Kentucky Man Discovers 700 Gold Coins in Cornfield, Supports Theory on Southerners in Civil War

By: Stephen Thompson | Last updated: Nov 19, 2023

Treasure hunters are obsessed with finding lost treasures, hence their name. Every treasure hunter’s dream is to find something lost in history. 

Recently, a man whose name has been withheld made an incredible discovery in Kentucky. His find also confirms a long-standing rumor about the Southerners’ treasure lost to history.

Legend Of The Southern Gold

An urban legend tells tales of the Southerners hiding their valuables before or during the civil war to prevent them from being taken by the invading armies to fund the war. 


Source: Artist Min/ Pinterest

According to Ryan McNutt, a conflict archeologist at Georgian Southern University, the treasure must have been buried before the Confederate raid in 1863.

The Worth Of This New Discovery

The unidentified man discovered a treasure trove holding about 700 gold coins. This finding, now called the Great Kentucky Hoard, includes genuine $1, $10, and $20 gold coins, all minted. 


Source: HDNER/ Twitter

The estimated value of this discovery stands at one million dollars or more. This is every treasure hunter’s dream, and now the long-standing rumor turns out to be true.

The Story Behind The Southerner's Gold

During the civil war, Kentucky was declared a neutral state. Regardless, citizens were wary of their valuables being carted away and resorted to burying them. 


Source: Stefani Reynolds/ Getty Images

Since the 19th century, the rumor of the Southerner’s gold had led many treasure hunters to go digging, and some have been unearthed in Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia.

The Value Of Each Gold Coin

Incredibly, after being buried for over a hundred years, the discovered gold still maintained its minted appearance. The $1 coin is expected to be valued at $1000, and depending on when they were minted, their individual prices are expected to soar above $350,000 in auction.


Source: Kuwaittimesnews/ Twitter

Further details on the exact location and identity of the person who discovered the treasure were not stated.