Millennial Manager Goes Viral For Allowing Her Gen Z Assistant to Work from the Hair Salon

By: Lauren | Published: Apr 28, 2024

A TikTok video has recently gone viral when a Gen Z employee picked up her boss’ phone call while getting her hair washed at a salon. 

The Millennial boss found the whole situation hilarious at the time. But now, the world is applauding her management style and discussing what it really means to be a successful boss and top-notch employee. 

The Viral Hair Salon TikTok

In the TikTok video posted by @lucindybean, a smartphone is seen leaning against a large water bottle. It’s clear that @lucindybean is on a video call with a woman getting her hair washed at the salon. She wrote in the video, “When you call your Gen Z assistant on her“WFH” day and she answers like this…”

Screenshot of a TikTok video posted by @lucindybean

Source: @lucindybean/TikTok/Freepik

The TikToker then captioned the clip, “This isn’t exactly what I meant by “flexible working arrangements” available but go off queen.”


The TikToker Speaks Out After More Than 2 Million Views

The TikToker, Lucindy Bayly, founder and director of Bayly PR in Brisbane, Australia, has been making headlines all week, as her video now has more than 2 million views and thousands of comments. 

Grey and white logo for Bayly PR from Linkedin/Screenshot of Lucindy Bayly from her TikTok page @lucindybean

Source: @BaylyPR/Linked/@lucindybean/TikTok

When Newsweek asked Bayly to comment on her video, she explained that she (31) had called her assistant (21) during the workday, only to find her at the hair salon. But much to everyone’s surprise, Bayly had no complaints about her assistant’s actions; in fact, she praised her for being “fabulous at her job.”

Being Available Throughout the Workday Is What’s Important

Bayly explained, “I actually voice-called [my assistant] Lulu, and she made it a FaceTime, clearly because her ears were wet and soapy.  thought it was hilarious and had a good laugh about it, and then we got down to business.”

Young woman using her smartphone to send a message

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The Millennial boss continued, “I had been texting her and emailing her before that call. So it doesn’t matter where she is to me, as long as her tasks are being delivered on time and delivered well.” 

The World Is Seriously Impressed with Bayly’s Management Style

The now-viral video has received thousands of comments from people all over the world. And the vast majority of TikTok users have written to commend both Bayly and her assistant. 

Screenshot of the comments section on a TikTok post by @lucindybean

Source: @lucindybean/TikTok

One wrote, “Home girl is committed, you’ve got a great employee,” while another said, “I [pray] one day I have a boss that I feel comfortable enough to do this wish. They know I’ll still get it done.” 

The Working From Home Debate

But this video isn’t just about Bayly and her assistant. It has once again sparked the ongoing debate regarding the once-popular work-from-home model. 

A man working from home while sitting on the couch

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During the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown in 2020, companies around the world shut down their offices and asked their employees to do their work from the safety of their homes instead. At the time, it was absolutely necessary, but then, people started to get used to it and actually preferred working from home to going into an office every day. 


Why Don’t People Work From Home Anymore?

While there are still some people working from their homes, the vast majority have since returned to the standard office complex model. Over the past few years, there has been significant debate as to which system is better for both the employee and the employer. 

Three women working together in an office

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While some say working in the office is the better option, others argue that allowing people to work from home is absolutely the way forward. Interestingly, there are numerous studies that found value in both models. from the health benefits of working from home to higher productivity in the office. 


Does Work From Home Mean Work from Anywhere?

One important question of this ongoing conversation that employers had to ask themselves is whether or not work-from-home meant working from anywhere. 

Man sipping on a drink while lounging on the beach and working on his laptop

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Many employers argue that working from home should mean the employee is at their home office, not at the hair salon or on the beach. However, others have said that it shouldn’t matter as long as the work is being done.


Millennials and Gen Zers Are Fighting for the Right to Work From Anywhere

Many of the world’s younger professionals, including Millennials and Gen Zers, have argued that they can and should work from anywhere. 

Woman getting her hair colored at a salon while checking her smartphone

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They say that this freedom allows them to not only produce great work but also enjoy their lives, complete their errands, and find a kind of balance that previous generations didn’t have. 


Let’s Talk About Work-Life Balance

The idea of work-life balance has become quite a hot-button topic since the pandemic. Millennials and Gen Z professionals have been using this term to explain to their employers that they don’t plan to work from dawn to dusk until they die. 

A balanced scale made completely of rocks

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They will take personal days, sick days, and paid vacations every year, even if work is busy. They will sign off at 5:00, not respond to emails on the weekend, and work from home when they can to spend more time with their families. 


No One Wants to Be Miserable Like Their Parents

Most of the young professionals fighting for a better work-life balance spent their childhoods watching their parents get completely burnt out at work. They’ve decided that is simply not the way they want to live.

An older man works at his computer, clearly exhausted

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Some Baby Boomers and Gen Xers have responded to this phenomenon by calling the younger generations lazy and unwilling to work hard. But they say lack of dedication has nothing to do with it; they plan to get their work done while enjoying their lives. 


Employment May Look Much Different in the Future

From employees being praised for picking up a work call at the hair salon to the fight for work-life balance, it seems that things are changing within the workforce in a big way. 

A group of diverse young employees smile at the camera

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The next generation wants something different for their lives, and it’s highly likely that companies around the world are going to have to adjust to this new normal as Gen Zers and Millennials become the bulk of the workforce.