Massachusetts Lottery Winner Chooses $390,000 over $25,000 Per Year for Life

By: Ben Campbell | Published: Jan 03, 2024

A woman from the state of Massachusetts struck gold after buying a $2 lottery ticket that won her a grand prize of $25,000 per year for life. 

Amanda Goffermann, a resident of Saugus, matched five of six balls on the multi-state Lucky for Life game. She opted for a one-time payment of nearly $400,000 instead of yearly installments.

Lucky for Life Draw

Each week, residents from over 22 American states can partake in the Lucky for Life lottery game, which offers a main prize of $1,000 per day for life. 

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To win the main prize, a player must match all five numbers plus an additional “lucky ball” number. Those who only match the five numbers will win a prize of $25,000 per year for life.


Goffermann Wins Big with $2

Amanda Goffermann was a regular player of the game, which costs $2 per ticket. 

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After purchasing her ticket at Lowell Street Market in Peabody, Amanda awaited the December 15th drawing. That evening, she was taken aback as her five numbers appeared on the screen, meaning she’d just won a large sum of money. 

Lump Sum of Nearly $400,000

After confirming her win and an initial celebration, Amanda was now faced with a decision. Would she opt for the $25,000 per year for life or a one-time lump sum payment of $390,000 before taxes? 

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When she arrived at the Massachusetts State Lottery headquarters in Dorchester on December 18, Amanda decided to opt for the one-time payment.

Reasons Behind Choosing the Lump Sum

The Lottery game gives its winners the option of a one-time payment over a yearly prize for numerous reasons. 

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Generally, the reasoning is centered on the age of the contestants. Taking a yearly payment doesn’t make much sense for those who have already passed retirement age. Others would rather just have a lump sum to help with payments such as their mortgage or debt. 

Goffermann Plans to Invest

When speaking about her decision to take the one-time payment, Goffermann admitted there were multiple reasons behind her choice. 

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According to the Massachusetts Lottery, the winner intends to spend a portion of her prize on buying real estate. Amanda also revealed she wants to travel. 


Trying to Win the Prize for Yourself

Lucky for Life’s website states the drawings occur every night of the week, including Saturday and Sunday. 

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For those wanting to try to end up like Amanda, tickets cost around $2. Prizes begin at $3 and climb right up to the grand prize of $1,000 per day for life.


The Odds of Winning

When it comes to Lottery games such as the Lucky for Life draw, typically, the odds are stacked against the player. 

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According to Yahoo Finance, the odds of winning the $25,000 per year for life are 1 in 1,813,208. Meanwhile, the chance of winning the grand prize of $1,000 per day is 1 in 30,821,472. 


Players from Across the States

Lucky for Life has become so popular that the game has begun to branch out in many states across the U.S.

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Tickets can be purchased in the following states: Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Texas, Washington D.C., and West Virginia.


Tickets Can Be Found Anywhere

As the game’s popularity has recently increased, tickets can now be found in supermarkets, convenience stores, and gas stations. 

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Even small stores in many of the States’ largest airports have begun selling Lucky for Life tickets.


Another American Wins Big

Another American won the $25,000 prize from Lucky for Life in September of last year. 

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Michael Sopejstal had been traveling to the Great Lakes region when he stopped at a gas station in New Buffalo for gas. He decided to buy a lottery ticket, and later that evening, was shocked to find out he’d just matched five numbers. 


Usual Stop Becomes a Dream Come True

Speaking at the Michigan Lottery Headquarters, Michael claims he travels once every few weeks to his favorite restaurant in the state of Michigan.

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“I always get a Lucky for Life ticket for 10 or 20 draws while I’m here,” Sopejstal said