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Mother of the Richest Man in the World, Elon Musk, Says She Sleeps on Mattresses, Blankets on the Floor or in the Garage Whenever She Visits Him

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The CEO of Tesla Inc. and SpaceX, Elon Musk’s mother, Maye Musk, recently shed light on how and where she sleeps whenever she visits her son. She said she remembers various times when she slept on mattresses or blankets on the floor. There were also times she remembered sleeping on couches or a bed in the garage of her son’s house.

She also divulged that Elon’s siblings, Tosca and Kimbal, have been in the same situation. “We adapt. It beats sleeping on the bare floor of the Kalahari Desert, where wild animals roam freely. Sleeping in places like that was something I did as a child,” Maye Musk explained in a tweet, which was a response to when Elon Musk talked about sleeping on his friend’s couch for a weekend. 

Her tweet emphasized the practical accommodation at Elon’s home. It also sheds light on her flexibility when adapting to various circumstances.

Maye Musk also disclosed that when she goes to her son’s residence in Boca Chica, she sometimes sleeps in the garage. Elon’s house in Boca Chica is a $45 000 home, which is in the location of SpaceX’s Texas headquarters and also the Starbase launch site. She explained that because the house is very close to the rocket site, the house is supposed to have a more reasonable living space. “Having a fancy house close to a rocket site was impractical,” Maye Musk said.

Another property of Elon’s is a prefabricated 375-square-foot tiny home. The little house is worth $50,000, and it is solely used for accommodating and entertaining guests. Back in 2020, Elon was in the spotlight for announcing his decision to dispose of some of his physical properties, including his houses, firmly stating that he didn’t want to own a house.

The mother of the world’s richest man narrated her journey in her book, “A Woman Makes A Plan.” She used to live in South Africa but moved to Canada in 1989. Maye described the hardship she faced as a single mother of three children. While caring for her kids, she juggled studying for two master’s degrees, building a successful modeling career. She was also advancing her career in other areas as a dietitian and nutritionist and was working multiple jobs for several hours so she would be able to take care of her family. 

Maye played a vital role in her children’s lives. She supported her sons Kimbal and Elon in their entrepreneurial ambitions, helping both of them establish their first company. The company was called Zip2. A company that eventually became what we now know as PayPal. She mentioned that the financial support she gave to her sons was the best investment she had ever made.


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