Ted Cruz Ridiculed Over Hurricane Warning

By: Georgia | Published: Jul 09, 2024

Senator Ted Cruz issued a hurricane warning to his constituents via a social media post over the weekend, urging them to stay safe in anticipation of Hurricane Beryl’s landfall. 

He shared a video by Jim McIngvale, known as Mattress Mack, who offered help should the storm worsen. Cruz highlighted Mack’s efforts, writing on X, “Mack is an American hero. Stay safe & avoid high water as the hurricane makes landfall.”

Public Reaction to Cruz's Warning

The reaction to Senator Cruz’s hurricane warning was overwhelmingly negative, with many social media users recalling his previous decision to leave Texas for Cancun during a winter storm crisis. 

Wide shot of a sunny day at Cancun beach with tourists swimming and relaxing on the white sand, surrounded by large hotels

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This previous action colored the public’s reception of his current attempts to guide community safety measures during another potential disaster.


Context of Public Distrust

The distrust toward Senator Cruz stems from the past incident where he was seen leaving for Cancun during a critical weather event that affected Texas. 

Ted Cruz addressing an audience, speaking into a microphone against a backdrop featuring bright colors and the text "Star Student Action."

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His recent hurricane safety message brought back memories of this incident, affecting how his communication was received by the public.

Role of Local Heroes in Crisis

In his message, Cruz commended the efforts of local businessman Mattress Mack, who is celebrated for his response to community crises. 

Mattress Mack standing in front of a military truck and emergency response equipment, wearing a cap and sports jersey

Source: MattressMack/X

Mack’s preparedness to assist those affected by Hurricane Beryl was a focal point of Cruz’s message, attempting to direct attention toward community readiness and support.

Online Mockery Escalates as Cruz Issues Warning

As soon as Senator Cruz issued his hurricane warning, the online community quickly pivoted to mockery. 

Close-up of Ted Cruz speaking into a microphone, with a blurred, warm-colored background with event lighting

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Social media users flooded X, formerly Twitter, with references to his Cancun trip during Texas’s winter crisis, using memes and posts to highlight the perceived irony of his current calls for safety. 

Impact of the Winter Storm on Texas Infrastructure

The historic winter storm that Senator Cruz left Texas to escape had severe repercussions, including widespread power outages and significant damage to state infrastructure. 

People in military gear pushing a red SUV stuck in deep snow during a severe winter storm in Texas

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The storm ultimately led to the deaths of 246 people, highlighting the challenges Texas faced in crisis management and infrastructure resilience.


Cruz’s Proposed Legislation After Cancun Criticism

Following the backlash from his Cancun trip, Cruz proposed a piece of legislation that would have reallocated airport security resources to benefit high-profile officials, making it more challenging for the press to document their travels during emergencies. 

A view of a Continental Airlines airplane parked at an airport terminal gate with ground service equipment and other planes visible in the background under a partly cloudy sky

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This proposal was met with considerable criticism regarding its priorities.


Congressional Response to Cruz’s Proposal

Mississippi Representative Bennie Thompson blocked Cruz’s amendment concerning airport security. 

Portrait of Bennie Thompson, a male African American politician, posing in a dark suit with a red tie in front of an American flag

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Thompson stated, “I’m glad that sanity prevailed and this provision—which almost no one really wanted—wasn’t included in the final FAA bill text.”


Thompson’s Statement on the Matter

In his statement, Representative Thompson expressed relief that the proposed changes were not enacted.

Bennie Thompson, wearing a suit and red tie, is sitting and speaking passionately in his office while a female assistant works in the background

Source: Wikimedia Commons

He emphasized that the focus should remain on enhancing transportation security rather than adjusting it to accommodate the conveniences of elected officials.


Public Perception of Cruz’s Actions Post-Cancun

The senator’s actions post-Cancun, including his legislative proposals, have significantly impacted his public image. 

Ted Cruz, in a blue suit, speaking emphatically into a microphone at a brightly lit event with a vivid red background

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Many view these actions as self-serving, especially in the context of his previous behavior during state emergencies.


Community Preparedness Highlighted by Local Actions

Despite the political controversy, the community’s focus remained on preparation for Hurricane Beryl. 

Aerial view of a large hurricane seen from space, showing the massive storm system with a clear eye, surrounded by swirling clouds over the ocean

Source: dominickmatthew/X

Local figures like Mattress Mack became symbols of proactive community support, contrasting with the political discourse surrounding Cruz’s actions.


Ongoing Scrutiny of Cruz’s Career

As Hurricane Beryl passed, the scrutiny of Senator Cruz continued. 

Ted Cruz at a podium at the AIPAC event, speaking with his hands raised, dressed in a suit, with a blurred blue and white background

Source: Wikimedia Commons

His actions during previous crises and his subsequent legislative efforts remain points of contention among constituents and critics alike.