Stephen King Fires at Trump on X, Outraging Trump Supporters

By: Julia Mehalko | Last updated: Jun 14, 2024

Author Stephen King recently made a comment about the upcoming presidential election on X, formerly known as Twitter, taking a shot at former President Donald Trump in the process.

King’s tweet quickly went viral, with many praising his witty tweet. However, many Trump supporters soon expressed their outrage over the author’s remark.

Stephen King on X

For years now, King has been very vocal and opinionated on X. The prolific author often shares his thoughts on politics on the social media platform.

A focus on a phone open to X, or Twitter, on a brown surface.

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As he considers himself a liberal person, King’s political comments usually support Democratic lawmakers and policies. However, he also takes the time to blast conservatives — especially former President Donald Trump.


King’s Latest Election Post

Recently, King posted on X about the upcoming presidential election this year — and who people should vote for.

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“Would you like to continue the rollback of women’s reproductive rights?” King posted. “Vote Trump.”

A Viral Comment

King’s post on X went viral very quickly, and many users saw the remark in a short time frame. About 770,000 saw King’s tweet — and many commented their own opinions on the subject on the original post.

A black and white image of a protestor’s pro-choice sign.

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Various people responded to King’s election comment in agreement, sharing their own opinions about why the Republican party has worked to push certain policies and laws that go against women’s reproductive rights in America.

Calling Out the Extreme Right

One X user responded to King’s post about the U.S.’s upcoming election to share their own thoughts about who they call the “extreme right.”

Many people outside with signs at a pro-choice rally.

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This person responded, “The only reason the extreme right is rolling back women’s reproductive rights is because the population of the country is dropping, and they need fresh bodies for the economy and for war. It was never about morals and never about God.”

Going Back to Another Era

Another X user explained that, in their opinion, conservatives seem to want to return to an earlier era when women didn’t have rights.

An American flag on a pole underneath a blue cloudy sky.

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“Followers of the Trump circus, always ready to roll back time to an era where women’s rights were mere whispers in the wind,” they commented. “Let’s stop, indeed — stop the regression, the control, the reduction of women to mere vessels. Voting for Trump is like signing a pact with Pennywise — entertaining until you realise the horror you’ve unleashed. Stay smart.”


Trump Supporters Blast King

However, not everyone on X was happy with reading what King had posted about Trump and voting for him this upcoming November.

A pole with an American flag and a Trump 2020 flag blowing in the wind.

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Many Trump supporters expressed their outrage that King would post such a thing, blasting the author for his opinion and X post.


Disagreement on Rights

Some Trump supporters responded to King’s post in confusion, as they seem to have completely different opinions on what kind of rights women have — or had — in the first place.

A red MAGA hat on a wooden surface and book.

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One user responded, “What right to reproduce has been “rolled back” for women? Please be specific & non-fictional.”


An Obsession With Trump?

One X user claimed that King seemed to be “obsessed” with Trump, as King has posted quite a lot of opinions on the former president over the years.

Donald Trump wearing a suit amid a black and blue background.

Source: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

“I’ve never seen someone so obsessed with Trump!” They commented. “You’re a sick man. You know that though I’m sure. Very twisted very deranged. TDS is real.”


Trump’s Shifting Opinions

Trump has recently started to change some of his statements regarding reproductive rights, even though he made various pro-life comments earlier this year.

Donald Trump speaking into a microphone at a rally.

Source: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

However, in April, Trump seemingly walked back these comments and now is pushing the opinion that the rolling back of Roe v Wade was simply about states’ rights, rather than about pro-life policies.


Banning Abortion Nationally

These changing Trump policies have resulted in Trump declining to say he’ll ban abortion nationally if he becomes president in November.

Donald Trump wearing a suit and waving his hand.

Source: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

“Many people have asked me what my position is on abortion and abortion rights,” Trump said. “My view is now that we have abortion where everybody wanted it from a legal standpoint, the states will determine by vote or legislation or perhaps both. And whatever they decide must be the law of the land — in this case, the law of the state.”


King Continues To Criticize Trump

While King has been known to go after the former president for a variety of reasons, the author has recently narrowed many of his attacks on Trump down to his policies on women’s reproductive rights.

Donald Trump clapping his hands amid a blue background.

Source: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

In the near future, especially as we get closer to the November election, King will likely continue to publicly bash Trump over his policies on reproductive health.


Plenty of Ammunition

As we get closer to the election, King probably won’t limit his online barbs against Trump to his views on women’s reproductive rights.

Former President Donald Trump speaking at a podium during a rally, with supporters holding signs in the background

Source: Wikimedia Commons

A lot has happened in Trump’s world in recent weeks that provides plenty of fodder, and Trump himself is providing fresh material as he hits the campaign trail.


Trumps Felony Convictions

In the wake of Trump being found guilty of all 34 felony counts against him in his hush-money trial, many prominent left-leaning celebrities reacted to the news online.

A series of newspapers are spread out described the Trump verdict.

(Photo by Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images)

Among these, of course, was Stephen King. He took to X with the very blunt message: “The Republican candidate for President is a convicted felon.”


Other Celebrity Reactions

Stephen King was not alone in going online to react to Trumps convictions. While his response was quite to the point, others had a bit more fun.

A close-up view of a smartphone screen displaying a folder named 'Social Media' containing app icons for Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, an app labeled 'X' with a notification badge, and Instagram

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Actor John Leguizamo reposted a meme of people celebrating in a bar, adding the caption “We are all cheering for justice and that no one is above the law!”. Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter went with the quip “34 is now my favorite number”.


“Listening to Your Senile Uncle”

Stephen King also commented on a series of bizarre statements made by former President Trump at a Rally in Las Vegas.

Donald Trump wearing a MAGA hat in front of a microphone.

Source: Brandon Bell/Getty Images

King wrote on X in response to a clip from the rally that “This is like listening to your senile uncle at the dinner table after he has that third drink”.


It Began with Electric Boats

The quip from King was related to a tirade from Trump that even his most staunch supporters must be struggling to explain.

Split image with President Joe Biden on the left, smiling during a speech, and former President Donald Trump on the right, also smiling mid-speech.

Source: POTUS/X, Wikimedia Commons

It began with a complaint that “they”, presumably the Biden administration, were ordering boat manufacturers to adopt electric batteries due to environmental concerns. He then expressed worries about this by recounting a possibly fictitious conversation with a  South Carolina boat manufacturer.


Issues With the Weight of Electric Batteries

Trump used this anecdote to begin to highlight the impracticality of these environmentally-conscious boats.

Donald Trump clapping on a dark stage, wearing a blue suit and a light blue tie

Source: Wikimedia Commons

In the alleged encounter, the shipwright apparently stated that the problem with an electric boat is that it is “so heavy it can’t float. Also, it can’t go fast because of the weight”. Trump then followed up with a question.


Trumps “Very Smart” Question

Apparently, the South Carolina official remarked that, in the former President’s words, “‘Nobody ever asked this question,’ and it must be because of MIT, my relationship to MIT – very smart”.

Donald Trump wearing a suit standing in front of a microphone.

Source: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

Trump’s question was a hypothetical scenario involving a sinking electric boat: “I say, ‘What would happen if the boat sank from its weight? And you’re in the boat and you have this tremendously powerful battery and the battery is now underwater and there’s a shark that’s approximately 10 yards over there?’”


Shark Tangent

With sharks now on the mind, the former President briefly abandoned his anecdote to go on a shark-tangent.

A bull shark swims near the surface of the water.

Source: Dennis Hipp/Wikimedia

He broke his train of thought to say to the crowd “By the way, a lot of shark attacks lately. You notice that? A lot of shark. I watch some guys justifying it today. ‘Well, they weren’t really that angry. They bit off the young lady’s leg because of the fact that they were —they were not hungry, but they misunderstood what-who she was.’ These people are crazy”.


Celebrity Reactions

As was the case with his post about Trump’s convictions, Stephen King was just one of many celebrities taking the opportunity to make fun of Trump for these strange ramblings.

Donald Trump speaking passionately at the Conservative Political Action Conference, with his hand raised, against a backdrop with conservative symbols

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Late-night host Seth Myers couldn’t resist reacting in a segment on his show. He likened Trump’s hypothetical to a problem you could find in a “Math for Dummies by Dummies” textbook.


Trump v Sharks

This is strangely not the first time that Trump has let his apparent fear of sharks intrude into his thinking.

On the left, a portrait of Donald Trump speaking into a microphone, wearing a dark suit, white shirt, and red tie. On the right, a portrait of Stormy Daniels smiling, wearing a green top with long dangling earrings and a necklace

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Stormy Daniels has previously recounted that on meeting him in a hotel room in 2007, he was so absorbed in “Shark Week” documentaries that he didn’t notice her arrive. He also has a famous pair of 2013 tweets, starting with “Sorry folks, I’m just not a fan of sharks – and don’t worry, they will be around long after we are gone”  and following this up minutes later with “Sharks are last on my list – other than perhaps the losers and haters of the world!”


Sharks at Rallies

This isn’t even the first time that Trump has bizarrely inserted his shark-bias as part of a campaign rally.

Donald Trump clapping and smiling at an outdoor rally, wearing a blue suit and a red "Make America Great Again" cap, with American flags and supporters in the background

Source: DuB_831/X

At a Pennsylvania rally in 2020, sharks were again foremost on his mind. He rejected the notion of protecting the species, confessing to his supporters “I’m not a big fan of sharks”.


King’s Criticism of Trump Will Continue

Stephen King is just one of a number of prominent celebrity Democrats who use their platform to take jabs at Trump when the opportunity presents itself.

A taped sign that tells the reader to vote blue for Democrats.

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It’s partly about simply criticizing Trump, but also partly about rallying support for the Democrats. Don’t expect Stephen Kings Trump posts to slow down at all as we get closer and closer to November.