Hawaii Residents Are Furious at Mark Zuckerberg and His Plans for a Multimillion-dollar Compound

By: Mikaila Storrs | Published: Jan 09, 2024

Meta’s creator, Mark Zuckerberg, announced his plans to create a Hawaiian compound, and it is causing quite a controversy.

Some people are very interested and intrigued by the idea, while Hawaiian locals are furious.

Zuckerberg's Private Compound on Hawaiian Island of Kauai

Zuckerberg is planning to make a 1,400-acre private compound on Kauai, which he plans to name “Koolau Ranch.”

Kauai Coast Line

Source: Go Hawaii

According to Wired, the $270 million property will potentially be home to two mansions, a gym, a tennis court, multiple pools, a spa, guesthouses, a bunker, and more.

Design Layout of Kauai Compound

The main houses will have a minimum of 30 bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as guesthouses (per New York Post).

Beach on Hawaii

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There will also be 11 treehouses joined together with rope bridges.

The Property Will Be Connected by Tunnels

All structures on the property will be connected by tunnels.

Mark Zuckerberg Posing With Someone

Source: Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook

The final tunnel will ultimately lead to the underground bunker that has a blast-proof door.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Underground Bunker in Hawaiian Compound

In addition to the lavish living quarters, the compound will feature a bunker in case of emergencies.

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The underground bunker will have a living space, a mechanical room, and a concrete and steel door.

Red Flags Are Raised by Kauai Locals about Zuckerberg Compound

According to Wired, there are a lot of red flags about the secrecy surrounding the project among the locals in the community.

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Former contractors for the compound had to sign NDAs and were observed under military-like security. Some allege they were fired for sharing things on social media about the property.


'It’s Fight Club. We Don’t Talk about Fight Club'

The compound is hidden from the road behind a 6-foot wall and has round-the-clock security guards.

Mark Zuckerberg giving an interview

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Workers are not allowed to speak about the project. “It’s fight club. We don’t talk about fight club,” David, one former contract employee, told Wired.


Who Owns This Hawaiian Compound?

There have also been some particular legal plays happening to build the property, which has raised some eyebrows. Apparently, Zuckerberg created a number of “shell” businesses to own Koolau Ranch on his behalf (per Wired).

Mountains in Hawaii

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According to Wired, these shell businesses filed lawsuits that pressured locals with ancestral land rights to either sell their stakes in the land or bid for them at auction.


Indigenous Hawaiians Are Outbid for Their Own Land

Many Kauai residents have wanted to purchase the land but have been unable to afford the hefty prices.

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This contributes to the ongoing economic issues of the Indigenous Hawaiians, and mainlanders taking over their islands.


Hawaii Residents 'Could Have Had It a Lot Worse'

According to The Daily Mail,Zuckerberg’s spokesperson refused to comment on the project’s size — or, indeed, its similarities to a disaster-survival bunker.”

Bulldozer and dumptruck doing construction work

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She did mention that the locals shouldn’t complain so much, as The Daily Mail states “they could have had it a lot worse.” The land’s previous owners apparently wanted to develop almost 100 luxury homes on the same property.


Zuckerberg Is Preparing for an Apocalypse

It seems that Zuckerberg is ready for an apocalypse in this compound, because Koolau Ranch has infrastructure enough to survive on its own. There’s apparently an 18-foot-high, 55-foot-wide water tank and pump system (via The Daily Mail).

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Zuckerberg can also provide his own food via farming and livestock.


Zuckerberg Hawaiian Compound Hosts Corporate Events

It is unknown if the property will be a full-time residence for the family or if it is a vacation retreat/apocalypse compound.

Mark Zuckerberg speaking at event

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But Wired reported that he has already had two corporate events, so it may not stay so secretive forever.