Mystery Monolith Discovered in Las Vegas Hills Sparks Police Warning

By: Georgia | Published: Jun 19, 2024

Something’s catching eyes in the mountains near Las Vegas—a mysterious mirrored monolith that’s led to a police warning. 

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department couldn’t resist sharing a snapshot on X (formerly known as Twitter), complete with an all-caps “MYSTERIOUS MONOLITH!” 

Police Share Image on Social Media

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department posted the monolith image on Monday. 

A black monolith positioned amid rough desert terrain under a clear sky, surrounded by sparse vegetation and rocky ground

Source: LVMPD/X

The post stated, “We see a lot of weird things when people go hiking like not being prepared for the weather, not bringing enough water… but check this out!” This discovery has generated significant attention and speculation online.


Monolith Discovered by Search & Rescue

The Las Vegas Search & Rescue Organization discovered the monolith near Gass Peak, just north of the valley, according to the police department. 

: A Las Vegas Metropolitan Police vehicle parked

Source: LVMPD/X

This find has raised questions about its origin and purpose. The police have used this opportunity to emphasize safety tips for outdoor activities.

Safety First

With the monolith mystery unsolved, the police didn’t miss the beat to stress on hiking safety. 

A woman walking away from the camera, hiking in Red Rock Canyon, wearing a plaid shirt over a white top

Source: Kitera Dent/X

They pushed the TRAIL safety acronym—because, while solving mysteries is great, staying safe is even greater. 


Ever heard of TRAIL? It’s not just a path but a handy reminder for every adventurer: Tell someone your route, Remember supplies, Always check the weather, Illuminate with a light, and Load your phone. 

Two hikers with backpacks, one with a dog, trekking through a lush green mountainous area during summer.

Source: Holly Mandarich/Unsplash

It’s like a mini survival kit in acronym form, keeping you ready for whatever lies ahead.

The Monolith Trendsetter

Back in November 2020, the very first of these mystifying monoliths popped up in a remote Utah desert. 

A monolith stands against a red rocky cliff bathed in the warm glow of a sunset

Source: Wikimedia Commons

That was just the beginning. Soon, these shiny pillars were cropping up all over, from remote deserts to bustling cities, making everyone scratch their heads and wonder.


A Worldwide Phenomenon

This isn’t just a Vegas thing. After Utah’s debut, similar structures have surfaced as far as the U.K., Romania, and Colombia. 

A tall monolith with intricate carvings stands on a grassy hilltop, overlooking a river valley with distant mountains under a hazy sky

Source: NorbertElekes/X

These monoliths have turned into a global marvel, pulling curious crowds and sparking chatter across continents.


Everyone's Talking

From Instagram photos to X threads, these monoliths have everyone talking. 

Jimmy Kimmel smiling, seated at his talk show desk with a cityscape background and his nameplate reading "Jimmy Kimmel" in view.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

They’ve been called everything from modern art to alien drop-offs. Even Jimmy Kimmel threw in his two cents, featuring them on his live show. 


Theories Galore

Where do these things come from? Theories are all over the map. Art project? Alien message? Ultimate prank? 

A solitary monolith stands on a sandy beach with rough ocean waves in the background under a cloudy, overcast sky

Source: daninho_campeao/X

Nobody knows for sure, and that mystery just fuels more fascination. Every new monolith brings a wave of detectives, both amateur and professional, trying to crack the code.


Not All Monoliths Are Created Equal

Though they share a name, these monoliths aren’t cookie-cutter copies. 

A sleek monolith reflects the surroundings on a sandy beach with a clear view of the Mediterranean Sea and lush greenery in the background

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Some gleam in silver, others glow in gold. Finishes range from mirror-like shines to understated mattes. This variety suggests different creators, each adding their own twist to the ongoing monolith saga.


Utah’s Monolith Takes a Bow

The original Utah monolith didn’t stick around long.

A mirror-like monolith stands against a backdrop of a red rock desert formation

Source: umenokimatcha/X

It was removed to protect the natural habitat and maintain safety on public lands, a reminder that our curiosity should never compromise the environment. 


The Latest Chapter in Wales

The plot thickened this March with a new monolith appearance near Hay-on-Wye, Wales. 

A man in a blue hooded jacket, partially visible, looks surprised as he discovers a tall monolith on a barren, muddy moorland

Source: PenwoodStudio/X

Local hiker Craig Muir was stunned, initially thinking he’d stumbled upon a UFO. This latest chapter adds another layer to the unfolding monolith mystery, keeping us all guessing what or who will next surprise us.