Big Bend National Park, an imposing rock face.

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Their priority, as per the working of the pledge, is “placing the interests of Texans first” following the election in San Antonio recently.


Request for Referendum

The TNM were steadfast in their support of George and Randall as they were celebrating the election results: “We’ve got a team of committed and hardworking leaders and volunteers who spent countless hours connecting with other Texans.”

Mission San Antonio aka Alamo, it is a white building with a lawn in front

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Their work involves “talking about the importance of simply letting Texans vote on the issue of independence.”


TNM’s Tense GOP Relationship

The TNM has particular cause for celebration following George’s appointment as it had a tense relationship with the former GOP chair Matt Rinaldi.

Matt Rinaldi smiling and wearing a check shirt, there is a tree out of focus in the background.

Texas GOP

Rinaldi did not favor listening to the appeals of the TNM’s petition of almost 140,000 people calling for a referendum vote on Texas’ independence.


Technicalities in Petition

The petition was set to have the question of independence be included on the Texas GOP’s primary ballot in March.

Members of the Texas GOP posing for a photo in front of a photocall

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The required number of signatures for the issue to be added to the vote was exceeded by over 40,000 signatures but Rinaldi refused to include it stating that a large majority of signatures were invalid.


TNM President’s Comments

From a recent news release the president of the TNM, Daniel Miller commented on this sleight saying: “Last year, the RPT disenfranchised voters by neglecting the will of the people.”

Flags for Texas Independence being waved outside of a brown building

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He went on to say “Now we are effectively changing the party as a whole. What the political establishment once called ‘fringe’ is mainstream.”


Texas GOP Referendum Vote

The Texas GOP has recently called for a referendum after a vote on Saturday regarding the secession of Texas.

Shadow of a hand placing a vote into a box

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The party’s policy is thought to be confirmed soon following the counting of votes concerning the issue of Texas independence.


Primary Runoff Success

Other Texas Republicans who have previously signed the ‘Texas First’ pledge including Andy Hopper, David Lowe, AJ Louderback, and Lea Simmons were all victorious in their primary runoffs.

Convention of people holding signs for Texit Now!

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Two pledge signatories David Covey and Summara Kanwal lost their runoffs although Kanwal’s race was against Simmons.

While Representative Bryan Slaton was unable to get the legislation for a referendum past the State Affairs committee last year, the increase in ‘Texas First’ members following this week could alter the chances of success for the TNM in the future.