Popular Restaurant Chain Files for Bankruptcy, Abruptly Shuts Down All Locations

By: Georgia | Last updated: Apr 29, 2024

Two major Chicago eateries, Dom’s Kitchen & Market and Foxtrot Market, have unexpectedly closed their doors for good. 

This turn of events occurred merely six months post their high-profile merger. An official statement from Dom’s expressed profound regret, indicating an exhaustive search for alternatives that ultimately was not successful.

Final Day of Operations

“Each and every Dom’s and Foxtrot store closed Tuesday,” the company revealed

Interior of Foxtrot Market featuring a modern bar with a marble countertop, metal frame shelves stocked with bottles, glowing spherical pendant lights, and brown leather bar stools

Source: DOM’S Chicago/Facebook

Not just physical stores, but their delivery services, mobile applications, and even store credit cards were abruptly deactivated. This comprehensive shutdown signals a massive upheaval for the staff and loyal customers alike.


Impact on Employees and Customers

The closure of these stores has significantly impacted the employees and loyal customers. 

The exterior of Foxtrot Market with large glass windows, black framing, and a single tree outside. The store sign is displayed prominently above the entrance

Source: Foxtrot/Facebook

In their farewell message, the companies acknowledged the effect of their decision, saying, “This decision has not been made lightly, and we understand the impact it will have on you, our loyal customers, as well as our dedicated team members.”

Immediate Employee Reactions

Employees like Monica Perez were taken by surprise by the sudden shutdown. 

Cheerful staff at Dom's Kitchen & Market, wearing black aprons and hats, giving thumbs-up behind a food preparation counter

Source: DOM’S Chicago/Facebook

Perez, who worked at the Lincoln Park location of Dom’s, said, “We just got here, and apparently everything is closing, so a lot of people—everyone here—are out of work now.” The sudden loss of jobs has left many in a difficult position.

Customer Disruption

Regular customers of these stores are also facing the consequences of this unexpected closure. 

A close-up of a hand holding a gourmet cheeseburger with a beef patty and melted cheese, ready to be eaten

Source: DOM’S Chicago/Facebook

Amy Tanner, a frequent shopper, expressed her shock and disappointment, saying she was “shocked and really upset, you know, we literally just come down here to decide what we’re going to have for dinner every night.”

Notification of Closure

The news of the closure was delivered to employees and customers through signs posted on the doors of the stores. 

Street-level view of Foxtrot Market storefront from a distance, with signage for coffee and breakfast tacos, and a pedestrian crossing in the foreground

Source: Foxtrot/Facebook

One such sign at a Foxtrot store read: “As of today we are closed for the final time. Thank you for the time we had together.” 


Employee Uncertainty

The employees found themselves suddenly without work, with little to no prior notice. 

A person's hands placing a tray of pizza topped with white cheese into a stainless steel commercial oven with digital temperature display

Source: DOM’S Chicago/Facebook

Kevin O’Brien, a worker affected by the closure, commented on the lack of communication, saying, “I think they could have definitely given us a little more notice.”


Broader Impact on Employees

The closures have prompted a sudden job search for many former employees. 

A Dom's Kitchen & Market employee holding a wooden board with several cups of food samples in front of a refrigerated display filled with packaged fruits and juices

Source: DOM’S Chicago/Facebook

Perez, reflecting on her new reality, stated, “I don’t got a job now. Now I’ve got to go back and search for a job.” The abrupt end to employment has forced many to quickly adapt to their new circumstances.


Suppliers Left in the Lurch

The closure was not only a surprise to employees and customers but also to suppliers like Michael Ciapciak, owner of Big Bang Pie. 

Inside Foxtrot Market, a wine section with a sign reading "FINE WINES" above refrigerated displays filled with various bottles of wine, flanked by potted green plants and seating areas

Source: Foxtrot/Facebook

Ciapciak shared his frustration, “We made deliveries as recently as yesterday… It’s discouraging.”


Potential Legal Issues

Concerns about legal compliance have arisen following the sudden shutdown. 

An arm tattooed with colorful ink is raised, holding a paper bag with the 'Dom's Kitchen & Market' logo on it, with a blurred storefront in the background

Source: DOM’S Chicago/Facebook

Laura Feldman, an attorney specializing in employment and labor law, highlighted potential violations of the WARN Act, noting, “So these employees, it seems like, were given not even a minute’s notice.”


Community Reaction

The community’s response to the closures has been one of confusion and concern. 

Outdoor seating at Foxtrot Market with pink umbrellas bearing the Chandon logo, and customers sitting at tables lined along the sidewalk

Source: DOM’S Chicago/Facebook

Regular customer Matt Tanner expressed uncertainty about the future, “We’ll see what happens, if this is a reorganization, or if it’s just something going on financially, but it’s kind of weird that they’d throw everybody out and shut things down.”


Reflection and Moving Forward

As the community and former employees deal with the aftermath of these closures, the future remains uncertain. 

A shopping basket from 'Dom's Kitchen & Market' filled with various groceries including a bottle of oil, white and brown rice packages, and fresh produce

Source: DOM’S Chicago/Facebook

Many are left wondering about their next steps, grappling with the sudden change and the broader implications for their lives and the local economy. 


Outfox Hospitality's Closure Impact

Following the unexpected shutdown of Outfox Hospitality’s operations, the impact rippled through various stakeholders. Employees lost their jobs overnight, loyal customers were left without their favorite stores, suppliers like Pink Salt faced abrupt order cancellations, and local neighborhoods confronted the blight of empty storefronts.

A metal fence is chained together with a chain link and a metal lock.

Jose Fontano/Unsplash

The broad-reaching effects emphasize the interconnected nature of modern retail businesses and their communities.


More on WARN Act Violations

As mentioned, Outfox Hospitality’s sudden closure of Foxtrot and Dom’s Kitchen & Market could constitute a violation of the WARN Act, which mandates a 60-day notification for mass layoffs.

Brown Wooden Gavel on Brown Wooden Table

Source: Katrin Bolovtsova/Pexels

Legal experts are divided, however, recalling a similar case with the Signature Room where employees successfully sued for non-compliance (via CBS News). This precedent might influence the outcome of any legal actions taken by Outfox’s former employees.


Financial Struggles Leading to Bankruptcy

Outfox Hospitality’s financial turbulence became apparent following the merger between Foxtrot and Dom’s, which may have strained the company’s resources (via Eater).

A row of $100 bills representing a significant amount of money.

Source: Engin Akyurt/Unsplash

Although a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing has not yet surfaced, former employees and industry watchers anticipate it might only be a matter of time. The financial decisions leading up to the bankruptcy are now under scrutiny as stakeholders seek to understand what went wrong.


Real Estate and Local Economy

The closure of 17 prime retail locations in Chicago has sparked interest among various business sectors, including independent grocers and restaurant owners.

A hand-written sign on a glass door reading 'SORRY WE ARE NOW CLOSED' in bold, black letters on a yellow background, taped up with four pieces of duct tape

Source: Tim Mossholder/Unsplash

These parties are now eagerly contacting real estate agents, hoping to secure deals on these now-vacant spaces, potentially reshaping the local economic landscape and offering new opportunities for growth.


Responses and Initiatives

In response to the abrupt store closures, local communities and businesses have mobilized to support the displaced employees and affected vendors.

Two people and a dog outside a Paris, France grocery store in the evening.

Source: Barthelemy de Mazenod/Unsplash

Initiatives range from hiring fairs to setting up online fundraisers, reflecting a collective effort to mitigate the immediate hardships faced by those directly impacted by Outfox Hospitality’s decisions.


Vendors and Supply Chain Disruption

Outfox Hospitality’s sudden exit also disrupted the supply chains and operational plans of numerous small vendors.

A large red semi truck drives down a desert highway

Source: Quintin Gellar/Pexels

Palita Sriratana, whose Pink Salt products lost a major distribution channel, described the terms of her engagement with Foxtrot as restrictive (via Eater), highlighting the broader vulnerabilities of small vendors to sudden market shifts.


Labor Market Shock

The abrupt closure of Outfox Hospitality has released a wave of unemployment in Chicago, with hundreds of former employees scrambling to find new jobs.

Shopping cart in grocery aisle

Source: 12963734 from Getty Images/Canva

The local labor market now faces the challenge of absorbing this sudden influx, potentially straining resources and increasing competition for available positions in retail and hospitality.


Consumer Shifts and Alternatives

Consumers displaced by the closure of Foxtrot and Dom’s are turning to local alternatives, which may boost smaller, independent businesses.

A family of three, with a man, a woman, and a young girl, is shopping in a grocery store. The man is holding a bag of pasta, while the woman, who appears concerned, is brushing her hair back, and the young girl is looking at something in her hand

Source: Gustavo Fring/Pexels

This shift is not just a matter of convenience but also aligns with a growing consumer preference for supporting community-based businesses, potentially reshaping purchasing patterns in the area.


Legal Action and Employee Advocacy

Former employees have begun legal action against Outfox Hospitality, citing violations of the WARN Act. This movement is supported by advocacy groups emphasizing rights and fair treatment in the workplace.

A close-up of the statue of Lady Justice.

Source: Tingey Injury Law Firm/Unsplash

Their efforts highlight the need for greater corporate accountability and the protection of workers’ rights in times of organizational upheaval.


Media Coverage and Public Perception

The media has played a crucial role in shaping public perception of the Outfox closure. Reports highlighting the lack of notice and discarded food have fueled public outcry and sympathy for affected employees and vendors (via the Chicago Sun-Times).

A reporter dressed in a long brown coat is pictured writing down notes

Source: Freepik

This coverage shows the role of transparent communication in maintaining brand integrity during crises.


Future of Grocery and Convenience Stores in Chicago

The closure of Outfox Hospitality’s stores has also raised speculation about the future landscape of grocery and convenience stores in Chicago.

The Chicago skyline can be seen against a large body of water

Source: Chait Goli/Pexels

Analysts predict an increase in smaller, independent outlets that prioritize community engagement and sustainability, potentially filling the void left by larger chains (via Edible Chicago).


Lessons Learned and Industry Recommendations

The Outfox Hospitality case offers critical lessons for the retail industry, emphasizing the importance of financial prudence, community integration, and transparent communication.

A fully stocked grocery store aisle with food on two rows lining the aisle.

Source: Franki Chamaki/Unsplash

Moving forward, industry leaders recommend that businesses invest in building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders to safeguard against similar collapses.