Is the Oak Island Treasure Worth More Than the Lagina Brothers’ Net Worth? Here’s Why the Brothers Continue to Dig

By: Savvy Dime Staff | Published: Jan 04, 2024

In 2006, Rick and Marty Lagina started a new chapter of adventure for the famed Oak Island — a remote island in a 300-island-long chain that is thought to be rich with life-changing treasure. 

Could this treasure exceed each of the Lagina Brothers’ net worth? If so, it could change the course of their lives (and the lives of others). Here’s what we know. 

What’s the Legend around Oak Island?

Many locals have their own theories about what lies in the underground regions of the island, ranging from pirate burials to freemason secrets. Some even believe that Francis Bacon buried original Shakespeare manuscripts there. 

Pirate ship (left), freemason symbolism (middle) and Shakespere (right) form a collage.

Source: Canva

Beyond treasure, many have also reported hauntings and mysteries surrounding the island, which has (seemingly) no inhabitants. 

Why Is Oak Island Called Oak Island?

Oak Island is notably the sole island in the area that features a forest of red oaks. Unfortunately, most of the historic oaks that were present on the island for centuries died out due to insect infestations. 

A faded picture from the 1800s shows one of the towering thickets of oak trees on Oak Island, along with other foliage.

Source: Reddit notes that the name of “Oak Island” was given to the property in early documentation dating back to the 1760s, when land parcels were being sold. 

Where Is Oak Island Located?

Despite the island’s mysterious nature, it’s not located in some far-off land. It’s actually along the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, and is specifically found in Mahone Bay.

A map of Mahone Bay (left) is shown next to a still shot of Mahone Bay in person (right).

Source: Reddit

The rumored treasure is allegedly located in the island’s 140 acres of forest, which are quite dense inland. 

The Dig Doesn’t Come without Consequences: Exploring this Hard-To-Search Island

According to cited information from Pirates of the Atlantic: Robbery, Murder and Mayhem Off the Canadian East Coast, people have been trying to treasure hunt at this hot spot for centuries.  

A History Channel YouTube thumbnail is pictured, featuring a collapsed Oak Island tunnel.

Source: YouTube

Attempts have been foiled by nature each time via floods or collapse, whether the hunters were using drill bits, open-pit mining techniques, or today’s high-quality tech-driven tools. 

Don’t Turn Back: Hunters Take Nature Signs as a Cue to Keep Going

Despite the instances of costly collapse and dangerous floods, treasure seekers continue to dig deeper. The book goes on to note that people believe this happens due to “elaborate engineering work.”

A post from a Reddit thread hypothesizes that the island looked like this, at one time. A deep, yellowed cavern is shown, seemingly leading to nowhere.

Source: Reddit

The above engineering work theory continues, noting that there’s the possibility of “secret flood tunnels, multilayer platforms and hidden caverns.” 


Is There Really Something Deeper?

While this could be a possibility, it may be something simpler: The presence of limestone on the island. 

Limestone is pictured above, taken in a still-shot in the afternoon.

Source: Reddit

Dan Conlin, author of Pirates of the Atlantic, notes that this limestone substance can lead to future sinkholes as nature takes its course — disintegrating the rock into flimsy clay and silt. 


What’s Next for Rick and Marty?

Rick and Marty Lagina have continued to fund more digs on their property, continuing the hunt for the treasure of Oak Island. 

Rick and Marty Lagina pose with an “Ask Me Anything” prompt they did on Reddit, detailing their next steps.

Source: Reddit

They have since documented their journeys via The Curse of Oak Island and Beyond Oak Island, which interested viewers can stream on platforms such as Discovery+. 


Have Rick and Marty Found Anything Noteworthy Yet?

The duo have already been lucky enough to find a few jaw-dropping finds, which have been chronicled by 

Rick poses, pointing off to the left at a possible find or discovery.

Source: Reddit

Some of the most impressive include a jewel-encrusted brooch, a centuries-old parchment (which has yet to be deciphered), and a 14th-century swage tool. 


How Much of the Island Do the Lagina Brothers Own? (And Who Really Owns the Island?)

While many sources note that they do own most of the island as a whole, the brothers purchased a 50% stake in the Oak Island Tours Inc. entity — making them partial owners, along with producers of the show, private owners, and the tour company. 

A YouTube thumbnail featuring Rick and Marty Lagina prompts the question: “Who is the owner?” In white beneath the image.

Source: Reddit

They did not hunt immediately after the purchase, however. They were granted a dig license in July 2010, and they documented searches at the end of the same year. 


Why Did the Lagina Brothers Go to Oak Island?

The Oak Island obsession began when Rick Lagina was 11 years old, according to He found an article about the island in a Reader’s Digest piece from 1965 — and fell in love. 

Rick and Marty Lagina are pictured next to a family member in their backyard property area, digging for treasure.

Source: Reddit

Marty allegedly invested to support his brother’s dream, rather than his own self-interests. 


What Is the Lagina Brothers’ Net Worth?

Per, Rick has multiple revenue streams — earning him an estimated $2 million net worth. 

Marty and Rick Lagina are featured above, sitting next to each other in a bright-lit shot.

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Marty Lagina has been estimated to have a $40-$60 million net worth, which may have gone up to $100 million after the success of their Oak Island show(s).