Liberal Crime Politics Are Rapidly Changing to Confront Lawlessness

By: Beth Moreton | Published: Apr 20, 2024

With the Presidential election coming up in the coming months, political leaders are doing everything possible to get voters on their side.

This has led Democrat-run cities to do a complete U-turn on their liberal crime policies as a way to change a recent lack of following the law.

Lawlessness Is Making Cities Unliveable

During an appearance on CBN News, Gordon Robertson began a segment regarding the lack of following the law in Democrat cities.

A strong police presence standing in the middle of a road. They are wearing protective gear and holding red batons.

Source: Pixabay/Pexels

He said that issues such as drug abuse and homelessness are making these cities unlivable and are causing many to leave their homes in favor of living elsewhere. 


Portland Crime Rates Were Up

After George Floyd’s murder in 2020, Portland was one of many cities to take steps to defund the police.

This is an aerial view of Portland, Oregon. Most of the city is covered in skyscrapers and buildings, with a forest full of green trees at the front of the image.

Source: King of Hearts/Wikimedia Commons

The Daily Mail reported that the council voted for $15 million worth of police cuts. As a result, the crime rate went up, with 36 homicides in 2019 and 97 in 2022. 

Crime Rates in Portland Have Since Decreased

Due to the rise in crime, the Portland City Council has decided to reinstate some of the police funding in an attempt to lower crime rates.

This is a black-and-white photo of a group of police officers standing on a street. They are wearing protective gear and are standing next to a car.

Source: Andrew Valdivia/Unsplash

This resulted in the overall number of crimes in Portland going from 71,858 in 2022 to 63,790 in 2023. 

Oregon’s Drug Decriminalization Law

In 2020, Oregon experimented with a drug decriminalization law, meaning that those in the possession of drugs would not be arrested.

Some drugs on a wooden surface. There are some different colored pills, a cigarette, some white powder, and a needle. There is a skull and crossbones next to the drugs.

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However, as of March 2024, The Guardian reports that Oregon has now decided to undo this law, with criminal penalties now being put back in place for those found in possession of drugs. 

The National Guard Has Been Deployed in New York

The National Guard has been deployed in New York, especially in subway stations, to tackle the rise in crime.

The US National Guard is sitting on some steps outside a building. One of the national guards is standing and facing the group with his foot on one of the steps.

Source: Clay Banks/Unsplash

The Washington Post states that while crime rates have started to go down in the city due to the number of high-profile crimes in recent months, the deployment of the National Guard is temporary but could be extended. 


Crime Has Caused Republicans to Win Democrat Seats

One of the main reasons Democratic cities are changing their stance on the law is that Republicans have previously won Democratic seats due to lawlessness.

Two images of Biden and Trump are put side-by-side. Biden is smiling and wearing a blue and white striped shirt. Trump is wearing a suit and is smiling while standing in front of the US flag.

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The Hill reports that after New York Democrats lost the mid-term elections to Republicans, they blamed crime rates in the city and are now wanting to amend this to win their seats back. 


Some People Are Worried About an Increased Police Presence

While an increased police presence might put some people’s minds at ease, others aren’t as convinced.

A post on X from Matthew Morrison. The post says, “Why don’t you commit to ensuring safety by actually improving the subway system itself and making subway stations more accessible? Not adding more police to terrorize New Yorkers (esp Black and brown ones).” The post is in response to another post by Governor Kathy Hochul: "I’m committed to ensuring all New Yorkers feel safe on our subways. To do that, we will: 1. Increase public safety personnel 2. Introduce legislation to protect riders & workers.”

Source: @DrMaDMo/X

Matthew Morrison took to X, formerly Twitter, to express his concern over the news, stating he was worried that the increased police presence might cause more violence towards “black and brown people.”


Others Are Happy With the Increased Police Presence

Despite the uncertainty of some people, others are happy that New York has increased police presence around the city.

A post on X by Brendan Delgado. The post says “This is great news! Thank you Governor Hochul for taking action to ensure the safety and security of our city’s subway system. It’s important to address these high profile crimes and I am confident that the National Guard and MTA Police will make a positive impact.”

Source: @BrendanHtDelag/X

Brendan Delgado took to X to say he is glad the New York Governor is adding extra safety precautions to the city and that he is sure it will create a positive impact. 


Washington DC Has Passed a Sweeping Public Safety Bill

After a 25-year high in homicides and other crimes in Washington DC, AXIOS DC has reported that the district has introduced a sweeping public safety bill. 

The capitol building in Washington, D.C., is white and has a domed roof. Trees and grass surround it.

Source: Martin Falbisoner/Wikimedia Commons

Some of the changes include creating drug-free zones and giving judges more power to jail people suspected of violent crimes until their trial. 


Many Are Questioning Why It Has Taken so Long

These issues have been ongoing for years, which has caused many to question why it has taken leaders so long to implement such measures.

An official portrait of Cully Stimson when he was part of the US Department of Defense. The US flag is behind him.

Source: US Department of Defense/Wikimedia Commons

United Liberty has reported that former prosecutor Cully Stimson has pointed out that the delay in law changes has come with human sacrifice, as many have lost their lives due to issues such as defunding police and decriminalizing drugs. 


Should Have Learned From the Past

This isn’t new; crime rates went up in the 1960s and 1970s before leaders decided to enact stricter laws.

A black and white photo as an example of crime in the US in the 1960s. It shows Lee Harvey Oswald being arrested. Detectives and police are present, as well as members of the press.

Source: Robert H. Jackson/Wikimedia Commons

The New York Times reports that the root cause of crime needs to be better understood, which should give lawmakers a better understanding of what laws to keep and put in place to keep people safe.