Kamala Harris Is Concerned That Democrats Will Replace Joe Biden with a White Candidate

By: Georgia | Published: Jul 02, 2024

Following a challenging television debate performance against Donald Trump, there are growing concerns regarding President Joe Biden’s ability to continue in the race due to his age. 

The debate performance has sparked discussions within the Democratic Party about the potential need for a new candidate in the upcoming elections.

Harris Overlooked for Replacement

Kamala Harris’ team is expressing discontent as discussions about replacing Joe Biden do not frequently include her as a potential candidate.

Kamala Harris is captured mid-speech, gesturing with her hands, addressing an audience

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They argue that it would be “offensive” to black voters to overlook her for the position, should President Biden decide not to continue his candidacy, according to a report from Politico.


The Issue of Race

The potential replacement of Joe Biden with a white candidate instead of Kamala Harris could send a problematic message to black voters, a crucial demographic for the Democratic Party, Harris’ team noted

Joe Biden smiles as he takes selfies with enthusiastic supporters, some of whom are holding mobile phones and wearing vibrant attire

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They are particularly sensitive about the implications of overlooking a black female vice president.

Shift in Black Voter Support

There is a notable shift in support among black voters.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris stand before a large audience at a public event, with supporters holding campaign signs

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Current data shows only 77% of black voters are leaning towards voting for Mr. Biden in the upcoming November elections, a significant drop from the 93% support he received in 2020, as reported by the Pew Research Centre.

Electoral Implications

Polling data suggests that if Kamala Harris were to run against Donald Trump, she would trail him by six percentage points. 

Donald Trump, wearing a red "Make America Great Again" cap, clenches his fist at a rally with American flags and a crowd in the background

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This contrasts with the current polls that show Trump and Biden are neck-and-neck, indicating a potentially more competitive race if Biden remains the nominee.

Youth vs. Experience

Despite the calls for a younger candidate to take the lead, the Biden campaign remains firm in its stance. 

Joe Biden speaks from a podium decorated with the presidential seal, flanked by multiple American flags

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The campaign is a joint ticket between President Biden and Ms. Harris, and there have been dismissals of suggestions for Biden to step aside.


Speculation Around Democratic Governors

Gavin Newsom and Gretchen Whitmer, governors of California and Michigan respectively, have found themselves at the center of speculation regarding who might be a potential nominee. 

Governor Gavin Newsom delivering a speech at a podium marked with 'California Democrats' in front of a blue backdrop with iconic California imagery

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However, both have shown public support for the Biden-Harris ticket amidst these rumors.


Whitmer’s Clarification

Gretchen Whitmer has spoken with senior officials in the Biden campaign to confirm that she is not seeking to replace Biden. 

Close-up of Governor Gretchen Whitmer smiling broadly, dressed in a navy blazer, with people in the background

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She communicated this the day after the debate, aiming to quell any speculation about her intentions.


Newsom's Dismissal of Replacement Calls

Governor Gavin Newsom addressed the media after the debate, criticizing the discussions about replacing Biden as unhelpful and unnecessary. 

Joe Biden warmly greeting Gavin Newsom by a vehicle, both men smiling and sharing a handshake under clear skies

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He emphasized the importance of unity and focus within the party, as quoted in his statement to MSNBC.


Frustration Among Harris’ Allies

Allies of Kamala Harris are frustrated with her exclusion from the list of possible replacements. 

Kamala Harris seated in a chair at an indoor event, dressed in a bright pink suit, speaking into a microphone against a blue backdrop with the text 'FOR ALL.

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They find it offensive and believe it sends the wrong message to the Democratic Party’s constituents. “The fact that people keep coming back to this is so offensive to so many of us,” an ally told Politico.


Strategy for South Carolina

Sources close to Harris caution that underestimating her effectiveness and qualifications, particularly in key states like South Carolina, could be detrimental to the Democratic Party’s chances. 

Kamala Harris addressing a crowd from a podium at an outdoor rally, with a large screen displaying her image in the background

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One source criticized the party’s approach, saying, “If they think they are going to get through South Carolina bashing an effective and qualified black woman vice president — their instincts are as bad as I thought they were.”


The Call for Democratic Unity

In light of the debate and ensuing speculation, the Democratic Party faces a critical juncture. 

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris embracing warmly at a campaign event, with American flags in the background and Harris speaking into a podium microphone

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Whether to support President Biden’s continued candidacy or consider a change remains a contentious issue. The decision could significantly impact the party’s unity and the upcoming electoral challenges.