President Joe Biden Is Allegedly Bankrupting the Country to Win Votes

By: Savvy Dime Staff | Published: Mar 31, 2024

Immigration is still an issue in America today. And Republican Gary Franks fears it’s an issue that serves as a ploy for Democrats to win elections in the future.

But is it true that President Biden is posed to bankrupt the country for the sake of illegal immigrants just to win votes? Some numbers may prove it is indeed the case.

Illegal and Uninsured

Franks posits that illegal immigrants enter America without healthcare coverage.

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These immigrants will end up having the American government as their healthcare provider, despite this fact sheet saying the contrary: that undocumented immigrants should have only very limited access to American healthcare.

Unsustainable Fiscal Health

With America’s fiscal health being deemed “unsustainable,” Republicans are right to worry.

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Franks wrote how, in 2023, Medicaid’s growth was “three times the rate of inflation” at nearly 10 percent. Its cost is nearing 1 trillion dollars.

More Economic Struggles

Franks continued with painting the nation’s economic struggles and its negative effects.

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The high interest rates are causing home foreclosures. Meanwhile, business and personal bankruptcies are up to 16.8 percent. Finally, credit card debt stands at a massive $1.02 trillion. These are facts, Franks said, not reported by the liberal media.

The Problem With Democrats

Despite this, President Biden is pushing America closer to the edge of a financial failure. Why?

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Franks believes this is all to win votes. “But Democrats have a problem with this. They have not won the white vote in over 50 years. Yes, they have lost the white vote in every single presidential election since Lyndon Johnson,” he wrote.

A New Wave of Voters

The Democrats’ “Plan B” seems to be letting the US-Mexico border swell with the flow of millions of illegal immigrants.

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And then, the immigrants will eventually be counted in the census and gain voting rights. Hence, Democrats will have recruited “new voters” to secure their victory in elections to come.


Bound to Fail

However, Franks does not believe this will be successful. There is a difference, he said, between Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves and winning the votes of Black people for the Republicans after versus what the Democrats are doing now.

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According to Franks, the current migrants do not hold the same loyalty that the emancipated slaves did for their liberators. Depending on the migrants to cast votes for them does not guarantee a successful election for Democrats.


A Successful Strategy

Furthermore, there is already a strategy in place for Republicans to counter the Democrats’ move.

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Franks cited Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s approach as the key to “saving the nation.” The governor sends migrants entering the US border through his state to Democrat-led cities as an effort to “share the burden.”


Frustrations Over Biden’s Inaction

It’s easy to see why Republicans are frustrated by Biden’s inaction.

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The Republican Senate leadership failed to force Biden to “protect our border with Mexico” and instead allowed Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Shumer to secure funding for other countries.


The Battle Between Administrations

The way Biden used and then turned the previous administration’s border security police seems to have also annoyed Republicans.

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To make matters worse, Biden also cast blame on the Republicans for the failure of his negotiations. “The voters are going to know that just at the moment we were going to secure the border and fund these other programs, the MAGA Republicans said ‘no’ because they’re afraid of Donald Trump,” the president said in an address.


Most Americans Feel Invaded

Most Americans, claimed Franks, feel that illegal immigration is akin to an invasion. The numbers at the polls, even in 2022, confirm this claim.

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An even newer poll by Gallup shows that 28% of Americans feel that immigration is the most serious issue in the country. It’s the only issue showing significant change in numbers compared to the previous month, likely indicating the Biden administration’s failure to secure the Southern border.


A Democratic Mistake?

Franks ended his op-ed by calling the Democrats’ strategy as “tragic and financially costly.”

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No matter what side of the fence you’re on, it does bear contemplating whether winning votes matters more than saving the country from ruin and whether the Democrats are making a mistake.