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Tenant Shows Her ‘Luxury’ Apartment That She Pays $2k Per Month For – ‘This Is What My Pool Area Looks Like’

Source: missfirment/TikTok

When you hear the term “luxury apartment,” what comes to mind? Like most people, you’re probably thinking of expensive fixtures, high-end utilities, and first-class service. Right?
Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for Tiktok user Lexie Ferment. She took to the app to share the sad story surrounding her $2k per month “luxury apartment.”
In the video, Lexie took us on a tour of the pool area. You guessed right; it wasn’t a sight for sore eyes. The flat hardly met the requirements for a “luxury” badge.
Lexie started off the video by saying, “I pay 2,000 dollars a month to live here and this is what the pool area looks like in my ‘luxury’ apartment.” Viewers could almost feel the disappointment and dissatisfaction from their screens.

The video showed that the pool area was littered with empty beer cans and stale food. The trash cans were overflowing — in her words, “It hasn’t been emptied in weeks.” But that’s just scratching the surface.
There was toilet paper everywhere, chewed gum on the table, and the barbecue area was in a bad state. She didn’t show the pool, but according to her, it was contaminated with feces.
Lexie was fed up with the apartment management’s neglect. The video’s caption read, “Living in a luxury apartment and paying prices that are way too much for any salary range. This is not okay.”

“This pool area has been disgusting for the past month. Nothing will ever be done about it, We have contacted management, and management does nothing about it,” she continued.
Lexie also complained about the dreadful likelihood of a rent hike. “It’s gross to live like this and still pay a lot of money and have the possibility of a rent increase.”

The video quickly went viral, with several users sharing their experiences. It became pretty clear that Lexie wasn’t alone. Loads of other folks had rented horrible apartments too.
One user wrote, “My old complex was like that. Families and their extended family would go there all day and make messes, diapers, food, and garbage everywhere.” Another said, ” I lived in a place just like this. Also, the kids and even adults from the neighborhood would hop the fences and use our pool all the time.”
Some users, apparently enraged, urged her to report to the authorities. “Absolutely not. You need to call the corporation and complain about your groundskeeper. Wow,” one user remarked.
A user who claimed to be a property manager commented – “If there’s feces in the pool – call the health department! A couple of visits will change things up pretty quickly! – I’m a property manager lol”
With rent prices hitting the roof, shooting up by 5.5% in the past year, it is disheartening to end up with less than you paid for.

The video was Lexie’s way of venting her frustration and calling attention to what could be described as an “accommodation scam.”

It’s a good thing she did. The video, which was posted on the 5th of August, has since accumulated over 360k views. Hopefully, it will spur more home seekers to avoid getting caught in the same trap.


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