Stephen King’s Debate Comment Goes Viral, Calls Trump’s Lies a Work of Fiction

By: Julia Mehalko | Published: Jul 01, 2024

Acclaimed horror fiction writer Stephen King has gone viral online after sharing his opinion on former President Donald Trump’s debate performance.

After calling out the lies that Trump said throughout the debate, King then claimed that he could “almost admire” the lies coming out of the former president’s mouth, as a writer of fiction himself.

King’s Latest Viral Comment

King has often gone viral when sharing his opinion on political topics — particularly when he posts on X about Trump.

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Therefore, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to learn that he’s gone viral yet again. This time, his comment about the recent presidential debate had many people jumping in his comments — including X’s owner himself.


King on Trump

On X, formerly known as Twitter, King wrote, “When the debate began, Trump made a degree of sense. As he loosened up, his lies grew more grandiose. There came a point near the end where, as a writer of fiction, I could almost admire his medicine show chutzpah.”

Donald Trump in a suit in front of rally attendees.

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This post came after President Joe Biden and Trump met in Atlanta for a CNN debate on June 27. The debate was widely panned by many on social media for various reasons.

Biden vs Trump

Much of X was alight on June 27 — and the days that followed — as many social media users talked about the debate between Biden and Trump.

Joe Biden speaking into microphones in front of an American flag.

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For the most part, both Biden and Trump were heavily criticized for their performances during the debate. Trump was accused of making many lies throughout the night, while Biden’s lackluster performance has reportedly led to many in the Democratic party wanting to push him out and have a new candidate come November.

Comments on King’s Viral Post

Very quickly after King posted his opinion on X, his post went viral. This immediately resulted in many people — both those who support and criticize the former president — commenting on his initial post.

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Many people agreed with King’s comment on Trump’s lies. However, many others who support Trump blasted the writer for his opinion.

Elon Musk Joins the Conversation

The comment section of King’s post got so popular that X’s owner, Elon Musk, even joined in and left his own comment.

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In a reply, Musk wrote, “There is a performance artist aspect that is interesting to watch. Better when funny than angry.”


Trump Supporters Bash King

Many supporters of the former president took the time to bash King for his comment. A former lieutenant U.S. Capitol Police officer responded, “Sir…Knowing that you are a writer of fictitious tales, I now understand your tweet as an extension of that. You have continuously condemned Trump for the purpose of propelling Biden as the most qualified to lead our nation. I now see that is also part of your fictitious writings but I caution you to pull back on using your creative mind in this manner.”

Donald Trump speaking into a microphone with his arms raised slightly.

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He continued, “Believe it or not, there are people who believe The Shining was a true story and they could believe the things you are saying about Trump and Biden are true…REDRUM, REDRUM! I know you will be voting TRUMP in 2024 and your secret is safe with me! God bless you sir!”


Attacking Democrats

Others in the comment section took the time to go after King and Democrats. One user wrote, “Democrats have learned to call anything that they don’t agree with a lie.”

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Meanwhile, another posted, “But how do you feel about Biden’s performance? And the lie about no troops dying on his watch? Pretty offensive.”


King on the Debate

While King commented on Trump’s debate performance, before the event even began he also shared his opinion on X about how the media and press were marketing the entire debate.

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He wrote, “DEBATE NIGHT IN AMERICA! Sweet Jesus! The networks are packaging this as entertainment, like a boxing match, and selling democracy down the river. It’s a shame.”


King’s Comments on Biden

King, who joined the Democratic Party in 1970, mainly posts on X about Trump. After many in the media criticized Biden’s performance — and even called for him to drop out of the race — King didn’t post much.

Joe Biden speaking into a microphone in front of an American flag.

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However, the author did repost writer Don Winslow’s post blasting The New York Times, which notably called for Biden to exit the presidential race.


Almost One Million Views

Since King posted his thoughts on June 30, this X post has gone viral and racked up at least 800,000 views.

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More than 16,000 people have liked it, while over 2,000 people have commented and replied to the initial post.


Continuing to Go After Trump

Though King may have received many Trump supporters in his comments attacking him for sharing his opinion on the former president, it’s unlikely the horror writer will cease sharing his thoughts on X any time soon.

Donald Trump smiling in front of a podium.

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King has made it a habit to post about Trump on X. This will likely only continue as the election year goes on.