Marjorie Taylor Greene Mocked After Complaining About Electric Car ‘Gas Prices’

By: Georgia | Last updated: Jun 17, 2024

Marjorie Taylor Greene, speaking at a Donald Trump rally, tackled the topic of electric vehicles in a way that left many attendees puzzled.

She boldly claimed, “If you think gas prices are high now, just wait until you’re forced to drive an electric vehicle,” which elicited a mixed response, some booing in agreement, highlighting the controversy her statement generated.

Greene’s Gasoline Gaffe

There was a notable disconnect in Greene’s statements as she linked electric vehicles to high gasoline prices, confusing many since EVs run on electricity, not gas.

Close-up image of an electric vehicle's charging port with a plugged-in charger

Source: CHUTTERSNAP/Unsplash

This mismatch between her comments and the well-known benefits of EVs, such as lower operating costs, left the crowd wondering what she was really trying to say.


Gas Prices Are Down

Even though Greene’s comments are incorrect, another important thing to note is that gas prices have actually been down so far in June 2024.

An empty gas station.

ifer endahl/Unsplash

Not only did she appear to make the incorrect statement that EVs rely on gas, but she also appeared to claim that gas prices are high and only going to get higher, which so far this month appears to be wrong.

Confusing Electric Vehicles With Hybrids

Trying to argue in Greene’s defense with this one is difficult, but there is always the very small possibility that she was confusing EVs with hybrid vehicles.

A black car parked on the street plugged into an electric charger.

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As hybrids use a combination of electric and gas to power them, there may have been some confusion there. However, as EVs have the word ‘electric’ in there, it’s looking highly unlikely that Greene would get this confused.

From Mockery to Meme

The reaction to Greene’s speech was swift and varied, with social media quickly lighting up. 

Stephen King standing in front of bookshelves filled with various books

Source: StephenKing/X

Even Stephen King couldn’t pass up commenting on the absurdity, posting, “You can’t make this crap up,” which perfectly encapsulated the widespread astonishment at her misunderstanding of basic vehicle economics.

Stephen King’s Comments About Marjorie Taylor Greene

This isn’t the first time that King has spoken out against comments Greene has made, with the previous time happening when she strongly opposed a funding package for Ukraine.

Stephen King holding a microphone and leaning against a lectern.

Stephanie Lawton/Wikimedia Commons

The funding package was worth $60 billion, which Greene described as “the sellout of America.” This led to King giving her the nickname “Moscow Marjorie.”


Securing the American Border

Greene also made further comment on this situation, where she made it clear that this money should be used for securing the American border instead.

The US-Mexico border.

Sgt. 1st Class Gordon Hyde/Wikimedia Commons

As this money is able to be spent on different things and the US government can still send the money to Ukraine while also securing the border, these comments angered more people than just King.


Economic Misunderstandings Exposed

Online, Greene’s economic reasoning was quickly critiqued, with one X, formerly Twitter, user humorously noting, “Not an economist, but I believe she has supply/demand backwards.” 

Marjorie Taylor Green holding a microphone and standing next to a glass lectern.

Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

This illustrates a broader issue: her shaky grasp on the economic principles governing vehicle markets.


Withholding Funds From the Electric Vehicle Industry

This statement was made when Greene announced that she would be withholding funds from the EV industry. This is an amendment that would be made to the 2025 defense budget.

A black electric vehicle being charged on the street.

Precious Madubuike/Unsplash

While she made it clear that she doesn’t want these funds to be available for EVs, Greene was unable to make it clear why she wanted these funds to be removed and what the benefit of that would be.


Conspiracies and Electric Cars

Some of Greene’s supporters saw her remarks as validation of a conspiracy theory that suggests the government manipulates gas prices to force people into electric vehicles.

A green painted icon on pavement, indicating a parking spot reserved for charging electric vehicles

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This is a claim linking back to the current administration’s policies which purportedly favor EV adoption.


Many Supported Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Comments

While it may initially seem that most people were criticizing Greene for her comments, there was still a large amount of people on the internet (and at the rally) who put their full support behind what she was saying.

Marjorie Taylor Greene at a speech.

Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

Many people will grab onto any conspiracy theories that they can, so these people felt that Greene was essentially confirming this by her statement.


Using Words To Anger the Audience

It’s already well-known that politicians and practically anyone else who has a social media account can use certain words within a sentence or phrase to get their audience angered about something before they even know the facts.

Marjorie Taylor Greene at an event.

Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

It appears that this may have been what Greene was doing. She may have been more than aware that EVs aren’t anywhere near as expensive as paying for gas; however, she was just making these claims and using other strong words to get the audience on her side and encourage them to vote Republican.


Pushing for Greener Pastures

The U.S. government is actively promoting American-made electric vehicles through tax credits.

A black Porsche electric vehicle plugged into a charging station in a sunny parking lot, with palm trees and buildings in the background

Source: Bob Osias/Unsplash

The government is aiming to make green technology more accessible while simultaneously tackling environmental challenges through incentivized energy-efficient practices.


The Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act was brought into law in August 2022, which is a legislation that provides tax credits for those purchasing EVs.

A vacuum cleaner cleaning up some dollar notes that have been left on a brown wooden floor. NFT gallery/Unsplash

The law also provides tax credits to businesses that are willing to invest in electric vehicle infrastructure.


Electric Grid and Fossil Fuels

The current issue with the electric grid is that much of it is still powered by fossil fuels. This increases global warming and climate change from the burning of fossil fuels.

The electric grid, with wires joining each pylon together.

Jan Huber/Unsplash

However, there is currently some ongoing initiatives at state and federal levels that are trying to reduce the amount of fossil fuels to help preserve the environment.


The Real Cost of Electric Driving

Despite what Greene suggested, the shift to electric vehicles is generally seen as a cost-saving move for consumers.

A white BMW electric vehicle connected to a blue-light charging station in an indoor parking area

Source: Eren Goldman/Unsplash

Electric cars cost less to operate than their gasoline counterparts due to cheaper electricity, undermining her claim about the economic burden of EVs.


Lies About Electric Vehicles

Greene’s comments aren’t the only ones spreading lies about EVs, as other comments have been made about the vehicles that have since been debunked by a Ph.D. student.

A black electric car charging on the street.

Andrew Roberts/Unsplash

The main theory is the EVs are bad for the environment (which has already been proven to be false) due to the amount of lithium that has to be mined for the batteries. However, this amount isn’t anywhere near how much critics are claiming will be damaging for the environment.


Rally Reveals Divided Opinions

The crowd’s reaction at the rally was split; some agreed with Greene, while others were clearly skeptical. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene speaking animatedly at a podium with a colorful 'Student Action Summit' backdrop at a Turning Point USA event

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This division mirrors a larger national debate on the viability and economics of adopting electric vehicles amidst ongoing environmental and economic discussions.


Marjorie Taylor Greene at the Center of Hot Debate

The EV comments aren’t the only time Greene has been at the center of controversy, as her 50th birthday post from May 2024 also caused a bit of a stir on social media.

Marjorie Taylor Greene in a black dress at an event.

Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

The post included a picture of Greene in a bikini, where she listed all of her achievements over the last 5 decades. However, the controversy came due to the Memorial Day timing of the post and the other controversial comments she has made throughout her political career.


Wanting to Defund New York

Another controversial comment Greene has made is wanting to defund the whole of New York after Donald Trump’s recent conviction and court trial in the Big Apple.

An orange sky over the New York skyline.

Michael Discenza/Unsplash

Greene blames New York for this conviction and if the defunding were to go ahead, it would have severe implications on areas such as public transport, healthcare, and education.


Mileage Tax Debate in California

Interestingly, Greene’s comments coincided with discussions in California about a pilot program that taxes drivers based on mileage rather than gasoline use. 

Top-down view of a busy multi-lane road with cars between dense rows of green trees

Source: CHUTTERSNAP/Unsplash

This move could be part of a strategy to encourage more environmentally friendly driving habits.


Environmental Urgency Drives EV Adoption

The drive toward electric vehicles isn’t just about economics; it’s also about reducing our environmental footprint. 

Close-up of an electric car's charging port plugged in with a white cable at an outdoor charging station

Source: myenergi/Unsplash

Although the U.S. still relies heavily on fossil fuels for electricity, EVs represent a significant reduction in carbon emissions, crucial for combating climate change.


Debating the Facts

The accuracy of Greene’s claims about electric vehicles has been hotly debated.

Marjorie Taylor Greene smiling while speaking at a public event, wearing a black blazer over a purple blouse

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Her statement, “If you think gas prices are high now, just wait until you’re forced to drive an electric vehicle,” is widely seen as a fundamental misunderstanding of how EVs function compared to traditional gasoline vehicles.


Buzzwords Over Substance

In the end, Greene’s speech was heavy on buzzwords but light on accuracy. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene holding a microphone, speaking passionately at a conference

Source: Wikimedia Commons

However, her speech shows that electric cars remain tangled in political debates and public confusion.