Second Amendment Showdown: Biden Challenges Trump on Guns

By: Georgia | Published: Jun 14, 2024

President Joe Biden didn’t hold back on Tuesday, proudly highlighting the steps his administration has taken to toughen gun laws. 

This came just hours after his son, Hunter Biden, was convicted on federal gun charges. 

A Tense Day for the Biden Family

Biden spoke at an Everytown for Gun Safety event, with a massive “Gun Sense University” banner behind him. Interestingly, he didn’t mention Hunter’s conviction.

President Joe Biden speaking with an attendee at the Gun Sense University event, with a large blue banner in the background reading "Gun Sense University."

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Hunter was found guilty of lying on a form about not abusing drugs when buying a gun in 2018.


Biden’s Personal Touch

Instead of addressing his son’s issues, Biden shared personal stories of loss. He connected with the audience by reflecting on his own experiences of losing two children.

President Joe Biden delivering a speech from a podium in the White House, with the American flag in the background

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“Never give up on hope,” he told the crowd, offering a message of resilience.

Biden’s Steely Resolve

Despite the personal turmoil, Biden stayed focused.

Hunter Biden walking outside, wearing a dark suit and tie, with greenery in the background

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The president left the event directly to Wilmington, where Hunter was, skipping a planned press briefing.

White House Keeps Quiet

The White House didn’t comment on the coincidental timing of Biden’s speech and Hunter’s trial. 

The front view of the White House with a fountain and garden in the foreground on a clear, sunny day

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While Biden has mostly avoided discussing his son’s legal troubles, he did say he would respect the trial’s outcome and not issue a pardon.

Biden’s Emotional Statement

Following the verdict, Biden expressed his support for Hunter. “I am the President, but I am also a Dad. Jill and I love our son,” he said

A vintage photo of the Biden family, including a young Joe Biden, his wife Jill, and their children

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He praised Hunter’s resilience and vowed to support him no matter what.


A Balancing Act for Biden

This family drama comes right before Biden’s planned trip to Italy for the G7 summit. 

President Joe Biden smiling while speaking at a podium with the American flag in the background

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This tightrope walk of managing personal and political duties is a familiar challenge for the president.


Staying Connected

Even while overseas, Biden stayed updated on the trial, thanks to aides and calls with Hunter and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, who attended part of the trial. 

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden sitting on a leather couch, smiling in a formal portrait with a textured wall background

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Biden’s commitment to his family remained strong.


Gun Violence: A Key Issue

Biden has a long history of tackling gun violence. As a senator, he helped pass an assault weapons ban in the 1990s and recently signed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, a significant gun safety law.

A protester holding a sign that reads "Protect Kids Not Guns" during a rally

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This is in contrast to Donald Trump, who argues that Biden is threatening the constitutional rights of gun owners.


Celebrating Legislative Wins

The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, signed two years ago, introduced new offenses for straw-purchasing firearms. 

President Joe Biden speaking at a podium in the White House, with a painting and the American flag in the background

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“It’s the most significant gun legislation in nearly 30 years,” Biden said, crediting the public for making it happen.


Missing Announcements

Though the White House hinted at new gun charge prosecutions, Biden didn’t mention them in his speech. 

President Joe Biden speaking at a podium outdoors, wearing a blue suit and orange ribbon

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A spokesperson emphasized the overall progress in reducing crime and removing illegal guns from streets.


Future Gun Control Goals

Biden has advocated for universal background checks, stronger red-flag laws, and an assault weapons ban. He stated these efforts would be a priority if re-elected. However, these policies require congressional cooperation, and gun control remains a deeply divisive issue in American politics.

President Joe Biden signing a document at a desk in the White House, with First Lady Dr. Jill Biden standing beside him

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Former President Trump has promised to roll back any gun-control advancements made during Biden’s term, further intensifying the debate.