Jon Stewart Rips Apart Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary for His Comments About Trump’s NY Civil Fraud Case

By: Beth Moreton | Published: Apr 07, 2024

Comedian Jon Stewart has recently ripped into Kevin O’Leary after his comments regarding Donald Trump’s New York civil fraud case.

Stewart’s reaction occurred due to the hypocritical nature of O’Leary’s comments, with there being a difference between what he said about Trump and his comments on “Shark Tank.”

Donald Trump Is Unable to Pay a $464 Million Bond

Newsweek reported how Trump, despite having a multi-billion-dollar worth, has been struggling to pay his $464 million bond.

Donald Trump pouting his lips while looking off to the side.

Source: Michael Vadon/Wikimedia Commons

This was after he was found to have inflated his net worth and the value of his assets so he could get better business loans.


Kevin O’Leary Claims Donald Trump Hasn’t Committed Fraud

Despite the judge’s ruling, O’Leary is adamant that Trump hasn’t committed fraud.

Kevin O’Leary smiling while having his photo taken.

Source: Randstad Canada/Wikimedia Commons

Fox News reported that O’Leary had said in an interview when questioned about the matter “What fraud?” and said it was no longer about Trump.

Kevin O’Leary Claims He Won’t Invest in New York Again

After the ruling against Trump, O’Leary claims he doesn’t plan on investing in New York again.

Kevin O’Leary smiling while having his photo taken.

Source: Philip Romano/Wikimedia Commons

The Hill reported O’Leary as calling New York a “loser state” and that many other businessmen and investors are on his side.

Kevin O’Leary Sees Investors as Victims

With the comments made, O’Leary has said that he sees those in the investment community as victims.

Kevin O’Leary standing in front of a building that has a billboard with his on. The building has two flag poles coming out of it and both have the US flag on.

Source: @kevinolearytv/Instagram

He said that many in the investment community are wondering who will be next regarding being committed for fraud, believing that none of them have done so.

Kevin O’Leary Claims all Investors Have Done the Same as Donald Trump

As a way of defending himself by saying investors are the victims, O’Leary said that all investors do the same as Trump.

Kevin O’Leary smiling as he walks around a film set in a suit holding a bottle of water.

Source: @kevinolearytv/Instagram

He said it doesn’t matter which country or city you are in; investors will over-evaluate businesses as a way of getting better business loans.


Jon Stewart Took Aim at Kevin O’Leary’s Comments

Unhappy with the comments made by O’Leary, Stewart took aim at him during an episode on “The Daily Show.”

Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show” wearing a suit and holding a pen in his hand.

Source: The Daily Show/YouTube

He made comparisons between the comments O’Leary made and how he treats contestants on “Shark Tank.”


Jon Stewart Pointed out Kevin O’Leary’s Hypocrisy

Never one to shy away from hypocritical comments people in the public eye have made, O’Leary is no exception.

Kevin O’Leary on “Shark Tank”.

Source: The Daily Show/YouTube

Stewart even made sure to include statements O’Leary had made regarding Trump and compared them to comments he had made to “Shark Tank” contestants, showing the hypocrisy between the two.


Kevin O’Leary Previously Got Annoyed at Shark Tank Entrepreneurs

O’Leary may have defended Trump for over-evaluating his net worth and businesses, but these comments are a bit hypocritical.

Kevin O'Leary's 3 Biggest Deals on Shark Tank

Source: Shark Tank US/YouTube

Newsweek reported that O’Leary will often rip into “Shark Tank” contestants for over-evaluating their business, but was happy to defend Trump for doing the same thing, with Stewart pointing out the hypocrisy over the whole thing.


Kevin O’Leary Said Donald Trump Had Committed a Victimless Crime

As a way of further defending Trump, O’Leary said that what he had done was a “victimless crime.”

Donald Trump doing a peace sign with his hand.

Source: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

Stewart then pointed out on “The Daily Show” that over-evaluations are not victimless crimes, saying that what Trump has done has “cost the city of New York.”


Kevin O’Leary Claims Crimes Can Become Legal

In comments made during an interview, O’Leary claimed that if enough people commit a crime, it becomes legal.

Kevin O’Leary holding his hand under his mouth.

Source: @kevinolearytv/Instagram

Stewart responded to this on “The Daily Show,” saying that what O’Leary said was “entitled arrogance” and that most people would end up suffering the consequences if they knowingly committed fraud.


Jon Stewart Went After the Investment Community

Stewart didn’t just take aim at O’Leary; he also took aim at the rest of the investment community.

Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show” with an image of Donald Trump to the side of him.

Source: The Daily Show/YouTube

In a clip posted to “The Daily Show” YouTube channel, Stewart said investors think they can break whatever rules they want and that “the only immoral practice in the capitalist system is to use that money for people who may need it.”