Police Find Mysterious Monolith in the Middle of Nevada Desert

By: Julia Mehalko | Published: Jun 18, 2024

The Las Vegas Metro Police have revealed that they’ve found a mysterious monolith in the middle of the Nevada desert this week.

This odd-looking reflective monolith has shocked many social media users. Many have also pointed out that similar-looking objects have been found in various places around the world.

The Discovery of a Mysterious Monolith

Las Vegas police notified the public of this interesting object on Monday in a social media post. The monolith was found near Gass Peak, a hiking area that reaches a summit of almost 7,000 feet.

A view of a desert and mountains seen in Nevada.

Source: Taisia Karaseva/Unsplash

According to this post, this object was found over the weekend. With a picture attached to their post, the police wrote, “We see a lot of weird things when people go hiking like not being prepared for the weather, not bringing enough water… but check this out!”


A Further Mystery

The authorities have also explained that they’re not sure how this reflective monolith even ended up in the middle of a desert.

Homes seen in front of Gass Peak in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Source: Stan Shebs/Wikimedia Commons

A Las Vegas search and rescue team first discovered the object and then notified the Las Vegas Metro Police Department.

A Monolith Near Las Vegas’ Highest Peak

This monolith was discovered near Gass Peak, which is the highest peak that can be found in the Las Vegas mountain range in Southern Nevada.

A close-up of the welcome to Las Vegas sign seen at night.

Source: David Vives/Unsplash

This peak is about 20 miles north of Las Vegas and in a vacant desert area, perhaps further making this random and odd appearance of a reflective monolith even more mysterious.

Other Monolith Appearances

Rather remarkably, this isn’t the first reflective monolith that has been found in nature. This Las Vegas object isn’t even the first monolith to appear suddenly this year.

A reflective monolith seen in green grass.

Source: Viktor Forgacs™️/Unsplash

Earlier this March, a similar-looking, 10-foot-tall object appeared on a hill in Wales. Reports indicated that nobody in the area knew how this object — which looked “like some sort of a UFO” — suddenly ended up on this hill.

The Discovery of the Wales Monolith

This glass-looking monolith in Wales — which looks remarkably like the newly found one outside of Las Vegas — was first discovered by Craig Muir, a construction worker.

A trail seen on a hill in Wales during the daytime.

Source: Nat/Unsplash

Muir was simply out for his normal hike when he came upon this object. The construction worker made a TikTok video of this odd, tall statue, saying, “I come up here most days, and I’ve never seen this before. Almost looks like a UFO just put it on the ground.”


Other Similarities Between Wales and Las Vegas Objects

The look of the objects found in both Wales and Las Vegas this year are quite similar. This Wales monolith was also found in a rather vacant area, similar to the Las Vegas one that was found in a desert off of a trail 20 miles outside of the city.

A view of green hills seen in Wales in the daytime.

Source: Mitchell Orr/Unsplash

According to Muir, this object was found on top of a 2,221-foot hill called Hay Bluff. Muir couldn’t find any footprints or tire tracks around the monolith.


Who Placed These Monoliths?

The two monoliths found this year suddenly appeared in mysterious areas, with no indication left of how these tall and heavy objects were placed in the first place.

A monolith seen on a beach found in 2021.

Source: Arocinema/Wikimedia Commons

Nobody ever claimed responsibility for the Wales monolith. Thus far, nobody has claimed that they’ve placed the Las Vegas one, either.


The Beginning of the Monoliths

For the most part, mysterious monoliths began to appear in parts of the country — and the world — in 2020. One of the first known objects suddenly appeared in Utah’s Red Rock desert, another remote and vacant area.

A view of the ground of a Utah desert where the monolith used to be.

Source: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

Many people flocked to see this monolith in Utah before an unidentified group removed it. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management denied removing the object, though they did remind the public that it was placed “without authorization on public lands and the site is in a remote area without services for the large number of people who now want to see it.”


Artists Claiming Responsibility

An artist collective known as “The Most Famous Artist” did claim responsibility for installing the monolith in Utah. This group also said they put one in Atascadero, California near the same time this Utah object was discovered.

A reflective monolith seen in a desert in Utah.

Source: Patrick A. Mackie/Wikimedia Commons

However, the group didn’t claim a monolith that later appeared in northeastern Romania, nor have they claimed the two that have popped up in 2024. The Romanian object remains an unsolved mystery.


Other Artists Take Responsibility

After a similar-looking monolith appeared on the Isle of Wight off the coast of England at the end of 2020, a British artist took responsibility for making and installing this piece.

A close-up of the top of a monolith that was found in 2020.

Source: Emergency doc/Wikimedia Commons

Other objects have appeared in parts of Colorado in 2020, as well.


Social Media Has Fun With Monoliths

These mysterious monoliths have brought about a lot of speculation on social media, as users try to narrow down why these objects are appearing in odd places — and who’s placing them there.

A green sky with a UFO flying above trees.

Source: Albert Antony/Unsplash

While some users have joked about aliens leaving behind these monoliths, others have pointed out that these monoliths must be art installations inspired by the film “2001: A Space Odyssey”, which features similar objects.