Kyle Rittenhouse Booed Off Stage by Protesters, Sparking Outrage

By: Beth Moreton | Published: Apr 03, 2024

During an appearance, Kyle Rittenhouse was met with protestors who challenged him about his beliefs and the company sponsoring his appearance.

The response caused Rittenhouse, who killed two people during a protest in 2020, to storm off stage, causing his event to come to an abrupt end.

Kyle Rittenhouse Shot Three People

Kyle Rittenhouse was a teenager when he joined an anti-racism protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin. During that event, he was carrying a gun.

Kyle Rittenhouse carrying a gun whilst walking alongside a car. There is another man in front of him who is also carrying a gun and a crowd of people on the opposite side of the row.

Source: Donut Operator/YouTube

Rittenhouse ended up shooting three people, as reported by The New York Times, which resulted in two dying and one being seriously injured. 


Kyle Rittenhouse Was Found Not Guilty

The Guardian reported in 2021 that Rittenhouse had been found not guilty of the shootings. 

Kyle Rittenhouse in a courtroom with two men sitting beside him and a group of people sitting behind him.

Source: Fox 13 Tampa Bay/YouTube

The three counts Rittenhouse was on trial for were intentional homicide, reckless homicide, and attempted intentional homicide. However, in most courts, these charges would have been for murder. 

Kyle Rittenhouse Was Speaking at the University of Memphis

In March 2024, Rittenhouse was giving a speech at the University of Memphis, as reported by The Guardian

Kyle Rittenhouse at the University of Memphis. He is standing behind a stand with a microphone.

Source: CBS Chicago/YouTube

The speech included topics such as the Second Amendment and the Black Lives Matter movement, which many weren’t happy with. 

Demonstrators Attended Kyle Rittenhouse’s Speech

The Daily Beast reported that more protestors than supporters were in attendance at Kyle Rittenhouse’s speech.

A group of protestors at the Kyle Rittenhouse talk at the University of Memphis. There is some police present and one person is being stopped by a police officer.

Source: CBS Chicago/YouTube

The protestors had signs with them, including ones that said: “Put Rittenhouse behind bars, not a podium,” and “No killers on my campus.”

Kyle Rittenhouse Was Questioned About Charlie Kirk

Charlie Kirk is the founder and president of Turning Point USA.

Charlie Kirk talking at an event. He is wearing a suit and holding a microphone.

Source: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

Turning Point USA was the sponsor for Rittenhouse’s appearance at the University of Memphis, which caused fury in those protesting.


Protestors Made Kyle Rittenhouse Aware of Charlie Kirk’s Racist Comments

Protestors told Rittenhouse that Kirk had said many racist things, causing Rittenhouse to get on the defensive and say he wasn’t aware Kirk had said anything racist.

Charlie Kirk giving a speech at an event. He is standing behind a lectern with a microphone in and there is a balloon arch behind him with red, white, and blue balloons.

Source: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

The protestor responded by saying, “He says that we shouldn’t celebrate Juneteenth, we shouldn’t celebrate Martin Luther King day – we should be working those days – he called Kentaji Brown Jackson an affirmative action hire, he said all this nonsense about George Floyd, and he said he’d be scared if a Black pilot was on a plane.”


Turning Point USA Wants to Restore Traditional American Values

On the Turning Point USA website, it says that the organization wants to “restore traditional American values,” including patriotism, respect for life, and fiscal responsibility. 

Charlie Kirk at a Turning Point USA event. He has a mic attached to his shirt and is standing on a stage.

Source: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

The website also claims that the US Constitution is “the most exceptional political document ever written” and that “Capitalism is the most moral and proven economic system ever discovered.”


Protestors Booed Kyle Rittenhouse

Due to Rittenhouse’s claims that he wasn’t aware of Kirk’s comments, this caused the room to boo as he struggled to figure out what to say.

Kyle Rittenhouse on stage at the University of Memphis. He is walking off stage. There is another man on the stage walking behind him.

Source: Fox 32 Chicago/YouTube

With the backlash he was receiving, Rittenhouse ended up walking off the stage and never looked back, resulting in cheers from the crowd. 


Kyle Rittenhouse Claims He Wasn’t Booed Off Stage

Despite Rittenhouse walking off stage at the same time as the boos started, Rittenhouse claims otherwise.

A post on X containing a video of Kyle Rittenhouse. The post says “ Kyle Rittenhouse says he didn’t run off stage at the Univ of Memphis last night because he was being booed and heckled, he just had a “hard cutoff time.” Below the text is a screenshot of a video made by Kyle Rittenhouse with him and another man.

Source: @RonFilipkowski/X

One poster on X (formerly Twitter) shows a video of Rittenhouse, where he claims he wasn’t booed off stage and that his event had a hard cut-off time. He claims it was always planned to have ended at that time. 


Kyle Rittenhouse Skipped to the Question and Answer Section

Rittenhouse might claim he ended the event at the time it was meant to, but Newsweek reported he skipped to the question and answer section. 

Kyle Rittenhouse at an event. He is wearing a suit, standing up, with his hands clasped together.

Source: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

Rittenhouse skipped to the Q&A section due to the protestors, which suggests that his claims of the event ending when it was meant to may not be true. 


The Police Have Responded to the Event

Due to Rittenhouse’s appearance at the University of Memphis, there was a heavy law enforcement presence at the event.

Keith Humphrey at a press conference.

Source: Fox 16 KLRT/YouTube

Action News 5 spoke to the University of Memphis’s Chief of Police, who said their main priority was having no injuries, and that they didn’t need to interfere with anyone’s rights in line with the First Amendment