Restaurants That Offer Fish During Lent

By: Lauren | Published: Mar 12, 2024

During the six weeks leading up to Easter every year, Christians around the world refrain from meat every Friday. Most opt for a Friday night meal of fish or other seafood instead.

Luckily, there are ten fast food restaurants that always have seafood on the menu, so even if making a homemade meal is out of the question this Friday, those observing Lent have plenty of options.

White Castle Has Several Great Fish Options

For those who live near a White Castle, your Friday night fish meal is definitely covered! The popular fast food restaurant has not one but four options for a meat-free dinner.

Promotional poster for White Castle’s seafood menu items

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While the wild Alaska Pollock slider is arguably the most popular seafood menu item, White Castle also serves fish nibblers, a seafood crab cake slider, and shrimp nibblers. Coated in panko breadcrumbs, each option is equally as delicious as the one before.


Wendy’s Brought Back Their Fish Sandwich for Lent

Although it’s not available all year long, Wendy’s always ensures that during Lent, their restaurants offer a fantastic Crispy Panko Fish sandwich.

Promotional poster for Wendy’s crispy fish sandwich

Source: Wendy’s

With Alaskan Pollock, a creamy dill tartar sauce, lettuce, pickles, and American cheese, Wendy’s fish sandwich is certainly one of the best in the business.

Burger King Big Fish Sandwich

When thinking of Burger King, most people think of their delectable Whopper, but BK also makes an amazing panko-crusted fish sandwich. It comes on a super soft brioche bun with pickles, tartar sauce, and fresh lettuce.

Logo for Burger King restaurant/Big fish sandwich from Burger King

Source: Wikipedia/Burger King Wiki

And if someone in the family isn’t in the mood for fish, Burger King also offers the Impossible Whopper, which is completely meat-free!

The Absolute Classic: McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish

Arguably, the most popular Friday night meal for Lent is none other than McDonald’s class Filet-O-Fish sandwich.

Red and yellow McDonald’s logo/McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish from the online menu

Source: Wikipedia/McDonald’s

With a tangy tartar sauce and American cheese, the McDonald’s fish sandwich is quite simple, but many consider it to be one of, if not the best, fast-food fish meals in the business.

Long John Silver’s Wild Alaska Pollock Sandwich

Even when Lent has long passed, when Americans crave fast food seafood, they most often think of Long John Silver’s.

Logo for Long John Silver’s in blue and white with a yellow fish/Fish platter with french fries and coleslaw from Long John Silver’s

Source: @Long John Silver’s/Facebook/Long John Silver’s

This beloved restaurant has tons of options, such as various fish platters, fish sandwiches, popcorn shrimp, and much more. Not to mention its great sides like coleslaw and crispy french fries.


Popeyes: More Than Just Chicken

Although Popeyes is certainly best known for its chicken, the popular chain also serves a great fish sandwich during Lent and all year long.

Logo for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen/A hand holding a Popeyes fish sandwich

Source: Wiki Commons/@Popeyes/Facebook

The Popeyes Flounder Sandwich comes on a brioche bun, just like its chicken sandwich, with pickles, cajun seasoning, and the perfect tartar sauce. They even have a spicy option for those who like to turn up the heat.


The Best Fish Tacos in the Business

At Del Taco, they offer almost every kind of taco you can think of, including their popular beer-battered crispy fish taco.

Del Taco restaurant logo on a white background/Fish taco from Del Taco online menu

Source: Del Taco

Wrapped in a corn tortilla and topped with cabbage and pico de gallo, Del Taco’s fish taco is one of the healthier options on this list and will certainly make any Friday night dinner a success.


The Seafood at Culver’s Is Especially Great

Americans can only find a Culver’s restaurant in the Midwest, but for those who are lucky enough to live near one, the fish sandwich is not to be missed.

Culver’s logo in blue and white/Photo of a Culver’s fish sandwich

Source: @Culver’s/Facebook

The roll is light and buttery, the tartar sauce is one of a kind, and the fish filet tastes incredibly fresh.


The Popular A&W Pub Baskets

At A&W, the most popular menu item is undoubtedly their pub-style baskets. They have several options, but for Friday nights, the best choice is definitely the cod.

Photograph of an A&W 3-piece cod basket with french fries and coleslaw

Source: @A&WBaldwin/Facebook

Customers can choose to have their cod as a slider or as individual fried pieces, but both come with coleslaw and french fries. And if you’re sick of fish, they have great shrimp baskets as well.


The Checkers Fish Sandwich Can Be Doubled

With a toasted sesame bun, lettuce, American cheese, and tartar sauce, the classic Crispy Fish Sandwich at Checkers is definitely one of their best menu items.

Exterior of a Checkers restaurant/The fish sandwich from Checkers restaurant

Source: Shutterstock/Checkers

Plus, for those who are extra hungry, Checkers offers a Deep Sea Double Sandwich with not one, but two fish filets.


Don’t Go Hungry on Friday Night

If it feels like quite the challenge to make a fresh seafood dish for you and your family every Friday night this Lent, these 10 restaurants are always a great option.

Man looks at the camera while eating a fast food sandwich

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From drive-thrus to the many options for food delivery services, there’s no reason not to opt for a quick and delicious fish sandwich instead.