Republican Governor Ignites MAGA Outrage with Joe Biden Ballot Move

By: Georgia | Published: May 25, 2024

Ohio’s Governor Mike DeWine, a Republican, has kicked up a storm by advocating for President Joe Biden’s name to be on the November ballot, stirring discontent among MAGA followers. 

This move clashes with the timing of the Democratic nomination, testing Ohio’s ballot laws which were previously managed without much public fuss.

Governor DeWine Sounds the Alarm

In a statement, Governor DeWine warned, “Ohio is running out of time to get the sitting President of the United States on the ballot this fall. 

Governor Mike DeWine, dressed in a blue suit and glasses, stands attentively during a public event inside a room

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Failing to do so is unacceptable.” He stresses the importance of meeting deadlines to ensure a smooth electoral process come November.


A Special Legislative Session on the Horizon

Governor DeWine isn’t just raising concerns; he’s acting on them by calling a special legislative session starting May 28. 

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine speaking at a podium adorned with the Great Seal of the State of Ohio, in a room with an American flag and educational posters in the background

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The agenda? To pass laws ensuring that both Donald Trump and Joe Biden appear on Ohio’s ballot, affirming the state’s commitment to fair play in elections.

Push Against Foreign Influence in Elections

DeWine is also looking to tighten election integrity with a proposal that bars foreign nationals from making campaign contributions. 

Side-by-side portraits of Joe Biden, smiling in a light blue shirt and Donald Trump smiling in a dark suit with a blue tie

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This legislation aims to let Ohioans freely choose between the major party candidates without external interference, reinforcing the state’s electoral sovereignty.

Backlash from MAGA Supporters

Not everyone agrees with DeWine’s approach. 

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His move has seen severe backlash from conservative circles, with some of Trump’s fiercest supporters decrying what they see as a betrayal for helping Biden’s campaign visibility.

Administration’s Stand Against Fringe Criticism

Facing sharp criticism, Dan Tierney, DeWine’s press secretary, advised, “I have found it to be good policy to never comment on internet trolls, especially when they are spouting fringe content.” 

Close-up portrait of Governor Mike DeWine smiling, wearing blue rimmed glasses and a dark suit, against an American flag background

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This reflects a deliberate choice to ignore harsh online rhetoric and focus on governance.


Rallying Support from GOP Leaders

Despite the noise, DeWine’s strategy has won him backing from several Republican leaders. 

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Figures like Senator Vance, Senate Candidate Bernie Moreno, and the Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party have all voiced their support, signaling strong party backing for DeWine’s legislative moves.


Conservative Voices in Dissent

However, not all conservatives are on board. 

Former President Donald Trump, smiling in a navy blue suit and blue tie, stands next to a young man in a blue suit and red tie, both in front of American flags

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Joe Mannarino, a well-known conservative voice, labeled DeWine a “traitor to his nation” for his legal maneuverings to include Biden on the ballot, a sentiment that illustrates deep divides within the party.


Accusations of Political Foul Play

Sean Parnell aired his grievances publicly, saying, “Democrats are trying to kick Trump off the ballot in swing states & throw him in jail for life. DeWine is bending over backwards to make sure Biden is on the ballot in Ohio which helps Dems down [the] ticket.” 

A close-up shot of Governor Mike DeWine wearing glasses and a blue suit, looking thoughtful

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This points to a widespread perception among some Republicans that DeWine’s actions could inadvertently help Democrats.


DeWine Tagged as a "RINO"

The governor has been harshly criticized, with some tagging him as a “RINO” (Republican in Name Only), and others suggesting he might secretly harbor Democratic sympathies. 

Governor Mike DeWine, wearing glasses and a dark suit, speaking passionately at a podium

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These accusations reflect the polarized political climate in Ohio.


DeWine’s Focus

Governor DeWine clarified his broader electoral focus in a CNN interview: “I’ve always said that I will support the Republican nominee. I’m a Republican. But my focus this year is going to be on a lot of local races. And it’s going to be particularly focused on the United States Senate.” 

Governor Mike DeWine seated at a table during a meeting, talking to an elderly woman across the table

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This highlights his strategic emphasis on strengthening the party’s position across various races.


Strategic Electoral Moves by Senator Vance

Senator J.D. Vance voiced support for DeWine’s decision, seeing it as a balanced approach to keep foreign influences out and ensure a fair ballot. 

Donald Trump at a podium during a rally, wearing a dark suit and red tie, with a focused expression, "TRUMP" signage and American flags in the background

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He noted, “Remember: Donald Trump will beat Joe Biden, whether he’s on the ballot or not, by 10 points. But a lot of Trump voters might sit at home if there isn’t a real presidential race, and that will really hurt our down ballot races for the Senate and Congress.”