Senate Democrat Claims Supreme Court Is Set to Radically Overhaul Second Amendment

By: Georgia | Published: Jun 18, 2024

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy claims the Supreme Court is about to “fundamentally rewrite the Second Amendment,” igniting widespread concern with its latest ruling on bump stocks. 

The decision could redefine firearm regulations across the nation.

A Push Against Congressional Powers?

According to Murphy, the Supreme Court’s actions could “take away permanently the ability of Congress to do simple things like require people to go through a background check.” 

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These statements were made during a CNN interview with Jake Tapper, signaling significant legal shifts ahead.


Threat to Public Safety Legislation

Murphy expressed fears on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the court’s direction might make it “very hard for Congress or state legislatures to be able to regulate guns and keep our communities and schools safe.”

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This comes as a direct response to the court’s stance on bump stocks.

Rolling Back on Firearm Regulations

The decision to overturn the bump stock ban is part of a trend where the Supreme Court’s conservative majority has been easing firearm regulations. 

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This pivotal moment could redefine gun control in America, signaling a significant shift in judicial thinking.

Bump Stocks in the Spotlight

Originally banned by the Trump administration following the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, bump stocks can turn a semi-automatic rifle into a rapid-fire weapon.

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This ruling overturns a significant regulatory effort aimed at controlling such devices.

A Shift in Republican Support

Murphy pointed out that although the bump stock ban was initially supported by many Republicans, there’s now a change in stance as they “line up behind the gun industry.” 

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This reversal aligns with the Supreme Court’s latest direction.


The Impact of the Court's Ruling

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision, gun control advocacy groups have voiced concerns that this could worsen gun violence in the U.S., a nation already struggling with frequent shootings.

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They fear the implications of loosened gun laws could be profound and dangerous.


GOP's Celebration

Contrasting with the concern from Democrats, the majority of Republicans applauded the decision.

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They celebrate the court’s reaffirmation of what they believe is a constitutional truth about bump stocks.


Senator Tom Cotton's Take

Republican Senator Tom Cotton criticized the bump stock ban, suggesting it nearly infringed on the Second Amendment.

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He proposed that the government should focus more on combating violent crime rather than restricting gun ownership.


Supreme Court's Broader Implications

Though not directly tied to the Second Amendment, the bump stock case has placed gun control debates back into the spotlight at the Supreme Court.

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This case could influence many future decisions and policies.


Dropping Urban Gun Homicide Rates

Despite the contentious court rulings, Senator Murphy highlighted a silver lining: the decline in urban gun homicides.

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This indicates some progress in gun safety, although the journey is far from over.


A Call for Continued Vigilance

Reflecting on his commitment to gun safety post-Sandy Hook, Murphy emphasizes, “We have a lot of work to do to make sure that something like Sandy Hook never happens again.” 

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His focus remains on protective laws and ensuring the safety of future generations.