Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants to ‘Defund’ the Whole of New York as Revenge For the Trump Verdict

By: Georgia | Published: Jun 04, 2024

In a striking response to former President Donald Trump’s recent conviction, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is pushing to cut off all federal funding to New York. 

In a candid interview, she announced plans to urge House Speaker Mike Johnson to take action, blaming the state for its involvement in Trump’s legal woes.

Reaction to Trump’s Conviction

Trump faced a sweeping guilty verdict on 34 felony charges tied to supposed hush money payments from the 2016 campaign. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene standing at a podium in a business setting, speaking into a microphone with a blurred red and blue background

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A fired-up Greene, speaking with Steve Bannon on Real America’s Voice, proposed a tough financial penalty for New York, viewing it as complicit in the legal action against Trump.


What's at Stake for New York

New York stands to lose a lot. In 2022, it benefited from $383 billion in federal funds, supporting everything from infrastructure to social programs for its 19.6 million residents. 

Panoramic aerial view of New York City skyline during daylight, showcasing major skyscrapers and the dense urban landscape

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Greene’s proposal threatens to disrupt this vital financial lifeline.

Greene Pulls No Punches

During her explosive interview, Greene didn’t mince words, saying: “Screw New York. New York doesn’t deserve a damn penny. We shouldn’t fund them one single dime.” 

Close-up of Marjorie Taylor Greene smiling, dressed in a black sleeveless top at a public event

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Her intense disapproval of New York’s actions in the Trump case was palpable and pointed.

The Breadth of Federal Aid

The potential funding cut could severely impact New York’s ability to function, touching critical areas like public transport, healthcare, and education. 

New York City skyline during sunset, highlighting the Empire State Building and other iconic skyscrapers bathed in orange light

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Federal dollars are a cornerstone of the state’s budget, influencing the daily lives of millions.

Behind Greene’s Proposal

Greene’s move to defund New York is as much a political statement as it is a response to Trump’s legal battles. 

Close-up of Donald Trump speaking intensely at a rally, with a dark background emphasizing his facial expressions and the microphone in front of him

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This proposal raises serious questions about the balance of political retribution and governance.


The Proposal Sparks Debate

Greene’s bold call has kicked off widespread debate among politicians and the public alike, concerning the implications of using federal funding as a tool for political revenge. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene in a white sleeveless dress speaking into a microphone with a colorful gradient background at a public speaking event

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It’s a controversial idea that challenges the norms of American politics.


Who Would Suffer?

The repercussions of Greene’s plan would be extensive, potentially hitting millions who depend on federal assistance for basic services like emergency healthcare, education, and public safety. 

A typical busy street scene in Manhattan, New York City, with yellow taxis, pedestrians

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The broader impacts could reshape lives across the state.


In Search of Congressional Allies

For Greene’s initiative to have any real chance, it will need solid backing in Congress. 

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She must navigate a complex landscape of budgetary discussions and align with others who share her views on federal-state relations.


A New Legal and Political Landscape

Should this proposal advance, it would pioneer a contentious new chapter in federal-state relations.

Marjorie Taylor Greene wearing a black dress, gesturing while speaking into a microphone against a blue background decorated with stars at a congressional event

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It would spark legal scrutiny and potentially redefine the powers of state governance under federal oversight.


New Yorkers React

The reaction among New Yorkers varies widely.

Panoramic view of the New York City skyline at twilight, featuring prominent skyscrapers and a calm Hudson River reflecting the fading evening light

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Some worry about the devastating impact of losing federal funds, while others are curious to see how such a dramatic proposal will be handled by federal and state authorities.


What's Next for Greene’s Proposal?

The road ahead for Greene’s drastic proposal remains unclear as political and public opinion continues to evolve. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene, animated and speaking with emphasis, dressed in a black outfit with a lit backdrop in shades of blue during a public address

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Observers are watching closely, speculating whether this audacious plan will gain momentum or stall amidst legal and practical challenges.