Marjorie Taylor Greene Compares Trump to Jesus as ‘Convicted Felons’

By: Georgia | Published: Jun 10, 2024

During a rally in Las Vegas for Donald Trump, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene made a notable comparison between Trump and Jesus Christ. 

She told the audience, “The Democrats and the fake news media want to constantly talk about ‘President Trump is a convicted felon,'” adding, “Well, you want to know something? The man that I worship is also a convicted felon. And he was murdered on a Roman cross.”

Historical Figures and Political Martyrdom

Rep. Greene expanded on her comparison by linking Trump to other historical figures who were persecuted. 

Close-up portrait of Nelson Mandela

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Speaking to Right Side Broadcasting Network, she said, “Trump is joining some of the most incredible people in history being arrested today. Nelson Mandela was arrested, served time in prison. Jesus – Jesus was arrested and murdered by the Roman government.”


Rally Conditions in Las Vegas

The rally faced extreme temperatures as Las Vegas was experiencing unusually high heat, expected to exceed 100 degrees.

A large crowd of Donald Trump supporters at a rally, holding signs and American flags

Source: GOP/X

The conditions were challenging for the attendees, with many areas lacking sufficient shade. The campaign had prepared by distributing water bottles and ensuring that medical staff were present to handle any health-related issues.

Limited Relief from the Heat

Despite the scorching temperatures, the rally organizers provided some mitigation efforts. They offered limited tent spaces with shade and air conditioning on a first-come, first-served basis.

Wide-angle shot of an outdoor Donald Trump rally with a large crowd under a clear sky

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This was part of the plan to ensure that attendees could stay cool while participating in the rally.

The Religious Overtones of Political Support

Nevada Republican Party Chair Michael McDonald also used religious language to energize the crowd, stating, “What more can be said than, thank God we’re here in Sunset Park to worship and bring back the greatest president we’ve ever known in our generation.” 

Michael McDonald, Nevada Republican Party Chair, speaking at a podium during an event, dressed in a suit

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This sentiment highlighted the fervent support Trump enjoys from his followers.

Persecution Themes in Political Rhetoric

Greene’s rhetoric at the rally painted Trump as a victim of political persecution, similar to figures from history who faced opposition from “radical, corrupt governments.”

Donald Trump gesturing while speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference

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She argued that this pattern of targeting was beginning anew in New York City, reflecting her view of the charges against Trump as part of a broader historical trend of injustice.


The Impact of Climate Change on Rally Conditions

The extreme heat at the rally was noted amid discussions on climate change. According to Climate Central, human-caused climate change is responsible for the increase in temperatures in the southwest United States.

Aerial view of a large crowd at a Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas, with people wearing red caps and flags visible

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However, Trump has consistently denied the impacts of climate change, which contrasted sharply with the day’s harsh weather conditions.


Trump's Views on Climate Change

As attendees suffered in the heat, Trump’s previous statements denying the science behind climate change stood in stark contrast to the immediate challenges faced at the rally. 

Donald Trump speaking at a rally, wearing a dark suit and red tie, with a focused expression and a microphone in front

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This denial has been a consistent aspect of his political stance, despite increasing signs of climate change’s impact.


Organizational Challenges Due to Weather

The logistical challenges of managing a large outdoor event in such high temperatures were significant. 

Crowded scene at a Trump rally with attendees in a mix of casual and patriotic attire, many wearing red caps

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According to The Washington Post, the campaign provided water and medical support, but the intense heat posed a persistent threat to the health and comfort of the rally-goers.


Previous Events Show Potential Health Risks

The rally’s extreme temperatures were a reminder of past events where health issues arose due to the heat.

An indoor rally for Donald Trump filled with supporters wearing red "Make America Great Again" caps

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For instance, when Trump spoke in Phoenix, Arizona, last Thursday, temperatures reached 110 degrees, and 11 people were transported to the hospital with heat exhaustion.


Rally's Religious and Political Fusion

The speeches at the rally placed Trump in a narrative of religious and historical significance. 

Donald Trump clapping and smiling at an outdoor rally, wearing a blue suit and a red "Make America Great Again" cap, with American flags and supporters in the background

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This blending of religious reverence with political allegiance was aimed at deepening the connection between him and his supporters.


A Rally of Devotion Amidst Desert Heat

The Las Vegas rally for Trump concluded with strong religious undertones intertwined with the reality of the harsh desert heat. 

Donald Trump speaking at a podium during a rally in Nevada, gesturing to the crowd, wearing a blue suit and red cap, with a "Text Nevada to 88022" sign on the podium

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Greene’s comments linking Trump to revered figures like Jesus emphasized the depth of loyalty among his supporters, while the challenging weather conditions highlighted the dedication of those who attended.