The Lindsay Lohan Pepsi Ad That left People Disgusted

By: Stephen Thompson | Last updated: Nov 10, 2023

Over the years, numerous celebrities have blessed our screens and memories with iconic Pepsi commercials. Some of these advertisements come off as funny, some infuse melodic and catchy tunes into the commercials, and others give great performances. For example, modeling, acting, and even playing football. 

Let’s find out what category this particular commercial featuring Lindsay Lohan falls into.

A Weird Combination

This specific commercial does not fall into any of the listed categories—this one has to do with food. And not just one type of food, but a very weird food combination.


Source: HaleyLynn/Pinterest

Lindsay Lohan’s Pepsi commercial was about trying something new, and it had a lot of viewers losing their minds over it. She introduced everyone to a new drink, but people did not know how to feel about it.

A New Drink Destined to Become a Classic?

During winter, a popular go-to drink is hot chocolate. This comforting drink can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their age. Lindsay, however, brought our attention to a new sweet and creamy beverage.


Source: Lisetsita3095/Pinterest

In a Christmas-themed setting, Lindsay is seen advertising something she refers to as “Pilk,” also known as dirty soda. The novel combination is Pepsi with milk, and the peculiar name is a portmanteau of both words.

Viewers Weigh In

In the advertisement, Lindsay shows her own personal combination of “Pilk and cookies.” She states that she is a fan of the combo, but many doubt her conviction.


Source: Pepsi/Twitter

Many people took to Twitter to air their doubts. One user wanted to know if the drink was meant to be a real thing or a joke. Another user was both horrified and intrigued. Someone in the comments said they didn’t have high hopes, but were pleasantly surprised after trying it.

Hardly a New Concoction

Surprisingly, this combination has been around for a long time—since the ’70s. For example, the character Laverne DeFazio used to drink Pilk on the TV sitcom, Laverne & Shirley. The people that love it still sing its praises.


Source: Twitter

An article in Bon Apetit talked about the history of the Pilk controversy. In the article, titled “Sorry, but Pilk Is Really Good,” Sam Stone said he tried the drink. His conclusion was that, “Haters were wrong; Pilk is amazing. It brought a certain creaminess to the sugary cola, and it almost tasted like cream soda.”