Recall Issued for Tortillas as FDA Updates Risk Level

By: Georgia | Published: Jun 19, 2024

El Mirasol, a top tortilla producer in Florida, has recently issued a recall on their Tortilla de Harina due to an unexpected ingredient – wheat.

This revelation came after a batch of these flour tortillas, normally celebrated for their texture and taste, turned out to potentially threaten the well-being of wheat-sensitive folks.

The Discovery of Undeclared Wheat

The suspect tortillas were distributed only within Florida, encapsulating about 50 cases with each containing 20 packs of tortillas. 

Stack of plain flour tortillas on a brown plate with a brown cloth napkin

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It’s a wheat alert for anyone allergic or sensitive, as the undisclosed presence of this common allergen can cause serious health issues, ranging from stomach cramps to more severe reactions.


FDA Steps In With Class II Recall

On June 17, the FDA classified this as a Class II recall, indicating that these tortillas could cause “temporary or medically reversible adverse health consequences.” 

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This level of recall illustrates the potential health risks but acknowledges that severe consequences are unlikely.

Checking the Codes: Is Your Pack Affected?

Each pack under the recall radar is tagged with specific lot numbers: 012324120800 and 021924120800, with expiration dates of February 23 and March 19, 2024, respectively. 

Stack of whole wheat tortillas with a bunch of fresh cherry tomatoes on a vine placed on a wooden surface

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If your pantry hosts these packs, it’s time to return them.

Understanding the Risk Levels of FDA Recalls

Not all recalls are created equal. A Class III recall poses the lowest risk, often involving minor label errors without health risks. 

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Class I is the most urgent, signaling products that could cause death or serious health problems. This context helps consumers gauge the urgency of recalls like El Mirasol’s.

The Health Hazards of Hidden Wheat

For those with wheat allergies, consuming a product like El Mirasol’s tortillas can lead to rashes, nausea, and even anaphylaxis. 

Close-up of a wheat field with golden wheat stalks under a clear blue sky.

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It’s a high-stakes situation for unsuspecting consumers who must navigate these waters carefully to avoid health scares.


A Closer Look at Celiac Disease

Celiac disease sufferers face serious health consequences when they consume gluten, found in wheat. 

Assortment of various types of bread, including round loaves, baguettes, and rolls, displayed on wooden shelves

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This autoimmune response can damage the stomach lining over time, making nutrient absorption a challenge and leading to symptoms like weight loss and fatigue.


The Plight of Managing Celiac Disease

Living with celiac disease means adhering strictly to a gluten-free diet, as there’s currently no cure. 

Red measuring cup filled with flour next to a package of Bob's Red Mill Brown Rice Flour

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Avoiding gluten helps manage and mitigate the damaging effects of the disease, highlighting the importance of accurate food labeling.


Flour vs. Corn Tortillas: A Gluten-Free Guide

While corn tortillas are a safe haven for those on a gluten-free diet, flour tortillas, like those recalled by El Mirasol, are a no-go. 

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This mix-up serves as a crucial reminder to always check the ingredients, even if you think you know what’s in your food.


Recall Reactions: How Consumers Can Respond

Affected by the recall? El Mirasol encourages consumers to return the impacted products to their purchase location. 

Stack of plain corn tortillas with slightly toasted edges.

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This proactive approach not only ensures safety but also reinforces the trust between El Mirasol and its customers.


Navigating Food Allergies in Everyday Eating

The tortilla recall is a wake-up call for individuals with food allergies to remain vigilant. 

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Always reading labels and staying informed about where your food comes from can prevent unwanted health issues and keep you safe.


Stay Informed and Safe

Staying updated on recalls like this one from El Mirasol is essential for community safety. 

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Being informed helps protect personal health and wellness, ensuring hidden dangers in food products are promptly addressed.