Tesla Faces Backlash Over Disappointing $3,000 Cybertruck Tent

By: Georgia | Published: Apr 02, 2024

Tesla has recently begun shipping a $3,000 tent attachment for the Cybertruck, but customers are expressing dissatisfaction with the product. 

Contrary to the sleek design promised in Tesla’s advertisements, buyers have described the Basecamp Tent as resembling a tarp more than a luxury camping accessory. This has led to a debate over whether the high cost is justified by the product received.

Promised Features vs. Delivered Product

The first batch of Tesla’s tent attachments for the Cybertruck has sparked outrage among buyers due to unmet expectations. 

An image displaying a Tesla Cybertruck equipped with a grey camping tent in a rocky, riverbed landscape. Next to the vehicle, a group of three people is enjoying a picnic setup with chairs

Source: cybertruck/X

Advertisements highlighted an ‘ultra-soft mattress’ and an ‘enhanced camping experience.’ However, customers have reported that the actual product lacks the allure suggested by the promotional pictures, leading to widespread disappointment.


Advertisements Misaligned with Reality

Tesla’s promotional efforts for the Basecamp tent claimed it would attach evenly to the back of the Cybertruck, providing ample space for a family and offering screened windows for stargazing. 

A photo of a silver Tesla Cybertruck parked on a grassy field with a large grey tent attachment extending over the truck's bed

Source: TownBiz/Cybertruck Owners Club

However, new owners have shared their experiences, showing a product that appears more like a tarp extension, fitting a maximum of two people, which starkly contrasts with the advertised family-friendly space.

Social Media Outcry

The sentiment on social media platforms, particularly X, formerly Twitter, reflects a growing discontent with Tesla’s Cybertruck tent. 

A close-up image showcasing a part of a silver Tesla Cybertruck with a grey camping tent attached to its rea

Source: TownBiz/Cybertruck Owners Club

Users like Dangum P.I. have openly criticized the product, stating, “Nothing about the 2019 CyberTruck reveal is meeting expectations,” and labeling the tent a “monumental failure.” These comments highlight a significant gap between customer expectations and the delivered product.

Design Criticisms Surface

Design criticisms have been harsh, with comparisons being made to less desirable conditions. Plump Pixel, a design company, commented on X that the Basecamp tent resembles “an unpolished homeless encampment.” 

A grey tent is attached to the side of a silver Tesla Cybertruck parked on a residential street. The tent extends over the bed of the pickup, providing shelter

Source: elaifresh/X

Such comparisons demonstrate the disconnect between the product’s marketing and its reception by the public and experts alike.

The Long-awaited Release Disappoints

After unveiling the Cybertruck and Basecamp add-on in 2019, Tesla began delivering the vehicle to customers by the end of November 2023. 

A silver Tesla Cybertruck is captured in motion, kicking up a spray of snow on a vast, snow-covered plain

Source: Tesla/X

However, the tent was not available for purchase until the following month, leading to further anticipation. The awaited product, however, has not lived up to the expectations set by years of anticipation, according to customer feedback.


Complicated Installation Process

The process to install the tent attachment is not as straightforward as advertised. Customers must visit a Tesla Service Center for the professional attachment of tent brackets to the vehicle’s side rails, a step that adds complexity and inconvenience. 

A group of people, some wearing black Tesla-branded clothing, are gathered around a silver Tesla Cybertruck with a grey tent attachment on display at an outdoor event

Source: DriveTeslaca/X

Additionally, the need for a manual pump to inflate the tent contradicts Tesla’s promises of simplicity and ease of use.


Missing 'Tent Mode' Feature

One of the touted features of the Basecamp tent was the ‘Tent Mode,’ which was supposed to auto-level the Cybertruck for a comfortable sleeping experience, even on an incline. 

Inside view of a Tesla Cybertruck's grey tent accessory, showing a spacious interior with a quilted pattern

Source: DriveTeslaca/X

However, customers have reported that this feature is missing, with one owner detailing their experience of sliding down while trying to sleep in the tent, indicating that the feature was not implemented as promised.


Customer Feedback Highlights Missing Features

Customers have expressed frustration over missing features, particularly the ‘Tent Mode.’ One customer on X highlighted the discrepancy, saying, “It costs three thousand dollars and the instructions tell you to activate ‘Tent Mode,’ which does not exist in the car.” 

A split image displaying two aspects of a Tesla Cybertruck. On the left, the Cybertruck is shown parked on a rocky terrain with a grey tent attachment opened at the back, overlooking a scenic mountainous backdrop. On the right, a close-up view of the Cybertruck's open truck bed

Source: MuskUniverse420/X

This has led to questions regarding the accuracy of Tesla’s product descriptions.


Rust Issues on New Cybertrucks

In addition to the tent concerns, new Cybertruck owners have reported issues with rust on their vehicles, occurring less than two weeks after purchase. 

A close-up photograph of a silver Tesla Cybertruck in a parking lot, covered in raindrops

Source: EZebroni/X

One owner detailed their experience on the Cybertruck Owners Club website, noting that orange spots appeared after just two days of driving in the rain, raising concerns about the vehicle’s durability.


Mixed Reviews Despite Concerns

Despite the issues surrounding the tent and reports of rust, some reviews of the Cybertruck itself have been positive. 

A silver Tesla Cybertruck is parked on a barren desert landscape with undulating, eroded hills in the background

Source: Tesla_Asia/X

Owners have praised its smooth ride, design, and engineering. This indicates that while there are significant concerns about certain aspects of Tesla’s latest offerings, there are also aspects of the vehicle that are receiving favorable feedback.


The Debate Over Value

As customers weigh the pros and cons of Tesla’s Cybertruck and its tent attachment, the debate continues over whether the overall value justifies the high price tag. 

A silver Tesla Cybertruck parked in a natural setting with a grey and tan camping tent attached to the back. The tent is set up on a gravel area surrounded by green grass and trees

Source: niccruzpatane/X

With mixed reviews on the vehicle and significant criticism of the tent, the Tesla community is left to consider the worth of these high-dollar features and whether they meet the expectations set by the company’s ambitious promises.