Squatters Take Over Multi-Million Dollar Beverly Hills Mansion and Destroy Property

By: Ben Campbell | Published: Feb 01, 2024

An abandoned multi-million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills has become an all-night party spot for squatters.

Frustrated and worried residents of the generally quiet area claim the squatters engage in the use of drugs and party until the early hours of the morning. 

Luxurious Home Becomes Squatter Haven

Valued at over $4.5 million, the four-bedroom mansion in Beverly Crest has become a haven for squatters in the region. 

A woman walks past luxury homes surrounded by lush grass in California.

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According to reports from ABC7, upset neighbors claim the occupation of the home has gone on for several months, greatly disturbing their lives.

Million Dollar Mansion Turned into Squatter Night Club

Reports suggest that not only are the squatters living in the home, but they’ve turned it into a makeshift nightclub.

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Neighbors speaking to the news outlet claim the occupants have been advertising parties and even charge people to enter the late-night spot.

Drugs and Trash Littered Throughout the Property

News reports claim residents of the area have been forced to call the police and fire department on several occasions.

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Others have been forced to call tow trucks to remove vehicles that have been left on their private properties.

Paraphernalia Scattered Across the Property

Residents argue the noise pollution from the squatters’ endless parties is not the only problem they’re facing.

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Condoms and drugs have been found scattered across the property and beyond its garden as the squatters loiter around the home’s exterior until sunrise. 

Concerned for Safety

One resident, Rick, among other community members, has expressed worries for their own safety on several occasions.

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“We’re very concerned as neighbors for our own safety, for the safety of our kids, and for our homes,” Rick said.


Party Goers Upset Neighbors

Fran Solomon owns the home next to the squatters and rents it out to a woman. 

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“There are people drunk and stoned, wobbling, walking in and out, and then driving the canyons. Does someone need to be killed before the police will do something?” he said.


Renter Forced to Hire Security

Speaking with the news reports, Solomon admits his female resident decided to hire armed security to ensure her safety.

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“We rented in good faith, and they rented in good faith, and here they’re in this situation where they are hiring an armed security guard to protect them and their family,” Solomon said.


The Original Owner of the Home Goes Bankrupt

MDRCA Properties owned the home until last year when they filed for bankruptcy, according to NBC4 news.

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James Allen, the police officer who has been looking into the alleged squatting, said the people partying in the home claim to have been invited by a previous owner.


Police Argue There's No One Left to Evict Squatters

According to Allen, who spoke with the Daily Mail, the police department is currently doing all they can to evict the squatters.

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“But they’re squatters to the owner that’s in foreclosure to the bank. We’re working on a plan with the bank to evict the individuals because there’s no one at this point to evict them and say they’re there illegally,” said Allen.


Police Department Struggling to Evict Squatters

Allen explained why the police department is having difficulty evicting the partygoers.

A police officer peeks through an open door to inspect the interior of a home

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“If you were able to grab a house illegally, and I didn’t catch you during that process, but now you have an ID because you went to the [Department of Motor Vehicles] and you got mail to that house, then it has to go through the eviction process,” Allen said. “I’m no longer able to just take you out of that home.”


Solomon Angered with Police Response

In a separate interview with NBC4, Solomon said, “This is a very affluent area, paying exorbitant taxes, and we can’t seem to get the proper response from the LAPD to close this down.”

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“The law-abiding citizens aren’t getting protection from criminals that have taken over a home that doesn’t belong to them,” he continued